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Chapter 243: The Boss’ Cloning Ability

Chapter 243: The Boss’ Cloning Ability

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“Oh wow, he also has a healing ability,” Azure Sea Breeze said in despair.

After eating three little mobs to replenish 6% of its HP, Mutanus didn’t wait for anyone to attack before starting to cast another heal on himself.

This was one incredibly overpowered aspect of Dawn. It was extraordinary to see a Boss do it.

But how much would this skill heal?

3%? Or maybe 5%? One of the previous Bosses, Serpentis, could heal himself for 3%. This was the Instance Dungeon’s final Boss, so he had to be stronger than the 6th boss, right?

They had dealt 8% of Mutanus’ HP from when they had first started attacking him. After he had healed 6% from eating the mobs, he was now at 98%. With the heal, he would be back at full HP.

Why would they even bother attacking him?!

“What is this? I’ve never seen a Boss with a heal before,” Lu Li said as he ran up with a Kick and interrupted the Boss’ channeling.

So it could be interrupted…

“You’re the expert here – why didn’t you tell us earlier that it could be interrupted?” Azure Sea Breeze lamented as the Boss shifted its attention to him because of his clamoring.

“Well, now you know.” Lu Li had played everyone and he didn’t feel remorseful in the slightest.

However, his teammates couldn’t hit him – they could only take their frustration out on the Boss.

After a while, the Boss summoned another eight small mobs. This time, everyone began to focus their attacks on them, not waiting for Lu Li or Wandering to finish pulling them.

The poor eight small mobs, who were originally quite strong, had just been summoned from Navarax’s nightmare. Before they could even understand what was happening, they had already been eliminated by some adventurers.

Their last thoughts were – “What kind of world is this? It’s so dangerous…”

The Boss helplessly watched as his underlings were slaughtered. He quietly swallowed its saliva, thinking about how he hadn’t even eaten a single one.

As for his knock-off healing ability, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had especially saved three interrupting skills for it. They never allowed it to be casted.

“This is perfect; keep going like this. Memories, put down a Mana Totem. Those who need Mana, go stand in the aura.” Lu Li wasn’t stingy with his compliments.

Sakura Memories’ Mana Totem had quite a long cooldown, so it could only be used a few times in one fight. If it was used early, it could go on cooldown with the other skills. When this was properly timed, it could increase the duration over which the party could continue to receive healing.

This fight was basically a cycle.

Mutanus would summon the underlings, which would then be viciously killed by Wandering and the others. After this, the Boss’ healing skill would be interrupted as soon as it was casted.

Although this Boss was strong, it was actually easier to defeat than Serpentis with the right technique.

Slowly but surely, his HP began to drop, while March Rain and Hachi Chan cautiously managed their MP.

Other than the Main Tank, Lu Li and the others didn’t receive any healing. They could only rely on their potions.

“Everyone be careful – the Boss is about to clone itself. Breezy and Wandering, you take one each. You go left and Wandering can go right. Pull them far apart; make sure they never stand together.” Lu Li saw the Boss’ HP and estimated that they were about to enter a crucial period of the fight.

Mutanus’ nature was just disgusting.

He had just eaten some of his underlings alive and now he was tearing something apart.

Of course, he wasn’t tearing a player apart – the game wasn’t that brutal.

He was tearing himself apart. As for how he did this, no one who had ever seen Mutanus could possibly even begin to imagine it.

The two halves of Mutanus wiggled a little and slowly inflated. Before long, they had turned into two identical copies of him.

Azure Sea Breeze and Wandering were already prepared. They each pulled one of the Bosses in different directions with their Taunt.

“Flower, Moonlight and Dreamy, go fight Wandering’s monster. March Rain, heal Wandering. Everyone else, fight Breezy’s monster. Hachi Chan, make sure you keep our main tank healthy,” Lu Li quickly ordered.

There were no differences between the two Bosses; they both had the strength of the original Boss. It was going to be a little difficult for Wandering to tank his Mutanus, so Lu Li sent March Rain to heal him.

“Why can’t we just kill one of them first?” Azure Sea Breeze struggled to understand.

“You have to kill both the bosses at once. Otherwise, the living one will eat the dead one’s body and restore its HP to a point where even I’ll feel desperate,” Lu Li recalled the previous lesson he had learned in the Howling Caves in fear.

He had only joined the game a whole year after its release, so the strategy for the Howling Caves had been out for a while.

Both Bosses needed to die together.

However, knowing this was one thing. Achieving it was an entirely different matter.

There was one instance where one of the bosses had died first, while the other was left at 5% HP. Before the players could do anything, the surviving Boss threw itself onto the corpse of the other and began to wolf it down.


They had lost half a day’s work in a single moment.

The real problem was that they couldn’t keep healing for much longer. They simply couldn’t keep fighting to clear out another 50% HP.

“If we don’t kill the Bosses at the same time, then all our previous efforts will be wasted. That means, we will lose our first clear as well…” Lu Li was clearly anxious, as he kept repeating the same thing.

“Mister, you’re being really annoying,” Hachi Chan said and frowned. She couldn’t bear Lu Li’s constant talking.

Normally, Lu Li only gave instructions at the most crucial moments, spending the rest of the time to furiously deal damage. Otherwise, he wouldn’t consistently top the damage charts.

However, his cold, aloof style had suddenly changed into a street-aunt style. Everyone was struggling to adapt to it.

“Alright, Wandering, you’re responsible for interrupting the healing of the other Boss. I’ll leave this side to you, Memories. Make sure you interrupt it on time. I will deal with the little mobs,” Lu Li said helplessly.

“True. What do we do with the little mobs? Is it going to… summon 16 of them?” Everyone’s face turned a little green.

They had already begun to imagine the Bosses feasting on the underlings.

“Relax, there won’t be 16 of them.”

Lu Li glanced at the funny looks on their faces. Were these people even thinking? How could the game company allow two bosses to summon eight mobs each?

Even the most overpowered of parties wouldn’t be able to deal with that.

There were still mobs, but they were only summoned one at a time. Every ten minutes, a mob would climb out of the water.

Lu Li could deal them with easily, but he also had some additional ranged-help from Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Ball.

“Slow down with Wandering’s one. Remnant Dream, go attack Breezy’s one. Don’t get it down to 5% yet.” Although Lu Li was dealing with a different fight, he still kept a close eye on the other Boss’ HP.

5% was the critical Berserk point. Any Boss could go Berserk when they dropped below 5%.

As Mutanus the Devourer was straight out of a nightmare, it was highly likely that he would go Berserk.

8%, 7%...

The two Bosses’ HP bars were dropping at almost exactly the same rate. Lu Li’s previous rambling had driven home the seriousness of the situation. No one dared to disregard what he had said.


Both Bosses turned red and went Berserk at the same time!