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Chapter 232: Deal Damage First

Chapter 232: Deal Damage First

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System: You have successfully killed Skum. You have been awarded with a Skill Point.

The System had made a prompt into Lu Li’s ear as soon as the Boss had fallen onto the ground. He couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

It had been a long time since he had received a Skill Point as a reward.

On the previous day, over ten thousand people had received a Skill Point for the Defend the Meisnera Outpost event. There were rumors that some players had even received two Skill Points. If Lu Li said that he wasn’t jealous, he would be lying.

This time, it was only Lu Li who had received a Skill Point, leaving everyone else to yearn for one.

Skill Points were not easy things to obtain – you couldn’t buy them, even if you had a lot of money.

“Lucky bastard,” Wandering said with resentment. “Breezy stood in the water to pull the monster. He put in effort, so he should get one point.”

“I already work hard and I only get one extra point?!” Azure Sea Breeze was already on edge from Wandering saying that he was working hard. But when he heard that he was only getting 1 point, he couldn’t help but feel that his points were being taken away.

“Are you unsatisfied? If you are, then I just won’t give you any points,” Wandering hummed.

“No, no sir. I’m satisfied. I knew you would try to bully me. We’ve known each other for so long and have been through so much.” Azure Sea Breeze didn’t know what else to say.

“Your side of the family must be pretty poor then; you don’t even have pants to wear,” Hachi Chan said sympathetically.


“Wandering had good leadership skills despite repeated losses and defeats. Two points.” Wandering continued to shamelessly strip Azure Sea Breeze of his points.

“Uh…” Azure Sea Breeze was left so speechless that he was incapable of throwing any insults.

Everyone else knew that this scoring wasn’t arbitrary. It was just that he would often take Azure Sea Breeze’s points and give them to himself.

“Player with most DPS for all three Bosses… Oh wow, how is it Lu Li?” Wandering had only just realized that Lu Li was always first in terms of damage output.

“What? He’s higher than me?” Lonesome Flower couldn’t believe it and he pulled up the stat panel.

Not only was Lu Li’s damage higher, it was exactly 10% higher.

The first two Bosses of the Instance Dungeon were quite easy. They didn’t drop any good equipment, so there was no interest in scoring for them.

It was only after they were faced with Skum that Wandering had happily decided to pull out his scoring book.

Who knew that they would find out this incredible thing after checking the statistics?

Everyone had the same question on their minds – how was Lu Li, a melee player, first in damage output?

Pythas was a difficult Boss for melee players because they had to occasionally run away to avoid its Thunderbolt. It was a similar situation with Skum. Only Craig allowed melee players to stand still to attack it.

However, these numbers couldn’t have been achieved by hitting Craig alone.

Lord Mages and Warlock Gods were generally recognized as the best players for dealing damage in Instance Dungeons. These players were particularly advantageous for Bosses because of their range.

However, Lu Li had somehow managed to completely outclass them.

Why was Lu Li’s damage so high compared to the two magic classes?

The answer was simple – it was because of his two pieces of equipment.

One was the LV15 Silver Shoulderpads that he had obtained from Blood Dagger, and the other was the Supreme Three Ring.

In addition to the quantitative bonuses of these equips, there was also a qualitative effect.

“Don’t look at me like that. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean I am too,” Lu Li joked, acting like he was nervous.

“Humph. No, you’re gay,” Wandering said to Azure Sea Breeze in disgust before continuing, “Lu Li dealt the most damage for all three Bosses and gave constructive comments for Skum. Plus five points. If no one objects, then we’ll settle on that.”

However, Lu Li’s damage output hadn’t increased for no reason. If he was able to deal more damage than the two magic classes on Bosses like Pythas and Skum, he must have undergone some great changes in the last two days.

He clearly didn’t want to talk about it, so Wandering made a joke about it and went through the motions.

“March Rain healed well and so did Hachi Chan. Although you were lacking in manpower, you didn’t fail us during both emergencies. Two points each…”

“Go and look at what was dropped Dreamy,” Lu Li ignored them and directed Remnant Dream to loot the items.

“Fang Gloves… leather equipment. Big bro Lu Li, it’s for you.” The moment that Remnant Dream saw a leather equip, she would immediately give it to Lu Li.

“Dreamy, I use leather equipment too.” Hachi Chan felt like it was a little unfair.

“I…I gave it to Lu Li to assign it.” Remnant Dream refused to admit that she did this on purpose, although she blamed Hachi Chan for having too many good pieces of equipment.

“Uh, this is for Hachi Chan – it’s part of a Druid set. Too bad its Steel though. If Hachi Chan can collect a Silver set, she would become much stronger,” Lu Li said as he gave the equipment to her.

“I want a set! I want a set!” Hachi Chan whined.

In addition to Azure Sea Breeze, there was now someone else who was obsessed with equipment.

The Steel Fang Set was actually not bad, but it couldn’t compare to the Silver equipment that Hachi Chan already had.

The Fang Set was the best Druid set at level 20+. It was generally split into different rarities – Steel, Silver and Silver from a Mold. These different rarities could be mixed without affecting the set’s effect.

“There’s also another Silver equipment. Wow, I think it’s mine! Someone help me work out if this is mine,” Remnant Dream said as she passed over a Chainmail Shoulder Armor.

Lu Li looked at the attributes and the special effect before nodding, “Yep, this is yours. It’ll increase your range and accuracy.”

“Ah, I’ll be taking it then.” Remnant Dream was overjoyed as she replaced her equipment.

Their party’s composition was quite simple. Although Sakura Memories also used Chainmail, she couldn’t make use of ranged items. The other members naturally found no reason to object.

“Don’t show off yet. Quickly check if there is anything else?”

“Well, there’s a Charged Scale. It’s a rare material.” Remnant Dream looked for a while before finding another item.

“Give that to me. It can be used to create chainmail that increases the effect of lightning skills. Even if we can’t find a use for it, I can trade it for a rare material that is even better. Wandering, take note of this,” Lu Li said, clearly expressing his interest in the item.

“Hey, there’s still one more thing – a Thunder Lizard Tail,” Remnant Dream lifted the Boss to discover this, as she noticed that the Boss’ corpse was lying on something.

This drop completely changed Lu Li’s expression.

These drops really were worthy of a First Clear. The previous two Bosses combined had only dropped two Steel and one Silver equipment. There were no rare materials either.

However, not only did Skum drop a Silver equip and a Steel equip, it even dropped two rare materials.

Even though this Instance Dungeon was difficult, there was no way that it would drop this many items if it wasn’t a First Clear.

“The Thunder Lizard Tail has a wide range of uses, so put it with the Mercenary Group,” said Lu Li. This was something that everyone could use, so it would be outrageous if Lu Li tried to claim it.

Wandering just took it without saying anything.

“Let’s go to the next Boss. Didn’t you guys say that the next three Bosses are higher-levelled? Hopefully, they’ll give us more EXP.” Azure Sea Breeze held onto his big shield and set off confidently.

The first few Bosses of the Howling Caves were between level 18 and 20, which was just within the penalty range. This meant that Azure Sea Breeze had received a pitiful amount of EXP for each of the Bosses. However, the other players who were level 22 actually received a considerable amount of EXP.

“Don’t you worry, the next few Boss’ levels are going to make you cry,” sighed Lu Li.

In reality, they didn’t even need to wait until the Boss. Even the first few mobs that Azure Sea Breeze ran into caused him to cry bitter tears.

You damned mobs! Why do you have such strong poison?