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Chapter 222: An Epic Fall

Chapter 222: An Epic Fall

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At the bottom of the mountain, another wave of Thieves had joined the fray. This was a total military defeat for the Light Faction.

Moreover, as more ordinary players started to join the battle, the scene became even more chaotic.

Dawn didn’t mess around with the balance of the game, but there was definitely no single person who was any match for ten thousand people.

In the chaos where skills were just being cast all over the place, even top-level expert players were being killed. In other words, technique didn’t matter anymore.

“In the current circumstances, the expert players are at a disadvantage whilst the ordinary players are at an advantage. At this rate, the Silverwing Outpost will soon be in ruins,” a paladin said as he walked over. This was Ninja Turtle; he was in charge of leading the ordinary players into the battle.

“Don’t be negligent, those Blood Red players will not admit defeat so easily. What is happening over at the Meisnera Outpost?” asked Sorrowless.

“Their situation is dire; over half a million players have been killed. If it weren’t for the fact that they can continually reinforce, they would have lost to the Water Elementals a long time ago. Additionally, if we take the Silverwing Outpost, those Alliance dogs will be finished,” Ninja Turtle said gleefully.

Sorrowless stared at him. “You idiot. You saw them die, but did you see their levels increase?”

On the whole, countless players had died at the Meisnera Outpost, but they had also earned a significant amount of EXP. Those who died could easily just farm the EXP back, but the survivors in particular earned a lot of EXP.

Ninja Turtle didn’t dare to say any more.

Although everyone was just playing a game and didn’t need to answer to anyone else, Glory Capital was a corporation. So no one could oppose Sorrowless, they could only obey.

“So what should we do?”

“Just do whatever you need to do.”

“Didn’t you say they were gaining levels?”

“I don’t care what they’re doing, as long as you do what you need to do. The game company isn’t as dumb as you are; if they are gaining levels then us Horde players will soon get a similar event.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re always right,” criticized Ninja Turtle in his heart, before heading back to the frontlines.

Lu Li was nearby, squatting on the ground. He was still, like a stone that had been there since the ancient times.

After some observation, he realized that players from all ranks would occasionally report to him. They didn’t all have something important to report either, some of them just wanted to show their face to Sorrowless. However, he didn’t seem to mind this behavior.

He had likely always lived a life of indulgence, waking up intoxicated with beautiful women on his knees, with enough power in the palm of his hands to command a mighty force.

He must have enjoyed this feeling very much.

When this game reached legendary status, Glory Capital would only be taking in the best of the best. It would no longer go on comfortably like it was now.

This was a game after all, and it was fair because everyone started at the same point. You needed to work hard to get results, otherwise you were likely to fall behind and regret it.

Lu Li pulled up the game rankings and looked for quite a few minutes before finally finding Sorrowless’ level.

Level 18!

Considering his own rank, he never imagined that Sorrowless would be so far behind.

Under his command of Glory Capital, he had over 10 thousand players at his disposal. He also had a further 10 thousand players who were smaller organizations that rallied under the same flag. But after the third System Update, the competition between guilds must have gotten fiercer, so he probably didn’t have any time to train.

Lu Li was already level 22, so there was a 4 level difference. With a bit of luck, he would be able to kill him in a few hits.

But he first needed to find a way to get close to him.

Lu Li dared to estimate that there was probably no less than 50-60 Thieves just in the surrounding area.

If Sorrowless stood completely still, Lu Li knew he could rush up to kill him because he had the Detection Badge. He would likely bump into quite a few Thieves - that’s how tightly packed they were.

This was a game after all, so there wasn’t the high-tech security that was available in real life.

Another player just turned up; he seemed to have reported good news as Sorrowless’ normally solemn face had a smile. He turned to pat the player on the shoulder before letting him go.

This player seemed to be flattered and was really excited when he was walking away.

Lu Li stared at the player’s face before breaking into a smile.

Deception Orb.

Undead, Thief, ID Blank Thief.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the Deception Orb can change a player’s identity but not their appearance. You also couldn’t use an ID that was already taken, like Ninja Turtle or Blood Dagger.

But, was there a certain appearance that Undead players had?

Lu Li moved his jaw uncomfortably, trying to make sure that the effect wouldn’t just wear off. He then revealed himself at a distance and walked towards Sorrowless.

He could feel several Thieves surrounding him as he approached.

If he made any unusual movements, he would definitely be attacked.

“I’ve never seen you before.” It was impossible for Sorrowless to know everyone, but it wasn’t enough that he was an Evil Faction player. Regardless of whether it was Glory Capital, Blood Red War Flag, or a smaller guild, they would all be wary of undercover players posing as another faction.

Lu Li stopped moving – continuing to move would have meant death. He then spoke in a hoarse voice that spirits normally use, “The Chrysanthemum Blossom Brigade greets you. My brother is stuck in battle and couldn’t leave.”

Chrysanthemum Blossom Brigade was a medium sized guild. But it was only medium for now, as it was one of the secret branches the Glory Capital had nurtured.

Only Glory Capital’s few trusted players had the opportunity to know about this guild, so the ordinary players had no idea.

Lu Li knew about them because a player called Nightedge had killed Azure Sea Breeze over and over with a few other players.

But of course, that happened in his previous life.

Even whilst they had a hostile relationship, Nightedge was one of the few people that Lu Li admired.

Gossip spread when Nightedge and Sorrowless had a falling out. As Lu Li paid some attention to what had happened, it seemed like he was getting on good terms with Sorrowless.

This effect worked better than Lu Li had anticipated. It was likely that Sorrowless didn’t ask anyone too much about Nightedge, so he just waved Lu Li through. Lu Li could sense the ambushing Thieves slowly back away.

“My brother found a piece of equipment and he would like to give it to you. He told me to bring it over.” Lu Li reached into his bag and pulled out a piece of equipment – he had killed so many players today, so he had an abundance of equipment.

“Are you his sibling?” Sorrowless’ suspicions had mostly dissipated, but he couldn’t help but ask a few questions.

“No, he only has sisters in his family; I’m his cousin. He calls me Blank Thief,” Lu Li said. He found himself drawing closer to Sorrowless as he tried to give Sorrowless the equipment.

The gossip spoke of Sorrowless liking Nightedge’s younger sister, but she unfortunately chose the Light Faction…

How could they get into a relationship if they were different genders? Keke, sorry that was a slip of the tongue, I meant if they were different factions.

In short, it was a very melodramatic and complex situation.

“I see, have you seen Darkness recently? Did she really run away from home?” Sorrowless now had complete trust. Someone who knew that Nightedge only had sisters was definitely a friend or a relative in real life.

“Hehe…” Lu Li retracted his hands and replaced the equipment with a shining dagger.





Slit Throat!

He didn’t get to use Cheap Shot. Despite the target being the president of Glory Capital, Lu Li didn’t even get through a single rotation of his skills before he killed him.

A level 18 player, especially one that was light armored, was going to be vulnerable regardless of whether they were a president of anything.

Lu Li quickly picked up the equipment and cast Gale Steps to vanish before the group of Thieves approached.