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Chapter 219: Killing a Centurion

Chapter 219: Killing a Centurion

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An ice hockey puck hit Blood Dagger, which woke him up, but slowed him as well. Before he could react to anything else, a dagger flew out of the sky and struck him on the forehead.

“Fight me 1 vs 1!”

Blood Dagger helplessly turned his head. Although he had successfully escaped from Floral Paralysis’ Gouge, he still hadn’t escaped Lu Li’s rhythmic attacks from behind.

Lu Li was like a sticky candy that was attached behind him, continuously dealing damage.

Lucky Southern Persian shamelessly used Cone of Cold. Although it didn’t deal high damage, it was still inflicted an additional slow.

In a 1 vs. 3 battle, the Evil Faction’s Top Thief was being brutally devastated.

He had just used Gale Steps a few moments ago, and his Undead skill could only produce a Fear. He had no way of vanishing.

Moreover, the three players that had surrounded him were no fools either.

However, he didn’t stand still to await his death. He tensed himself and pushed clear of Floral Paralysis to stab both of his daggers at Lu Li.

Neither of them had any skills left, so they could only use normal attacks and parries.

Floral Paralysis laughed and put away his daggers, still standing in a strategic position. He didn’t want to give Blood Dagger an opportunity to escape.

Lucky Southern Persian had still not used any damage skills. Although all of them could just surrounding Blood Dagger and kill him, they had some pride as experts, so they didn’t simply gang up on him.

Lu Li’s dagger handling was quite good. The parries from his left hand and the blocks from his right hand looked like a butterfly flapping its pair of wings.

If another expert was present, they would have thought that Lu Li was quite good with them in real life as well.

However, Blood Dagger was quite skilled as well; each of his attacks were made with all of his effort. He pressed forward with an air of dominance, trading blows with Lu Li.

Unfortunately, with his critical HP, his splendid showdown barely lasted 10 seconds.

Lu Li’s dagger swiped Blood Dagger across his chest, depleting the last of his HP.

Lu Li caught an item that was falling onto the ground, accompanied by a white light.

System: Kill a Centurion, 100 Glory points gained.

“Congratulations, you just killed the strongest Thief of the Evil Faction. You really do live up to the name of number one player,” Floral Paralysis said as he licked his lips. That 10 second duel was an eye-opener for him.

There were no skills or movement, just pure reaction and reflex!

“You’re too nice; this badge helped me out quite a bit.” Lu Li took off the badge and returned it to the Stellar Union Silver Radiant.

“Stellar Union, I won’t be so polite after today. This badge is just far too strong. No Thief that faces it would be able to get away.”

Stellar Union Silver Radiant bitterly shook his head and replied, “A thief has turned his attention to me. I really am hopeless.”

However, even in saying that, he still had nothing to fear. He had the Detection Badge and wasn’t a lone player. He had the support of a large union like ‘Azure Guard’.

“This equipment…” Lu Li raised the equipment in his hands and shared its attributes in the Party Channel.

Slayer’s Shoulderpads (Silver): Defence 18, Agility +10, Strength +6. Effect 1: Attack Speed +10%. Effect 2: Backhand Backstab Skill +1. Equipment Requirement level 15, Durability 42/42.

Lu Li’s eyes lit up at the sight of these Shoulderpads. All the equips that he currently had were for general use, but they were also on the lower-end and were LV10.

“That’s pretty good. Too bad it’s only for Thieves; you can work it out with Floral Paralysis.”

Lucky Southern Persian wasn’t interested, especially seeing that there was other competition.

“You were the one who killed Blood Dagger. I just helped you out. I can’t bear to take it,” Floral Paralysis refused, waving his hands. “Besides, they’re not better than the Shoulderpads that I already have anyway. They’re a LV15 Silver equip as well. You can keep them.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll take less next time.” Lu Li replaced his Shoulderpads and immediately received a small attribute boost.

