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Chapter 217: Warsong Valley Battle

Chapter 217: Warsong Valley Battle

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Moonlight private messaged Lu Li and asked, “What should we do?”

“Let’s just check out what they have to say for now,” Lu Li replied. He didn’t want to give up the large amount of EXP here.

At that very moment, an invite to a chatroom called “Protect the Meisnera Outpost Chatroom” popped up. He scanned through the member list and found out that they were all famous PVP players from the Light Faction.

Moonlight was invited as well.

He looked up to the sight of countless death animations in the battle before him, sighed and accepted the invite.

As the saying goes, ‘every man is responsible for war and conflict’.

As a member of the Alliance, Lu Li would never blindly kill people, but he knew he would eventually be involved.

Besides, the team of players that were willing to sacrifice themselves for others also impacted Lu Li. He finally understood why the players from his past life were all so passionate about ‘Defend the Meisnera Outpost’.

Men will kill.

“Lu Li is here.” Hornet’s Nest received the notification that Lu Li had joined the chatroom.

“Hey everyone.”

Lu Li was quite conflicted, so his greeting wasn’t one of excitement.

Everyone in the chatroom greeted Lu Li, but many were unenthusiastic because he had taken so many first clears. He was also notorious for his PK video with the Imperial Secret Service.

Even in the eyes of these experts, Lu Li was on a completely different level.

“We can’t allow the Horde pigs to take over the Silverwing Outpost, so we must face them head on there,” said a Mage called Lucky Southern Persian. Lu Li had heard of him before and knew him as a PVP expert.

Lucky Southern Persian was rather fond of PVP battles, but he didn’t play as much as Moonlight. He wasn’t very well known because Mages were naturally bad in PVP.

“I contacted several big builds and they’ve agreed to send some players to Warsong Valley. I also contacted some other solo players who will be moved over there to help,” said Jade Flower Lover, who was from the Blood Red War Flag.

Jade Flower Lover was also a famous PVP enthusiast. He was rather lacking in terms of his individual skill, but made up for this with his leadership.

“Casual players may not be enough to hold off Blood Dagger and the others. This is why we’ve assembled a small team of skilled PVP experts to attack them strategically,” suggested a Berserker called Deadly Gold Underwear.

“We’ve invited about 70 to 80 players. Is there anyone who is not willing to participate?” Lucky Southern Persian asked.

A few players had declined because they were busy. They apologised and said their goodbyes.

“Then… I won’t go either.”

Lu Li declined, not because he didn’t want to work with this group of people, but because he worked better alone. Besides, not everyone was familiar with each other, so there would be too many disagreements and a lack of team chemistry.

“Lu Li, you’re not going?” Hornet’s Nest was surprised.

“My group is fighting Water Elementals right now; they can’t fight them without me,” Lu Li replied.

“Goddammit, can you look at the bigger picture? Why are you still worried about your team? Some people are just so selfish,” Swirling Left Eye retorted.

Staring Right Eye quickly followed and added, “Hornet’s Nest invited you. Are you going to let him down?”

They were clearly trying to ruin the friendship between Hornet’s Nest and himself, which made him feel quite uncomfortable.

However, Hornet’s Nest didn’t fall for their tricks and coldly said, “Left and Right Eye, shut up or I’ll kick you two out. It’s not like you guys will make much of a difference anyway.”

The two thieves decided to shut up.

They were usually fearless when facing-off against casual players. However, in this chatroom, they at the bottom of the ladder. Even though Imperial Secret Service was a decent-sized guild, they could not compare to the Blood Red War Flag or Seventh Heaven.

If they dared to leave the chatroom, the big guilds would give the Imperial Secret Services a hard time.

Many didn’t understand the reason why Hornet’s Nest had so much respect for Lu Li. However, Hornet’s Nest was extremely stubborn and outspoken, so no one dared to raise up any arguments.

“Lu Li plays this game as a job,” Moonlight explained. “Levelling-up is very important for him.”

“So he’s staying at the outpost just to level up?” Lucky Southern Persian was ticked-off.

“It’s just how it is. We have no right to force him to do something he doesn’t want to. He’s not in a guild and doesn’t owe anyone here a favour,” Moonlight calmly said.

Lu Li didn’t understand why Moonlight had brought this topic up, but he trusted him. All he wanted to do was to leave the chatroom and get back to killing monsters.

“Since you’re playing for the money, how about we hire you, on the basis that you wouldn’t disappoint us?” Deadly Golden Underwear suggested.

“That could work…” Moonlight winked at Lu Li.

“A Jade Statue and 50 Starwood…” Lu Li said after completing some brief calculations in his head. If they paid him this, it would be worth giving up the EXP from the event.

Most people here were PVP experts and therefore knew very little about Jade Statues. However, a lot of people had heard about Lu Li levelling-up with Starwood.

People in the chatroom began discussing and Hornet’s Nest offered, “Seventh Heaven will give you the Jade Statue, but we only have 20 Starwood.”

Lu Li had already heard from Sesame Rice Ball that Seventh Heaven had a Jade Statue, but the extra 20 Starwood was a pleasant surprise.

“Blood Red War Flag will provide the rest. Anyone else got any requests?” Jade Flower Lover followed up and waited a few seconds for a response. The silence from the chatroom signalled the start of this expedition.

Lu Li private-messaged Drizzle Court and asked a few players to fill in for him and Moonlight so that the team could continue levelling.

Lu Li and Moonlight then left the battle and made their way to Warsong Valley.

It would be no use if a group of 70-80 PVP players tried to attack Warsong Valley together, because these players excelled at one-on-one fights.

Lu Li initially wanted to work alone, but Lucky Southern Persian stopped him.

His reasoning was simple – what if Lu Li hid somewhere and didn’t contribute?

Lu Li agreed and joined his team along with Moonlight.

The team consisted of Lucky Southern Persian (LV19 Ice Mage), Stellar Union Silver Radiant (LV20 Priest), Floral Paralysis (LV19 Thief), Moonlight (LV20 Berserker) and Lu Li (LV22 Thief).

This was a classic, offensive-centred team composition.

“Let’s go!” Lucky Southern Persian declared, as Floral Paralysis scouted ahead.

Lu Li stretched his body and went invisible. Lucky Southern Persian used Detection, but he could no longer detect Lu Li, who still should have been nearby.

“I hope I don’t bump into Thieves like him in the future,” he mumbled to himself, feeling inferior in front of the LV22 expert.

The first Horde players they encountered were a small team of 10 players. Naturally, Lu Li and the others decided to face them head on and immediately attacked.

The battle shortly ended after about a minute or so.

Lucky Southern Persian finally witnessed Lu Li’s famous skills and understood why he was so well-respected by Hornet’s Nest.

The enemy Paladin continued healing and naturally became a target for Lu Li to hunt. After a couple of stabs, he fell to half HP and was instantly finished by Slit Throat.

After he finished him, Lu Li immediately disappeared again and instantly reappeared behind another healer.

The two healers had no time to react and were quickly finished off.

When his Rager set effect was activated, he basically became a human harvester.

Out of the ten enemies, he solo-killed four by himself.