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Chapter 227: Supreme Three Ring

Chapter 227: Supreme Three Ring

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Fortunately, all the NPCs in Dawn keep their promises. After taking Lu Li’s rewards, the old priest began preparing the altar for activation.

“Child, I’ll be guiding the power of the tides upwards. How do you plan to receive the power?” the old priest asked.

The power that the altar produced was affected by the target of the offering. For some, it could be elemental power, while for others, it could be demonic power, holy power or even power from evil gods.

These powers could not be easily absorbed.

Even the Murloc priest himself refrained from contacting the tidal powers too frequently.

Lu Li stretched out his hands and placed them above the altar. Once again, the ring detached itself from him, floating silently in the air.

“Artifact!” the old priest exclaimed.

“Artifact? It’s only a gold grade equipment, what artifact?” Lu Li was confused.

“No, I feel a surging divine power, so genuine, so… ancient. Elf, what is it that’s so special about you, that even the gods favor you?”

“What favour? Just grab the ring and pop it onto any finger,” Lu Li thought.

But of course, he couldn’t say that in front of a priest, who were loyal servants to the gods. With a sincere expression, the night elf saluted the empty space in front of him and said, “I’ve spent a long time to get this ring and almost died in the process. Perhaps it was my sincerity and good faith that moved the King of the Jungle.”

The old priest was inspired with awe and began to seriously manipulate the altar.

Murlocs lived a short life, but priests were an exception to this rule. They aged very slowly because they were nurtured by the divine power from the altar.

The old priest watched over the altar, which had last been activated over a century ago.

Today, once again, the Altar of Tides radiated a blue glow.

A rainbow of colors suddenly erupted from the grey ring. The light was even brighter than the previous time Lu Li had been at the Twilight Altar, and the sea level near the isolated island began to fluctuate as the waves became more active.

The old priest said with a shudder, “Gods, the gods are angry.”

The Murlocs were such a vulnerable race; it was hard to understand how they had stood their ground against the trolls for so many years.

“No,” Lu Li interrupted him, “this is the gods responding to your summon. Soon, the glory of the Tidal Gods will once again be with the murloc race.”

The old Murloc didn’t believe his words, but he still continued casting.

After all, it was only to upgrade a Gold-grade equipment – nothing too crazy.

About ten minutes later, the glow of the altar began to dissipate and the sea level was restored to its peaceful, glassy state.

System: Your Supreme Ring has been upgraded to level three. Please continue to work hard.

The ring returned to Lu Li, who was eager to check the new statistics.

Supreme Three Ring (Dark Gold)




Critical Strike+25%

Special Effect 1: Blessing of the Jungle King, Stealth effect+20%

Special Effect 2: King of the Jungle – Cenarius grants a special ability: you can learn three transformation forms of the Druid class and you are also able to learn a maximum of three skills for each transformation

Equipment requirements: None

Durability: None

The previous attributes had increased to +20 and Constitution had even been added. Lu Li felt as though he was on the edge of becoming a tank thief, even though he had never added a single point to his Constitution.

He was also very content with the Critical Strike being increased from 20% to 25%, as this was an incredible attribute. There was no way that the game would instantly give him an item with a Critical strike of 100%.

Even so, Lu Li’s Critical Strike chance was still way above any other player’s.

Currently, an equipment with 5% Critical Strike chance was already fairly decent. An owner of an equip with 10% Critical Strike chance could proudly show off and impress others.

Slight adjustments had also been made to the special effects of the ring. Although there were still only three transformation forms, each transformation form now came with one more skill.

This meant that Lu Li could learn another skill for his Cheetah form, or a skill for his whole form.

As for the Seal form and Crow form, even Malfurion himself probably hadn’t figured out a way to use skills in these two forms.

Besides these, the Supreme Three Ring added another special effect.


This special effect had come just in time, as though he had calculated it. Just when Lu Li was still having a headache yesterday over Stellar Union Silver Radiant’s badge, a Stealth+20% effect had been added on to his ring.

Even though Lu Li would still take risks, the chances of him being detected by Stellar Union Silver Radiant would be decreased to a minimum with the Supreme Three Ring.

Lu Li let out a long, relieved sigh. He was finally harvesting the fruit of his hard work.

Upgrading from level three to level four would be even harder.

First of all, he would need to find a suitable altar.

After that, he would need to find a NPC who could give him an Altar Quest so that he knew what materials were required.

Lastly, just to be sure, he would need to find a NPC who understood this ring.

If he chose any random altar, there was a chance that something might go wrong with the ring. Lu Li couldn’t allow this to happen as the Supreme Ring was what he relied on to surpass the other players.

From what he had gathered from the library, there was a list of possible NPC candidates: Cenarius, Malfurion, Illidan…

Malfurion had gone to sleep in the world of Emerald Dreams, Cenarius was always missing, and there was no way that someone like Illidan would help Lu Li.

Wait, there’s one more person……

Lu Li suddenly remembered the scene that the book had described.

Tyrande, Tyrande Whisperwind!

She had grown up as a close friend to both Malfurion and Illidan.

That year, Malfurion had heard of a few rumours that mentioned a demigod of the forest who lived in isolation from the world. He invited his own friends to search for this demigod.

Plants and animal that inhabited Azeroth quickly sent messages to Cenarius.

Out of surprise and curiosity, Cenarius found these Night Elves and searched deep within their hearts. He found great hope within Malfurion’s heart which also restored his own hope.

When Cenarius walked out from the shadow of the bushes, he agreed to teach them the ways of the Druids.

However, Illidan was still addicted to magic. At that time, Tyrande was already a novice priest in the Elune Sororities. It was hard for her to devote herself to other gods besides the goddess.

In the end, only Malfurion continued on the path and became a druid.

From the Stormrage brothers, Tyrande chose Malfurion to be her partner.

Besides the three gods who were mentioned previously, there was no doubt that Tyrande would also understand the Supreme Ring.

However, find Tyrande was no easy task.

She was the best hunter under the moonlight, the chosen one of Goddess Elune and the ultimate boss of the night elves.

Medivh might be helpful, but Lu Li laughed in his head at the thought of Medivh helping him.

Was there anyone who could help him outside of the main city?

Lu Li started reflecting upon all of the NPCs that he had interacted with in the past.

Suddenly, a name flashed in his thoughts: Sentinel Captain Carolina.

That’s right, Carolina could definitely help him.

When Lu Li had first arrived in this world, many people discussed this beauty on the forums. Some thought she was Tyrande, while others claimed that she was the successor of Tyrande.

It didn’t matter to Lu Li who she was, as long as she was capable of helping him.

As someone who was capable of summoning the moon god, it would be an easy task for her to introduce him to Tyrande.