The most valuable aspect of these Shoulderpads was the Backhand Backstab +1. He was most impressed with that attribute.

Equipment that increased the level of skills, especially main skills, were never easy to come by. Even Lu Li had never found one until now.

Blood Dagger was the number one Thief of Glory Capital, but how he rose to the top was a mystery.

Swirling Left Eye: How is everyone? Oh yeah, what about that really expensive expert? I don’t know if he’s dead.

Lucky Southern Persian: Stop it, don’t embarrass yourself.

Swirling Left Eye: What do you mean, South? You won’t even let me speak?

Lucky Southern Persian: You guys didn’t care when you were relying on the guild’s strength. The Imperial Secret Service regularly displays their power among the regular players anyway. If you want to keep going on like this, it would be wise to clearly recognize your position. Don’t mess with people you can’t deal with.

Swirling Left Eye: South you’re like an old instrument playing the same tune all the time. I just wanted to know whether we found any valuable materials, but here you are spouting some great truth.

Hornet’s Nest: You have nothing to do with the materials.

Floral Paralysis: Oh dear, I can’t help but feel a little sympathetic towards these two.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant: Broadcast the situation. South’s little party entered the Warsong Canyon for 12 minutes and killed 29 Evil Faction players.

Swirling Left Eye: Our party killed 31 people. Hehe, sorry, but we are first.

Floral Paralysis: Stellar Union, do you want to tell him? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go on within this social circle if I do.

Swirling Left Eye: Don’t tell me you all have diarrhea – that’s not normal.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant: Dammit, you’re just asking for it now. We only killed two less than you guys, but what you don’t know is that there was a Centurion among the 29 players.

The chatroom suddenly burst into action.

Magic Cry: A Centurion? Who was it? Surely there aren’t many Centurions in Dawn right now?

Swirling Left Eye: No way, I don’t believe you. No one saw it anyway, so you can say what you want. If you want to boast about something, at least make it realistic.

Lucky Southern Persian: Yes, if we were making this up, no one would believe us. So, we are telling the truth.

Hornet’s Nest: I believe you, who was it?

Holy Thunder: I believe you as well; I just want to know which unlucky player died.

Lucky Southern Persian: Well, if you want to know, you can invite one of us out for a drink.

Jade Flower Lover: Wow, we have to invite you guys out. Wait, is it…

Hornet’s Nest: Crap, did you guys kill Blood Dagger?

Lucky Southern Persian: Keke, I didn’t have a grudge against him, but he was set on fighting us. After Lu Li butchered him, he even dropped a Silver Equip.

Staring Right Eye: I want to ask, how did you guys kill a Thief with Gale Steps?

Swirling Left Eye: Blood Dagger must have been left alone?

Floral Paralysis: Left Eye, you’re really embarrassing yourself. Aren’t you a Thief as well? What difference does it make if you are or aren’t alone? You really are bringing shame to your party today.

Jade Flower Lover: Alright then, so Blood Dagger was killed by his arrogance. This probably won’t happen again. Everyone keep working hard to kill a few more players.

Lucky Southern Persian: Don’t forget to invite us out for drinks.

Jade Flower Lover: You weren’t even the one who kill him; we should be taking Lu Li out for drinks. Brother Lu Li, I’ve already sent you the Starwood that you wanted. I guarantee that you’ll be happy with the amount.

Lu Li: Thank you.

There were a few more messages directed at Lu Li after that, mostly about how they had managed to kill Blood Dagger.

This time, the questions towards Lu Li were far more sincere.

The rule of strength applied to video games more than it did in real life. Now that Lu Li had killed Blood Dagger, it was sufficient for everyone to admire him, regardless of how he was killed.

Lu Li typed a few short responses before shifting his attention back to killing people on the battlefield.

In another chatroom, Azure Sea Breeze was flaunting the time when he had experienced a surge in EXP. This annoyed Lu Li so much that he considered leaving him behind the next time they went bomb levelling.