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Chapter 238: Tragedy

Chapter 238: Tragedy

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Boss battles were always a torture – the damage taken from Bosses was always more than what you would be able to heal. This was especially the case for Serpentis. Not only did he barely take any damage, he even healed himself.

After his health decreased below 10%, Serpentis began to fight in his human form.

Bear form had high defense, Panther form had high attack, while Moonkin form allowed him to cast spells and summon. These could all be specifically guarded against, but this was difficult with human form as it was difficult to anticipate what tricks he might play.

Fortunately, Lu Li knew. He calmly observed every single move of Serpentis so he could make plans accordingly.

“March, dispel the boss! Hurry!”

The heal buff that Serpentis had just placed on himself hadn’t even taken effect before it was dispelled by the players.

An average team of random players would not have this level of synchronization. This kind of healing buff was different to the kind of healing that players could cast. Each time the buff activated, it regenerated 2% of the boss’s health and could activate up to five times if it was not dealt with.

“I just want to become a teacher that everyone admires and respects! Why is everyone protesting? Are my inventions not great?” Serpentis asked with a hoarse voice.

5% Health!

Lu Li’s heart sank after he heard Serpentis’ lines – he was going berserk.

“Full damage output! Don't worry about anything else! Hachi Chan, you too.” Lu Li accelerated his attacks. One of his Critical Backstabs dealt more than two hundred points of damage.

Everyone believed Lu Li’s words and became anxious.

Incapacitating Roar!

This was a crowd control skill that would leave the whole team paralyzed for ten seconds until damage was taken.

Serpentis then transformed into a panther and used Slash on Moonlight. Under the circumstance where no healer could heal, there was no way that he would be able to handle the damage.

“Use damage reduction!” Lu Li shouted. “Try to stay alive for as long as you can!”

Azure Sea Breeze reached an epiphany and activated the rest of his damage reduction skills.

However, Sakura Memories was less fortunate. She only lasted for less than two seconds and was totally helpless against Serpentis in berserk mode.

There were still four seconds left.

This time, Serpentis stopped attacking the melee professions and turned his focus towards the ranged professions instead.

Remnant Dream, who was standing closer, became the first target. She lasted for about one second.

Next to Remnant Dream stood Lonesome Flower.

“Everyone, don't panic. The boss barely has any health left and he has very weak defense while in berserk mode……” Lu Li tried to encourage everyone, but as he spoke, Lonesome Flower died.

He didn’t even have the chance to activate a shield.

This was an absolute tragedy. Lonesome Flower was the second highest damage dealer in the team and was equivalent to Lu Li in this fight against Serpentis.

Without needing any instruction from Lu Li, Moonlight charged at the boss and stopped it.

“We haven't lost! Kill him!” Lu Li’s eyes turned red; only a little more than 4% health was left. If the team was wiped now, their half an hour’s worth of effort would be wasted.

A team-wipe at 40% wasn’t that devastating, but a team-wipe at 4% would drive people insane!

One strike from the boss took out 40% of Moonlight’s health, even with damage reduction and March Rain’s heals. He could now only take a maximum of three attacks.

System: Shadowstrike cast at 95% Skill Completion, dealing 300% skill damage.

A massive -240 floated upwards. This was Lu Li’s best spell cast for the day and dealt three times its usual damage. It was even stronger than a critical strike, but compared the Boss’ 5000 remaining hit points, the damage was barely noticeable.

Fortunately, Lu Li wasn't the only one in battle.

He still had two team members left, so the total sum of damage dealt was still very noticeable.


Moonlight sighed and followed the fate of Azure Sea Breeze.

Wandering, Azure Sea Breeze, Sakura Memories, Lonesome Flower, Remnant Dream and Moonlight had died, leaving four team members.


The equipment set effect had activated just in time.

Lu Li’s Attack was raised to the next level, but the Boss switched its focus to him.

Lu Li didn't dodge. His dagger slit Serpentis’ throat as he performed a Slit Throat with a high Skill Completion level.

-266, -12, -12, -12……


-266 was the damage that Lu Li had dealt to the boss, while the -12 was the damage over time from the bleeding debuff.

The -1125 was the damage that the boss had dealt to him. Lu Li had approximately 1800 hit points, which surpassed most other players of his Profession, but even so, there was no way that he could take another hit.


The boss had already made his attack, but because Lu Li used Shadowmeld, it missed.

With about 2000 HP remaining, the Boss began to search for a new target and settled upon March Rain, who was the next closest to it.

March Rain immediately cast a fear spell on the boss.

This skill didn’t deal damage to the boss and provided no crowd-control, but it definitely aggravated it.

Whether the healer was still alive no longer mattered, since no one could last longer than a few hits. There wasn't even enough time to cast heal anyway.

As such, for the team, this gentle girl did something that any man would hesitate to do – suicide!

The first attack from the boss had already left her with very little health, and had applied a bleeding effect.

Without panicking, she healed herself once and calmly faced her death. The boss attacked twice, which took up a little more than a second.

The entire time this was happening, Lu Li chased the Boss and dealt insane damage.

The Boss turned around and lashed out. If its attack had landed, he would have surely died.

Gale Steps!

With the one second of invincibility, Lu Li took the hit without taking any actual damage.

He then entered Stealth, causing the Boss to lose track of him and search for a new target.

Hachi Chan!

“Hachi Chan! Transform into Panther form and run! Quick!” Lu Li shouted urgently.

Hachi Chan’s reactions were a little slow, so she still took a hit. Fortunately, the hit still left her with a little bit of health.

The little panther ran for its life.

Serpentis followed behind in close proximity. Once he locked onto his target, he wouldn’t give up easily unless it left the battle or died. Of course, if the Boss took damage, it was still possible for him to turn around and attack the others.

Sesame Rice Ball was lucky; the boss never turned around to attack him. As such, he had been crazily dealing damage this whole time.

Lu Li activated his cape’s special effect, instantly appearing behind the boss and casting Cheap Shot, then Ambush!

The first damaging attack after leaving Stealth from Gale Steps would deal 150% damage to the target. With the overlay damage from Ambush, the attack this time dealt over two hundred points of damage. Backstab!

The Skill Completion was a bit low, but he was still able to store a combo with it.


Both skills dealt almost two hundred points of damage.

The Boss used an acceleration skill on himself as Hachi Chan also died. Just as he was about to turn around and destroy Lu Li, who was stuck onto him like a piece of chewing gum, he discovered another person in between them.

Sesame Rice Ball!

Sesame Rice Ball was well aware that he dealt less damage than Lu Li, with each of his attacks only dealing 30-40 damage.

As such, he also chose to suicide.

Serpentis used a long-handed weapon, so watching his strike land from above was truly a terrifying experience.


Sesame Rice Ball was killed instantly.

Sudden Thrust!

It now came down to a test of bravery where the one with true courage was bound to win. Lu Li knew he could no longer turn back.