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Chapter 237: The Outstanding

Chapter 237: The Outstanding

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It was honestly quite sad for both of the Glory Capital’s gods to have been defeated on the same day.

“His name is Lu Li,” Blood Dagger said calmly.

“Lu Li, the Lu Li that took many first clears.” Sorrowless had already returned to his normal state and once again raised his Longstaff.

“I’ll eventually get my revenge.” Blood Dagger didn’t feel like he was any lesser than Lu Li.

There were a lot of reasons for the loss yesterday – the opposing side was a small team and he was only by himself. Furthermore, he was also quite unlucky to have run into them.

“In all honesty, even if we don’t take action, there will others who will deal with him.” Sorrowless was confident about his perspective, and was still that same guild leader who always had the situation under control.

“What makes you say that?” Blood Dagger asked.

“He protrudes out too much from the crowd, like a knife placed inside a bag.” Sorrowless had never given Lu Li a good evaluation; he never thought of Lu Li as a threat to the Glory Capital.

“If what you say is true, doesn’t that mean that there’s a good chance he will reach the top?” Blood Dagger didn’t understand; he wasn’t the type to think deeply about anything.

“Do you know why guilds look after their PVP masters?” Instead of answering directly, Sorrowless responded with a question.

“They can bring glory to the guild,” Blood Dagger replied without thinking.

Ignoring the fact the PVP battles occurred on a daily basis, game masters would be equivalent to athletes once the competition season came around.

“What about the elite team players in guilds? Why do they get a high salary?” Sorrowless asked.

“They take on dungeon records, loot gear, loot materials and attend guild wars.” Blood Dagger was still confused.

Seeing that Blood Dagger still didn’t understand, Sorrowless smiled bitterly as he shook his head and gave his answer.

“The wind destroys the tree that stands out from its forest, not to mention that this tree attracts way too much attention. It covers up the daylight and leaves no room for the other trees to survive.”

“Are you referring to jealousy?” Blood Dagger finally began to think.

“Oh you, this isn’t about jealousy – this is about money,” Sorrowless snorted, then continued, “When the industry that took hundreds of years to form is broken, do you really think that those who profit from this will sit back and watch on the sidelines?”

This was enough for Blood Dagger to finally come to a realization.

These guild masters were tiring themselves out trying to achieve things, but why would they deserve their privileges if they could be beaten by a random master player without any background?

All these elite teams from different guilds had worked so hard already, but the first clear for dungeons was constantly being taken by a team of random players. Under these circumstances, it would be hard for these elite teams to keep receiving such high salaries without feeling some sort of shame.

Lu Li was a person who deserved to be hated indeed.

“Those from the Blood Red War Flag won’t shut him down in public, but there’s no guarantee what they might do in private. Let’s just wait and see,” Sorrowless analyzed confidently.

One could only imagine his expression if he found out that it was Lu Li who had killed him.

Lu Li didn’t know about any of this, even though he had already thought about and prepared for it.

Many experts were under fierce battle in the Warsong Canyon. The elites from the guilds had all done as much preparation as they could to take the first clear of Howling Caves. This meant that no one had the time to cause trouble for Lu Li.

“Hachi Chan, what’s the cooldown on Revive?” Lu Li helplessly looked at Wandering and Sakura Memories who had already died.

“Let me know when it’s ready. Moonlight, if mobs spawn again, you take care of one and I’ll take care of the other. Sea Breeze, you’re gonna have to work harder and take care of the rest.” This was the best that Lu Li could do in terms of allocating his team members.

Wandering was a bit weak. Previously, when Serpentis had summoned four Wind Snake Guards, he was unable to handle them and had died. The team had to put in all that they had to pass the stage, and Sakura Memories had even died to protect the healer.

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m still standing, we definitely won’t be wiped.” Azure Sea Breeze knocked his shield and Taunted Serpentis.

Currently, on the fourth stage, Serpentis could switch between multiple forms of Moonkin, Panther and Bear. This meant that it had the advantages of great defense, but was also capable of casting spells.

The worst thing about him was his summoning skill, which summoned four Wind Snake Guards that had high attack attributes.

Lu Li’s estimations were correct; the monsters were soon summoned again.

His cloak’s special effect activated, which was a surprise attack that knocked one monster unconscious.

Unfortunately, it only lasted for 1.5 seconds. Elite monsters, especially those in the Howling Caves, all had a strong resistance towards crowd-control skills.

Moonlight used Charge, which didn’t knock out the monster, but still drew its aggro.

Two summoned monsters were now left. Azure Sea Breeze was supposed to pull both of them, but Remnant Dream made an extraordinary play on the spot and used her pet to aggro one of the monsters.

People tend to do the unthinkable in desperate situations and improve through hard times.

“Focus on my monster. Remnant Dream, if your pets can’t tank it, then drag your pets around with you.”

Lu Li continued to give out instructions.

He had already decided that he would give Remnant Dream some special training on kiting monsters once they completed the dungeon.

It would be very shameful if a Hunter couldn’t kite monsters.

On the other hand, Hunters who were good at kiting were often very useful to a team.

“Revive is ready; who do I save?” Hachi Chan stopped to ask Lu Li.

“Revive Memories. Hurry,” Lu Li replied in a serious tone.

“Huh? Not our second tank?” Hachi Chan had already targeted Wandering. She didn’t expect Lu Li to ask her to save Sakura Memories, who was the Shaman.

“Stop talking and hurry up.” Lu Li slightly raised his voice and glared at her.

Hachi Chan pouted and resurrected Sakura Memories.

“Memories, after you resurrect, put down a mana regeneration totem, and once I give the instruction, prepare to put down a Tremor Totem. Is that clear?” Of course, Lu Li wasn’t making his decisions based on nothing. Serpentis would only summon monsters twice, meaning the second tank was no longer important at this point in time.

Instead, a Shaman who could place down all sorts of totems was much more important. There were only a few totems that Sakura Memories was capable of placing down, but fortunately, the Tremor Totem was one of them.

Tremor Totem: Places down a Earth Totem with 5 HP near the caster, lasts for 10 seconds. The totem shakes the ground nearby every second, removing fear, charm and sleep effects for all team members within 30 yards.

Serpentis, in his Moonkin form, casted some kind of unknown spell and instantly turned into a black quail.

“Oh my, it even changed color.” Azure Sea Breeze was caught by surprise and nearly threw his axe away.

As he was trash talking, he received a curse of corruption and began to constantly take corruption damage.

“Flower, cleanse the curse off Sea Breeze. Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Important things should be repeated three times to emphasize their importance. Lonesome Flower rolled his eyes at Lu Li and raised his hands to cleanse the curse effect.

“Memories, get ready. Three, two, one, place down the Tremor Totem!”

Sakura Memories had been waiting for this instruction and when Lu Li spoke, the totem was immediately placed down.

“That was a bit too early. I didn’t expect your reaction time to be so fast, but that’s okay. Everyone, just deal maximum damage,” Lu Li said as he scratched his nose awkwardly.

Serpentis used a crowd control skill, which had a fear effect and a wide cast range.

Unfortunately for him, this skill was now a joke.

With the Tremor Totem in effect, everyone was only controlled for no longer than one second before they returned to their normal state.

After using the crowd control skill, the boss finally stopped.

They had battled for about half an hour and used countless potions to reduce Serpentis to less than 10% of his health.

This was a Boss with 130,000 hit points, which was 50,000 more than Skum.

“Lu Li, did we pass this time?” Azure Sea Breeze asked, still in shock.

“If it doesn’t go berserk, then yes, we’ve passed.” Although Lu Li was exhausted from battling the boss, he felt his heart begin to race.