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Chapter 221: I Prefer To Keep A Low Profile

Chapter 221: I Prefer To Keep A Low Profile

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“Something doesn’t feel like quite right,” Stellar Union Silver Radiant said, while healing Moonlight.

“Yeah, it really does,” Lucky Southern Persian nodded in agreement as he continued to cast his skill. The Cone of Cold revealed a Thief who was trying to perform a sneak attack on Stellar Union Silver Radiant.

“I refuse to believe that Wild and the others don’t see it.” Stellar Union Silver Radiant casted Shadow Word on the Thief before returning to healing so he couldn’t go back into Stealth.

“Even if they do know, what can they do? We can’t start so strongly and then retreat. That would look bad for us,” Moonlight said as he charged over and stunned the Thief. With a few attacks, the Thief was quickly taken down.

“Dammit, look at those Blood Red players,” Stellar Union Silver Radiant scolded.

At this time, Swirling Left Eye angrily asked in the chatroom, “Why didn’t you support me Jade Flower Lover? Didn’t you said you would support me?”

“I’ll support your sister,” Empty replied. “Do you even know how to player? The opportunity that you saw wasn’t an opportunity at all. Don’t drag the rest of us into your death wish, alright?”

“It’s a good thing I didn’t follow them. It was really sad – a few dozen players couldn’t even get close enough to splash water at him,” one of the other experts joyfully added.

“Hey you, dumb left eye, next time I see you, I’m going to kill you over and over. I’m going to leave you in the gutter,” threatened another angry expert.

What came next was a barrage of messages ridiculing Swirling Left Eye. He was beginning to look quite unpopular.

Lu Li happily watched his bad luck. It served him right for always looking for trouble and being a general nuisance.

However, he didn’t stay happy for long, as he heard Right Eye call out, “Lu Li, why didn’t you support us? I remember you taking the reward already.”

“Would you believe me if I told you that the next time I see some Imperial Secret Service players, I’ll kill them?” Lu Li smiled and asked bluntly.

“Did you guys hear that? Did I say anything wrong?” Staring Right Eye shouted.

“Dammit, stop messing around you clown,” Hornet’s Nest said impatiently.

Elevenless: I finally know what a true villain looks like. I always thought that they only existed in fantasies.

Deadly Gold Underwear: Elevenless, don’t you see that this is normal? Lu Li has killed so many Imperial Secret Service players that some animosity towards him was bound to have developed.

Wild: Alright, stop talking about it. Lu Li, put in a bit more effort. You can’t just stay out of it while everyone is putting in their effort.

Lu Li: Sorry, I have no intention of being cannon fodder.

Wild: What do you want to do then? Do you want to assassinate Sorrowless?

Lu Li: We’ll see. If there is an opportunity, then I might try. Otherwise, you won’t see me rushing up and getting myself killed.

Wild cried on the inside. His group had simply charged straight at the Evil Faction players. Had that been a dumb thing to do?

What was supposed to be a zealous and courageous act, had turned into something idiotic in hindsight.

From Lu Li’s perspective, the move was stupid, and everyone should have been able to see that. Sorrowless was clearly using himself as bait, tempting the Light Faction players to charge at him and get themselves killed.

Jade Flower Lover: We all need to attack at once and break through the line. We can’t retreat.

He hadn’t lost heart yet and still held on to the possibility of killing Sorrowless…

However, the full-frontal assault was just becoming desperate, as countless white lights lit up all over the battlefield.

Both sides had experienced losses – the Light Faction side was also made up of experts.

The battle raged on for seven to eight minutes before Magic Cry cried out, “Wild, let’s retreat. Hornet’s Nest just died.”

At this point, the Evil Faction players were dominating. Upon seeing the Light Faction players pull back, Sorrowless waved his hand and commanded, “Pursue them according to the plan. Those lying in wait can come out now.”

Lucky Southern Persian cast a shield to protect himself and shouted, “Everyone stay alive. We’ve lost this round.”

“Lu Li, you aren’t leaving?” Moonlight had just killed a Druid that was furiously rushing towards them, but he noticed that Lu Li had not started to retreat. It was as if he had no intention to retreat.

“Don’t be silly. We’re all retreating, so there is an even smaller chance of killing Sorrowless. If you go back there, you basically have a death wish,” Floral Paralysis couldn’t help but say.

“My guess is that Sorrowless has the same idea as you,” Lu Li grinned.

“I wish you good fortune and hope you find success.” Lucky Southern Persian obviously wasn’t too optimistic about the risk Lu Li was taking.

“Wait!” Stellar Union Silver Radiant took off his badge and threw it at him.

“Use this for now, return it to me later.”

Lu Li caught it and put it on, then quickly rushed towards the back of the Evil Faction players. With this badge, he didn’t need to fear being caught-out.

In the future, he needed to get equipment with high Detection, but he also needed equipment that would buff his Stealth.

Such a large-scale retreat of the Light Faction players announced the complete fall of the Warsong Canyon. Even the NPCs on the battlefield had to retreat towards the Silverwing Outpost with them.

As the scales began to tip against them, the rate at which the Light Faction players died increased.

Sorrowless had planned ambushes on the retreating Light Faction players, which had the potential to slow them down. As long as they were slowed, the chasing group of players would be able to reach them and deal a little bit more damage.

Hornet’s Nest had died in the beginning, which was followed by the Elevenless and Dancing Star Dream. Even Floral Paralysis died in the confusion.

Revive couldn’t be used on the battlefield and it took quite a long time for a dead player to run back to the battlefield. As such, their formation had completely been broken.

Jade Flower Lover has died!

The loss of the Blood Red War Flag commander was a huge blow to the Light Faction. If not for the fact that Wild also had quite a bit of prestige, the Light Faction forces would have been shattered.

Sorrowless stood on high ground, observing the chaotic battlefield from afar.

“Start the final ambush. I want them all to be annihilated.”

“Boss, we’ve had major losses as well. If we go on, no one will win this war,” said a high-ranking Glory Capital player who was standing beside him and looked quite pessimistic.

“It won’t be a mutual destruction,” Sorrowless replied confidently. “As long as I stand here, we are the victors.”

“Yes, boss, I will pass this on,” the player said helplessly.

“Glory Capital, a glorious victory will soon be won. This place is well and truly ours,” Sorrowless muttered under in breath, unaware of the Thief in Stealth that was lurking behind him…

It seemed like he was alone in this inescapable trap.

Lu Li slowly approached Sorrowless, but continued to watch him from afar. He dared not to get too close.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant’s badge had already helped him quite a bit. Otherwise, he probably would have already been surrounded by a group of Thieves.

Lu Li went back into Stealth, as he couldn’t see an opportunity that would lead to a favorable outcome.

However, all he could think about was that he was currently ahead in level, equipment and skills. If he didn’t kill him today, then the chance for him to do so in future would only grow slimmer.

“Lu Li, I hear you went back in?” Hornet’s Nest sent a message to him.

“Well, there’s nothing to do here. I just wanted to admire the big boss’ elegance,” Lu Li unexpectedly joked.

“When you’re done admiring, kill him. Then, we’ll throw you a celebration when you get back,” Hornet’s Nest laughed. He seemed to be have a questionable amount of confidence in Lu Li.

“I don’t really want it – I prefer to keep a low profile,” Lu Li replied, as he cautiously followed Sorrowless’ group. They had finally started moving.

At the bottom of the mountain, another wave of Thieves had joined the fray. This was a total military defeat for the Light Faction.