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Chapter 236: The Previous Rank 1 Player

Chapter 236: The Previous Rank 1 Player

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For Serpentis to successfully cast Sweep, he had to complete quite a few actions, but these were done very quickly. If it weren’t for Lu Li’s instruction, Wandering probably wouldn’t have reacted in time.

The second Sweep was coming!

As Serpentis twisted around, he completely changed the direction that he was facing. He then swiped his claws at Lu Li from left to right. He had clearly been waiting for this opportunity to hit the player that he hated.

Gale Steps!

The effect activated with a sound, and Lu Li didn’t lose a single point of HP.

“Pick up the output speed! Let’s finish this off quickly and defeat the Boss in one go!” Lu Li shouted, trying to inspire his team.

In one go?

Everyone’s spirits had been lifted; why not?

No one questioned why Lu Li was so familiar with this Instance Dungeon. All they knew was that Lu Li’s instructions were extremely precise and took into account even the smallest of details.

This precision infinitely boosted their confidence.

Lu Li had once again refreshed their perceptions of him, especially for the older party-members like Azure Sea Breeze and Lonesome Flower.

The previous First Clears had not happened by some kind of miracle.

Everyone focused even harder on hitting the Boss. After hearing the command, the already efficient damage output was increased by a significant amount.

If another person had seen this, they would have yelled about how it wasn’t possible or fair.

Rumbling Gorge, Stonetalon Mountains.

This was the battlefield where the advance of the Burning Legion was resisted. The Rumbling Gorge was a barren place – there was nothing herem other than rocks and yellow soil. However, this place spawned LV20-22 Rock Monsters, which had a relatively quick refresh rate. This made it suitable for training in large parties.

Today, the Glory Capital had taken over this entire area.

The Gorge’s surroundings were completely filled with the Glory Capital’s Elite players. There were even players standing at the top of the hill. Many of them had a high level of detection, which enabled them to detect any Stealthed-Thief activity.

A person who was mathematically in-tune would quickly realize that this small map contained over a thousand Glory Capital players.

This was so extravagant!

They’ve already taken over the area! Do they really need to have that much security? These were the thoughts and insults of the ordinary players.

The monsters in the wide-open Rumbling Gorge were being pulled in as soon as they spawned. There was a little protected area that contained more than a few hundred monsters.

Five mages would cast Blizzard at the same time, clearing out all of the monsters within a few minutes.

If their MP ran out, they would immediately retreat to regenerate and would be substituted by another player. This player would immediately and relentlessly start to cast their skills. There wasn’t a single moment of quiet in this monster-farming frenzy.

According to Dawn’s rules, a player could share in their party’s EXP, as long as they participated.

This was the main method used to farm for someone else. Most rich players would do this, but the game company had no intention of stopping them.

There was no true equality in this world – those who were rich had a definite advantage over the others. This allowed them to increase their levels quickly, but it wasn’t a large enough advantage to break the balance within the game.

Moreover, this kind of gameplay created opportunities for other players to earn money.

However, even this couldn’t be compared to Lu Li’s bomb farming. That was a borderline bug.

“Boss, you should rest for a bit.”

Blood Dagger, the Thief who made ordinary players tremble, walked over. His eyes were filled with worship for the frenzied Mage before him.

Yes, not respect or awe, but worship.

The members of the Glory Capital were unwavering as they continued to release their spells onto the Rock Monsters before them. The rate at which Blizzards were being cast was perfect for the rate at which the monsters were being pulled-in. It wasn’t too fast or too slow, so no effort was being wasted.

“Boss, you’ve been doing this for over 5 hours. The others are worried,” Blood Dagger said as he swallowed his saliva and gritted his teeth.

“Think back – how many years has it been since I farmed for 4 days in a row in ‘Fantasy World’? After that, I was so tired that I was just looking for a safe place to sleep,” Sorrowless asked as he continued farming.

“It’s been eleven years. We didn’t know anything then; we were gaming noobs,” Dagger sighed as he reminisced.

“Yeah, starting from ‘Fantasy World’, I’ve played one game after another. I don’t know when I started to suspect my own abilities.” Sorrowless cast one last skill before taking two steps back and downing a Mana Potion.

Advanced Mana Potions were a valuable item that would never circulate on the market.

“Don’t say that Boss. Glory Capital is only the number one guild because of you,” Blood dagger said sincerely.

Although they were said to hold a 100-year-old name, the Gangnam Royals just couldn’t be compared to the Glory Capital. They had risen and fallen many times. At their worst point, their name was all that they had left. However, Sorrowless took over the Glory Capital at a critical moment, when he was a young, handsome boy. He had used 10 of his best years to create this legendary guild.

“A thief,” Sorrowless said, smiling bitterly. “The once number one Lord Mage didn’t even have the strength to fight back before he was killed.”

In reality, Sorrowless still cared about his performance, but he needed to remain calm so that his guild members also would.

Sorrowless didn’t like the feeling of death, even in a game. That is why he established his influence, so that countless other players would be willing to die for him.

However, he didn’t think that someone would be able to approach him, especially under such tight protection. But what was even more unexpected was the player’s skill. He had killed him before he could even react.

It was as easy as killing a chicken.

Sorrowless had spent last night alone, before starting to madly farm early in the morning.

“Bro, I am incompetent, but have we found out who it was?” Blood Dagger asked in shame.

“I don’t blame you – that person was really strange. How did he know Nightedge?” Even now, Sorrowless still felt a chill when he thought back to the moment.

It wasn’t unusual to have someone know you well – everyone had friends and family. But for someone who he didn’t know to understand him to such an extent was horrifying.

“I’ve asked Nightedge; he doesn’t know him either,” Blood Dagger said quietly. “Do you want me to send someone into the Chrysanthemum Blossom Brigade? I feel as though Nightedge has been separating himself from us recently.”

“No need. If Nightedge says he doesn’t know him, then he doesn’t know. That person never lies,” Sorrowless said, shaking his head.

“Then… could it be Darkness?” Blood Dagger asked cautiously.

Sorrowless’ face was stiff at first, before it transformed into a more complex and difficult look. He even stopped casting his skills and turned to face him.

Only a few people knew about the presence of Nightedge. As such, if something had happened, Darkness must have had something to do with it.

But now that it had been said aloud, it sounded a little contrived.

Nightedge, Sorrowless and Blood Dagger had been friends since childhood.

Darkness was Nightedge’s sister. No one knew when it had started, but Sorrowless had developed feelings for her.

However, he was a reserved person and was the heart of a guild, so he never confessed.

Later, one of Darkness’ best friends had developed feelings for Sorrowless. His following rejection pushed her to attempt suicide. She then left the country and Darkness had hated him ever since.

The poor, game God now had no chance to confess his feelings and unload the burden on his mind.

“I’ll find someone to keep an eye on her. The fact that she is in the Light Faction is no problem.”

Blood Dagger didn’t know what else to say.

“Oh yeah, what about the person who killed you? Do you know what that was?” Sorrowless sighed and shifted the topic.