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Chapter 220: A Huge Bounty

Chapter 220: A Huge Bounty

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“Haha, I was almost LV22, while someone else was still stuck on LV 22.”

Azure Sea Breeze felt like the cloud that had been hanging around his head had almost been lifted.

As a levelling maniac, how could he let an idle thief out-level him?

“Oh, little insecure one,” spat Wandering.

“If I could farm at night, I think I could reach LV23.” Azure Sea Breeze disregarded him; he was completely immersed in his own world.

“Oh,” sneered Lu Li coldly, “I just asked Blood Red War Flag and Seventh Heaven for quite a bit of Starwood. I’ll be turning these into bombs, but if a certain warrior is levelling so quickly, he doesn’t need to come with us.”

“Lu Li, oh Great Lu, I…. I….” Azure Sea Breeze was dumbfounded.

“You just got hacked…” Wandering maliciously attacked Sea Breeze, who was already down.

“You were tempted by the Rice-Ball-demon’s magic and said some things you shouldn’t have.”

Hachi Chan was legitimately attempting to help Azure Sea Breeze.

In the Protect the Meisnera Outpost Chatroom:

Dancing Star Dream: I found Sorrowless, but I died.

Jade Flower Lover: Where? How many people?

Dancing Star Dream: The coordinates are 78594, 56311, 56. There were so many people who were probably PVP experts just like us. Given the direction they were taking, they are probably rushing towards us.

Lucky Southern Persian: Is it just a few dozen of them? What about their main force?

Dancing Star Dream: They have probably been deployed. I did a big loop around them, but I didn’t see any of them. They have quite a few thieves scouting around in Stealth; I got caught because I bumped into one of them.

Hornet’s Nest: What good comes from talking about you? You’re just one Mage who wanted to do something on your own. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson now.

Jade Flower Lover: Is everyone hearing this? Sorrowless is coming and we need to unite to fight this war.

Sorrowless wasn’t the most skilled among this group, but he still had quite the reputation. Not only was he the president of Glory Capital, but he was also on the top of the Horde’s PVP ladder.

Moreover, the Glory Capital’s wasn’t made up like the other big guilds. They didn’t have some big behind-the-scenes financial backer or supporter. Sorrowless himself was a rich second-generation child and thus, was able to effectively speak for Glory Capital.

In other words, he truly was the leader of Glory Capital.

Killing Blood Dagger was a happy occasion that had greatly increased the group morale. However, it would be nothing compared to killing Sorrowless.

If they were able to kill Sorrowless, today’s showdown at this camp would be over.

Jade Flower Lover: Our main forces are defending the Meisnera Outpost, so there will be a great difference in strength between us and the Horde. If we let them surround us, we won’t be able to stop them. We need to fight them now.

Empty: That is probably Sorrowless’ plan. That’s why he’s only brought a few people. He wants to fight a decisive, high-stakes battle.

Jade Flower Lover: He’s too arrogant then. We’ll see who wins this fight.

Wild: Actually, nothing bad will happen if we don’t fight them. Remember, our goal is just to lead them into the Warsong Canyon.

Empty: The Silverwing Output is not that easy to break into – the NPC there is stronger than we can imagine.

Jade Flower Lover: I’m aware that an open conflict has its risks. But if we, as the top players of the Light Faction, are unwilling to fight now, when will we ever fight? Wild, what do you think?

Wild: Let’s do it. It’s the Blood Red War Flag’s turn to place the bounty right?

Lu Li was curious about this and privately messaged Moonlight about the bounty.

Moonlight vaguely explained, “It’s just a way for these big guilds to gamble and show off how much money they have. When doing things like this, they will offer a large monetary reward for the player who successfully completes the quest. This is also how prestige is developed.”

Lu Li responded, “Isn’t this just bribing the people?”

No wonder people said that guilds were not for poor people – they seemed to find all sorts of ways to spend money.

Moonlight grunted with disagreement, “It’s also a display of strength. To be able to pull out such a big bounty and complete the Bounty Quest is a display of strength. You should just consider it as a competition.”

While this was going on, Jade Flower Lover had already reached an agreement about Blood Red War Flag’s bounty.

Objective: Sorrowless and the other Evil Faction elite players. Prize Money: 200,000 real money for Sorrowless. 100,000 for a Centurion. Prizes for Sergeants are calculated according to their rank.

Moonlight then asked, “Lu Li just killed Blood Dagger. What about that?”

Wild responded after a brief pause, “After the event is over, one hundred thousand dollars will be transferred to brother Lu Li’s account. Blood Red War Flag always keeps its word.”

Blood Dagger had been killed before the event started, so technically, Blood Red War Flag didn’t need to pay him anything. However, the large guilds usually either had a big tolerance for this, or just felt embarrassed for not recognizing it. As such, Lu Li managed to earn a bonus sum of money.

It also likely had to do with Moonlight asking about it.

Moonlight was a seasoned expert, so whatever he said was unlikely to be opposed. Even the left and right eye brothers didn’t dare to oppose him.

Jade Flower Lover: Alright everyone, the hunt begins. At the very least, you should kill one other person before you die.

Hornet’s Nest: Just fight them one at a time. Remember to take screenshots of any equipment that you drop. Then, you can ask little Jade for compensation. We couldn’t properly compensate everyone last time.

Jade Flower Lover: Relax, it’s not just for equipment either. If you lose EXP, the Blood Red War Flag will compensate you with gold. This fight is for the glory of the whole faction, so we can’t hesitate at all.

The next few messages were just messages of encouragement.

However, Lu Li maintained an uncommitted attitude to all of this. He wasn’t a guild player, nor did he care too much about the glory of the factions. In actuality, these faction wars were actually just something coordinated and pushed for by the large guilds. It was something that the ordinary players quickly took on board.

Swirling Left Eye: My brother and I will be assassinating Sorrowless. I hope everyone will cooperate with us.

Normally, they wouldn’t aim so high, but their image had taken yet another beating today. After Lu Li had killed Blood Dagger, the Imperial Secret Service was once again put to shame. The little reputation that the left and right eye brothers once had was now a joke. They had to do whatever they could to regain their image.

Hornet’s Nest: You two…

Jade Flower Lover: Sure, we’ll give you a chance to do it. But the risk is quite high, so make sure you’ve thought this through.

Swirling Left Eye: We brothers aren’t cowards.

Jade Flower Lover: Everyone gather together; let’s head towards Sorrowless’ coordinates. Send people ahead to scout out the situation. If a large force appears, we’ll all have to retreat.

Lu Li didn’t rush ahead in an attempt to kill Sorrowless. He had experienced rebirth and knew better than everyone as to how scary Sorrowless truly was. He was a schemer – how could he put himself in danger like this for no reason?

There were a dozen players on each side and a hundred others who had entered the forest.

When Lu Li first started, he got a few easy kills due to the element of surprise.

However, the Evil Faction players were quite conservative, so they didn’t suffer too many losses. Soon, they responded with their own attacks.

Both sides had now engaged in a fierce battle in the forest’s open area.

In this situation, technique played a smaller role, as anyone could become the target of an attack and die.

Swirling Left Eye, Staring Right Eye and several other thieves slowly crept towards the centre of the Evil Faction players’ camp under cover.

Sorrowless – he was a Mage who was responsible for directing the Evil Faction players in combat.

As for Lu Li, he continued to play conservatively as usual. He always stayed close to Lucky Southern Persian and the rest.

He didn’t attack unless it was almost guaranteed that he would complete the kill. For example, he would only attack a player who had been left alone, was on critical HP, or was capable of being one-shot.