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Chapter 218: Blood Dagger Great Thief

Chapter 218: Blood Dagger Great Thief

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Lu Li was ridiculously strong in the eyes of Lucky Southern Persian and the others. Lu Li quickly realised that his teammates weren’t so bad either.

Lucky Southern Persian in particular had perfect timing for his skills and always maximizing his abilities to their greatest potential. Even when two enemy Warriors and a Paladin were focusing on him, he still managed to stay above half HP.

Additionally, even though Stellar Union Silver Radiant’s heals weren’t the strongest, he had godlike survivability skills, which enabled him to consistently heal over longer periods of time.

At the beginning of fights, priests were often the ones that were targeted. However, enemies were unable to target Stellar Union Silver Radiant because of how durable he was, which left them no choice but to focus the Mage.

Lu Li portrayed the violent Thief image, able to output a huge amount of damage. On the other hand, Floral Paralysis portrayed the typical stealthy and cunning image.

Warsong Valley’s terrain was very complicated and difficult to navigate through. Floral Paralysis was able to help Lu Li and the others with this using his scouting skills.

“I can sense a Thief nearby who has been lingering around the whole time. Should we be worried?” Stellar Union Silver Radiant asked while he brought out his badge and showed the others.

It had no other stats other than Detection +30%.

Normally, equipment like this were useless to other classes. However, a Priest’s main goal was to survive and protect themselves from ambushes, so this was the perfect badge for him.

“Floral Paralysis, be careful and protect the priest. Stellar Union, give the badge to Lu Li. If this person is brave enough to come here alone and target us, he must be very confident in his skills,” Lucky Southern Persian replied.

Lu Li received the badge so that he could catch the lurker with it.

He was given the responsibility because the unknown Thief may have had escape skills, which would render traps useless against him.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant approached Lu Li, then patted him on the shoulder and said, “They always call you No.1 in the Alliance. Are you feeling the pressure?”

“I have no idea who came up with that. I’ve never even thought of myself as an expert. I’m simply playing this job for the money,” Lu Li replied honestly.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant handed him the badge as they exchanged words.

After equipping it, his Detection stat skyrocketed, which allowed him to immediately detect that someone was about 3 yards in front of them.

Detection +30%. What an overpowered stat. All Lu Li could think about was what he would do if he was facing a priest with this badge.

All of Lu Li’s strategy would become child’s play if up against this badge.

With the badge, Lu Li was able to accurately approximate the enemy Thief’s location. All the team had to do was to cast Blizzard to reveal him from his stealth. After that, he would have no chance. However, if Lu Li was the enemy Thief, he could have Gale-Stepped his way to safety.

“Lure him out when the timing is right. It’s all up to you now, Stellar Union,” Lucky Southern Persian said as he winked at Lu Li and continued on his way.

The poor Thief was still giving away his position; he had no idea that they were baiting him into a


Sure enough, the opportunity quickly came.

Lu Li and the others encountered a small team of five. When the two parties noticed each other, the enemy Hunter was already in range for his attacks.

Moonlight shouted and charged towards them.

Lucky Southern Persian quickly followed, preparing for the battle.

Although it appeared that the party had left the lonely priest behind to fend for himself, he was just acting as bait.

The fact that the Mage had charged towards the enemy made it seem extremely fake.

No party would ever simply leave their priest behind like that, especially one that was made up of experienced players.

Lucky Southern Persian was playing mind games with the enemy Thief.

He was betting on the fact that the lone Thieve was over-confident and too arrogant for his own good.

Lucky Southern Persian was right; the Thief was way too arrogant.

As soon as Lucky Southern Persian casted Blizzard, the Thief took action.

He ambushed Stellar Union Silver Radiant and followed up with a few high damage skills. Within a few short seconds, Stellar Union had fallen to half HP. However, he was a tank Priest, so the Thief’s skills weren’t strong enough to instantly kill him.

“So, it was big boss Blood Dagger,” Floral Paralysis giggled as he appeared behind the Thief. He wasn’t in a rush to attack Blood Dagger and wanted to savour the moment.

Blood Dagger knew that his ambush had failed and could only watch as Stellar Union healed himself twice back to full HP.

However, he had come prepared and had a backup plan, knowing that he might not have been able to instantly kill Stellar Union Silver Radiant.

“If you don’t use Gale Steps, I’m not going to hold back any longer,” Floral Paralysis said, beaming. To be able to threaten one of the top Thieves in the game made him feel ecstatic.

Blood Dagger was one of the top 5 Thieves in Dawn. He had specialized in Assassin-type classes in every other game he played and was basically seen as a walking Thief guide.

Blood Dagger stayed in place, not in a hurry to use Gale Steps.

How arrogant.

Moonlight, Lucky Southern Persian and Floral Paralysis simultaneously casted their ultimate skills on Blood Dagger. If he didn’t case Gale Steps now, he would fall to less than half HP.

Blood Dagger was waiting for this moment, to bait out all of their ultimates.

He casted Gale Steps before the skills landed on him and disappeared in front of everyone.

“Next time, you won’t be so lucky,” he haughtily threatened.

However, after this experience, he knew that it would be almost impossible to assassinate one of them alone.

Blood Dagger contacted some experts from the Evil Faction to help him out as he moved towards a safer location.

At this very moment, he felt pain in the back of his head. The pain was almost unnoticeable because the skill had barely hit him.

Normally, the skill stunned for 4 seconds, but this time, it only lasted for 2 seconds.

Blood Dagger realised what had happened.

He had focused most of his Detection behind him, which meant that the person had attacked him head-on. The ambusher was able to predict Blood Dagger’s movement and had waited to attack him.

This meant that the person must have had incredible judgement skills and high Detection.

This person must have also been very careful, not wanting to give away his position and scare-off his target.

Before Blood Dagger could finish thinking, he was attacked relentlessly.

Armour Break, Paralysis, Stunned, Paralysis, Bleed…

“Goddammit! Why am I constantly under crowd control?!”

Did he cast all of his skills with high Skill Completion?

Blood Dagger was panicking. He was a pure PVP player and had faced countless Thieves before, but never once had he been completely dominated.

The arrogant and fearless Blood Dagger was honestly terrified.

If news spread that he was killed without even seeing his attacker’s face, he might as well resign from the game.

Impossible! Blood Dagger had the best gear available, which had the ability to decrease critical hit damage. If this was a proper one-on-one fight, then there was no way he could be killed in one combo.

It was too bad that Lu Li wasn’t planning on fighting him one-on-one.