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Chapter 223: Guardian Goddess (Part 2)

Chapter 223: Guardian Goddess (Part 2)

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70 to 80 Thieves – Lu Li estimated that there probably were more who helplessly watched as Lu Li killed their Boss. They couldn’t do anything to save him, even though they were only a dozen yards away.

Before the Priests learnt Mass Dispel, there was nothing they could to stop a Thief’s Gale Steps.

The Thieves did try to rush towards him and surround him so that his movement was limited. They were trying to wait for the Stealth to run out and kill him when he appears.

But Lu Li’s Detection Badge helped him in this situation as he weaved through the Thieves who were just running around and left the circle.

Lu Li: Pass a video around, Sorrowless is dead.

Lu Li’s voice echoed in the noisy chatroom. His tone was calm, like he had just killed some ordinary monsters.

At this moment, everyone was preparing a defence outside of the Warsong Canyon. They expected to be able to hold this location for a little while.

The guild leaders also realised at this point that they didn’t have that much commanding power. In the whole game, there were 10 million Light Faction players, but they could barely command 1 million.

Lu Li’s voice was being transmitted through this mess of voices.

The chat room then quickly went quiet, not only in voice chat but also in text chat. Those that didn’t hear him quickly looked through the chat logs.

Unexpectedly, the first person to respond didn’t question the authenticity of Lu Li’s claim. After all, he had just killed Blood Dagger not long ago. However, he was unable to accept Lu Li’s indifference.

This was Sorrowless, someone who had spent so much effort in games but still lost.

How could he describe it; like he had just killed a chicken!

Hornet’s Nest: Sorrowless is dead, haha. Sorrowless is dead!

Jade Flower Lover: The video, the video of him dying - quickly post it onto the forums.

Stellar Union Silver Radiant: Hahaha, it really happened, you really killed Sorrowless.

Lu Li: It was all thanks to your item. Otherwise I wouldn’t even have had the opportunity.

Everyone in the chatroom then started talking at once; most of them were just repeated messages.

The Regional Channel also contained these same messages.

The video post also contained the same messages.

Sorrowless died!

It didn’t actually mean anything that he died; dying in the Warsong Canyon didn’t cost any EXP.

The equipment that he dropped wasn’t anything good either.

It was just a level 15 Silver equipment that would cause an ordinary player to jump for joy but was not good enough for a top-level player.

But if someone said something like that, he definitely would be hated.

Because this was Sorrowless.

The Glory Capital God.

It’s said that he had been playing games since he was 16 and after a decade of gaming, he was now a legend.

In the game he played, Death Maiden, he had a huge impact on players of both factions.

When the Evil Faction players who were furiously fighting in the war saw the World Announcement, they were dumbfounded. When they turned their heads, they saw him, looking over all the living things, standing where their leader was standing.

Now, this Meisnera fight and the Silvering Outpost destruction quests had both been sidelined.

This day would be written onto the history books.

The legend who had never been killed before had just died.

No one would remember that Sorrowless was only level 18 whilst Lu Li the bounty hunter was level 22. Nor would they care the method used involved tricking Sorrowless into letting his guard down.

But Lu Li didn’t care about any of this. After he passed the video to Jade Flower Lover, he immediately went to the Meisnera Outpost.

Lu Li requested an invite. “Add me into the party.”

“Didn’t you go with Moonlight to PVP? Why did you come back to farm again?” Azure Sea Breeze was once again running his mouth.

“Looks like I won’t need to take you to the Revenant Lands then,” Lu Li grunted.

Azure Sea Breeze immediately changed his tune. “Sisters, everyone, welcome Lu Li into the party. Our rank 1 player, oh sorry, our former rank 1 player. The rank 1 position has been stolen away.”

Lu Li checked the rankings. Although he hadn’t fallen far behind, he was now outside of the top ten.

The first ten players were all level 23. Azure Sea Breeze and Lonesome Flower were rank four and six respectively. The first player was Blood Red War Flag’s Not An Elementary Student whilst the second and third were players from Seventh Heaven.

Whilst Azure Sea Breeze and the group were farming the whole time, they just couldn’t compare to those players who brought along several groups of mages for focused farming.

But now that Lu Li had gotten the materials, he could make a whole bunch of bombs. So the level rankings were not yet set in stone.

The party didn’t just contain members from their group. Lu Li had also asked some Drizzle Court players to help them. There was Little Bear Huan Huan, Willow, and Don’t Hit Dou Dou. Additionally, there was also Lin, Ling, and Beautiful Moonlight.

These were three Mages that Lu Li had worked with before. When Lu Li was helping Drizzle Court break the record for an Instance Dungeon, he did it with these players.

“How is the tactical situation?” Wandering asked.

“Not bad, we have the perfect number of players. How about we just go back to levelling here,” Lu Li’s hands were constantly moving, dealing with one Water Elemental after another.

“Has Sorrowless really been killed?” Sesame Rice Ball couldn’t bear not to ask.

Lu Li paused before responding calmly, “Should be.”

The Evil Faction players likely thought it was an undercover player who had assassinated Sorrowless. It could not have been a Light Faction player.

In the Light Faction, there was just news that Sorrowless had been killed, but there was no indication as to who did it. Hornet’s Nest and the others were all backed by guilds with top players; none of them would be willing to advertise that a non-guild player did it.

Guilds usually put in a large amount of resources to create a super expert that would represent the guild. These experts would then help the guild build up more fame.

This kind of game has existed for many years and so it was an interest to countless people.

Even Swirling Left Eye and Staring Right Eye wouldn’t reveal this secret, even though they hoped that Lu Li would run into some bad luck. They too were products of this system.

If they left the Imperial Secret Service, they would be left with nothing.

He didn’t want to put himself on center stage, so naturally Lu Li must not have any opinion about it.

Before long, the system notified him that he had received 500,000 dollars.

Sorrowless was worth 200,000, Blood Dagger was worth 100,000 and the remaining 200,000 was probably money for him to stay quiet.

He was the one who should be called the legendary gamer because he made 500,000 in one day.

If he wasn’t a person of ordinary status, he would have received the title of the game’s first assassin.

Instead, Lu Li just farmed and chatted away freely with his friends.

Soon the news came that the Evil Faction troops had retreated. Glory Capital and its dependency’s forces had all pulled back, leaving the other scattered players and the smaller guilds. These remaining players stood no chance in breaking the defence line.

There was also news that Sorrowless just revived in their base camp.

Someone who saw him said that his complexion was indifferent. He didn’t have the breathless expression like someone who had just been completely destroyed.

Someone heard that…

This was Azeroth, a world of adventure. It was also a world full of hearsay.

System: The quest “Defend the Meisnera Outpost” is complete. EXP has been awarded. Equipment has been awarded. Glory has been awarded.

It wasn’t much EXP, but it was enough to take Lu Li to level 23.

The equipment was a level 20 Silver Dagger. Its attributes were decent, but the effect was quite mediocre. It wasn’t good enough to replace either one of Lu Li’s exquisite daggers.

The Water Elements retreated and returned to the sea. High Disciple Anzelin of the Twillight Hammer was nowhere to be found.

The “Defend the Meisnera Outpost” was over but there were still two hours left in the day; Lu Li was physically and mentally exhausted. He logged off really early to get some rest, not even bothering to count the amount of Starwood he had in his mailbox.