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Chapter 246: A New Form Of Flight

Chapter 246: A New Form Of Flight

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“Hehe, don’t move while I loot you. Big sis is coming for you.” The little girl slowly approached the Boss’ corpse, completely unaware of her teammates all waiting in anticipation.

After some searching, Remnant Dream pulled out the first item.

It was a Silver Plate Helmet Mold. She couldn’t determine its attributes, so she gave it to Wandering for appraisal and allocation.

The second item was a Silver equip – Fish Skin Robe.

It had an undesirable name and it also looked quite ugly. However, its properties were excellent. It was the kind of equipment you would expect to receive from the Howling Caves.

Sesame Rice Ball’s equipment was quite ordinary, so Lonesome Flower didn’t compete for it.

The rare material that dropped was a Murloc Scale, which could be used to make Chain Mail Armor or Plate Armor. As they had a low drop-rate, they were quite valuable.

Because they had achieved the First Clear, each of the party members received a bonus item.

Everyone either received a Skill Book, an equip, or a rare material. Most of them were satisfied.

Lu Li received a Skill Book called ‘Premeditation’.

Premeditation: Instant Cast, 20 second cooldown time. Add two Combo Points. These points must be consumed or added to within 18 seconds, otherwise they will be lost. Cannot be upgraded.

This skill on its own wasn’t particularly strong. Its use was simple – it allowed a Thief to add two Combo Points without leaving Stealth.

However, it was not to be underestimated.

The reason that Thieves could deal as much damage as Warlocks or Mages was because of their Ultimate Skills. The strength of these Ultimate Skills came from the consumption of Combo Points. If these Ultimate Skills were used without Combo points, they would be weaker than ordinary skills.

As such, Lu Li was well-satisfied with “Premeditation”.

In his eyes, this book was as valuable as a Silver equip.

Only Sakura Memories was awarded with a Skill Point. The others could only look at her with envy.

From the Howling Caves onwards, it would become almost impossible to farm EXP from Instance Dungeons. It would take days to clear the more-difficult dungeons. Often, you would need to wait until the players were a higher level than the Boss before being able to advance, which further reduced EXP gain.

As such, players needed to continually take the time to go and farm as well.

Despite this, you couldn’t avoid Instance Dungeons either, even if you had money to buy equipment or someone to supply you.

Only Bosses could give you Skill Points!

As the usefulness of Skill Points become more evident, even the so-called top players couldn’t help but follow their parties into Instance Dungeons.

On the other side, the Tauren Druid had finally awaked Navarax.

The newly-awakened Archdruid shook his head in a daze, while the Tauren rambled to explain everything that had happened.

By the time Lu Li and the others had allocated all the loot, Navarax had been caught up to speed on the recent events.

“Thank you, my friend,” he said gratefully.

“You protected the Sweetwater Oasis and fed the countless population of the Barrenlands. Our achievements are insignificant in comparison,” Lu Li replied with great sincerity.

If there was such a thing as a Charisma Value, Lu Li wouldn’t be able to compare to Hachi Chan. However, he could make up for it with his language.

“That is the gift of nature.” Navarax was happy to hear what Lu Li had said.

There wasn’t a single person who didn’t like to be complimented. The key was in the precision of the compliments.

“Since you have finally awoken, we will be taking our leave.” The Instance Dungeon had been completed, so Lu Li and the others didn’t have much reason to stay.

“Please wait. I have a little trick that I want to give to your friend,” Navarax said and beckoned, “Please ask that small Druid to come here.”

Hachi Chan turned her head before realizing that she was being called. She quickly jumped up and came over.

Lu Li almost started crying.

He had been the one interacting with the NPC, so why had he decided to call Hachi Chan? She was probably about to receive some kind of special reward.

Perhaps she really was the System’s daughter.

Muyoh’s escort quest wasn’t a conventional ibe. Its purpose was solely to lead them to the Boss. While Navarax did show gratitude towards the players, he wasn’t the one who issued the quest. As such, he had no obligation to give any reward.

“Hello uncle, do you need us to take you home?” Hachi Chan looked at this poor person who had slept in this cave for so long and thought about how there were monsters everywhere.

“You are a kind hearted child, but there is no need. We will meet again if fate requires it. Farewell.” Navarax touched Hachi Chan’s head before both he and Muyoh turned into butterflies and flew away.

Flew… away….

“They’re just going to fly away like that?” Everyone was bewildered.

He had called Hachi Chan over just to pat her head. That guy must have been a loli-con.

“The System just prompted me that I have learnt how to fly. Does that mean I can fly now?” Hachi Chan muttered, as she also turned into a big, colorful and beautiful butterfly.

The girls who were there, including Sakura Memories, stared with starry eyes.

Unfortunately, this butterfly wasn’t flying elegantly. It looked more like a plane that was out of control.

She first ran into the rock wall of the cave and let out a hiss. It was clearly Hachi Chan’s voice. She then, even more uncontrollably, flew headfirst into the water.

“Gulp, gulp…”

Lu Li was a little jealous before he reminded himself that she didn’t even have the Seal Transformation.

“Hachi!” Remnant Dream rushed into the water and pulled out the flapping Hachi Chan before hugging her.

Just as everyone was appreciating the affection that these sisters had for each other, Remnant Dream drew open her hands and faced Hachi Chan before casting…

Tame Beast!

“Dreamy!” Hachi Chan exclaimed angrily.

“Haha…” Remnant Dream laughed dryly.

“If we cleared the Howling Caves again, would the Druid still be awarded with this skill” Wandering took a deep breath, in awe of this reward.

When Druids learned to fly, it wasn’t only for their own sake. They could now provide aerial support for their fellow players.

Every place that was previously unreachable would now be accessible by the Druid.

If the party was fighting a Boss in the wild, having air reconnaissance would significantly change their battle strategy.

If you just imagined that the leader was a Druid…

Lu Li shook his head. In his previous life, he had never heard of the Howling Caves granting this reward.

Moreover, other than an NPC, he had never seen anyone transform into a butterfly.

Even with his rebirth, he was quite weak when compared to Hachi Chan.

For the sake of the Crow Transformation, he had taken a huge risk to see Dawn’s strongest Mage, Medivh. Yet, he still had to give up a Hidden Profession in exchange for it.

What had Hachi Chan done?

She hadn’t spoken to the NPC before she was called up and given this crazy flying skill.

Although he wasn’t going to keep a grudge, his heart felt a little uneasy.

Other than Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan, everyone had a look of sadness on their faces.

“Let’s leave, let’s leave,” Azure Sea Breeze said before leaving. He, as the main tank, and March Rain, as the Main Healer, were the two most-exhausted people in the party.

“Farming, Farming.” Sakura Memories was a levelling maniac. If she spent more than a single moment not doing things that contributed to her level, she would feel uncomfortable.

“Lu Li, when are we going to go bomb levelling?” After experiencing the farming potential of the Fool’s Bomb, farming monsters one-by-one felt like a pain.

“Let me deal with a few things first. After that, we’ll go bomb levelling,” Lu Li responded.

“That’s right, don’t you have that really overpowered crafting hammer?” Wandering suddenly remembered and stopped Lu Li, who was about to return to the city.