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Chapter 248: A Quest Line

Chapter 248: A Quest Line

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Lu Li also knew that he wasn’t a particularly charismatic person, so his chances of triggering the quest weren’t higher that of an average player.

Carolina seemed to be stuck reminiscing. She was picturing herself exploring the forest with two other children, back when the times were simpler, with no enemies, with no disputes…

“I had forgotten about this Ring for many years. You are a lucky young man.” Lu Li waited in trepidation as Carolina finally spoke.

The previous expression on her face had been replaced with elegance and nobility. Although she had a pleasant look in her eyes, everyone couldn’t help but feel as though it was fake.

“So, can you point me in the right direction?” Lu Li asked uneasily.

“I would be more than happy to do so,” Carolina said and smiled as she pointed in the northwest direction. “Go to the Moonlight Forest; Keeper Remulos should be happy to help you.”

“But I hear that the Moonlight Forest only welcomes the most pious of Druids.” Lu Li found himself in a difficult position. In his previous life, he was a Druid, but now, he was a Thief.

The Moonlight Forest was one of the most unusual places in Azeroth.

This forest had not suffered from the demons’ corruption. It still maintained its original purity and tranquillity; it was truly a land of peace. Druids who harmed the forest or created conflict would be promptly expelled from it.

As such, the Moonlight Forest was often used as a neutral ground for conferences between the Alliance and the Horde. Tauren would often come here to seek advice from Night Elves or Druids.

Although the surroundings were quiet and serene, most Druids would constantly feel anxious here. Recently, an unknown assassin had attacked Remulos, causing him to fall into an unresponsive state due to nerve damage. When they saw that the Cenarion Circle’s enemies were this powerful, the Druids were left in fear and suspicion.

As such, apart from the Druids, no other profession was allowed in this place, not even Priests.

Being a Thief, Lu Li felt his heart freeze over.

If there was any profession that would be mercilessly killed as soon as they stepped into the Moonlight Forest, it would definitely be a Thief, right?

“Oh yes,” Carolina suddenly realised. “I had almost forgotten about that.”

Lu Li helplessly felt some contempt. Her negligence was inconsequential for her, but he had almost lost his life because of it.

“This should do it.” Carolina placed her delicate hands on Lu Li’s head and a crescent-like badge condensed from the light onto Lu Li’s shoulder.

The system then prompted him that he had received the Priestess’ Blessing, granting him safe passage in the Moonlight Forest.

The perverts drooled as they saw this. They were dumbfounded as they witnessed this direct contact between the Goddess and the Thief.

Although Carolina was dressed skimpily, there was nothing the players could do about it. Countless perverts were killed every day by the guards following her. These players couldn’t even come within a 5-yard radius of her.

“…” Lu Li was touched.

Of course, this was not because a female Goddess had touched him.

Rather, it was because of the Priestess’ Blessing. With this, he would now be able to access any Night Elf location. Even polite treatment within the Moonlight Forest as a Thief was now possible.

Moreover, only LV30+ Druids could transport to the Moonlight Forest. Other players were required to physically travel to the location.

Without considering the distance, it was still a very dangerous journey. There was also a toxic cloud that hung over the forest, so he absolutely could not fly over the dangers.

A LV30 requirement had been easily fulfilled with a single touch from Carolina.

“Thank you for your generosity, Queen of the Nightwalkers,” Lu Li saluted gratefully.

“I hope that your journey is smooth, brave adventurer,” Carolina said, as she caressed the Frostblade Leopard.

“For the glory of the moon.” Lu Li took two steps backwards before leaving.

Throughout their whole encounter, Lu Li didn’t pay much attention to her physical appearance, despite her elegant movements. Her pale, slender body was usually a strong, male hormone activator.

As someone who had already been shut out by the Tauren, he never wanted to offend an NPC again.

This was especially the case for Tyrande, the person before him.

If he offended her, he would become an enemy to all Night Elves.

Teleport: Moonlight Forest. Teleports the user to the Moonlight Forest. Will send caster back to their original position if cast within the Moonlight Forest. Usage: 5/5.

This was not a regular skill. Rather, it was a temporary skill that had a restricted number of uses.

There were only 5 uses, but this was more than enough for Lu Li.

As he cast the skill, he disappeared from the Dark Ravine.

Lu Li always had a bounty on his head; there was always a reward hanging under his name. Anyone could access Bounty Quests, so his movements were never really a secret.

“Why did he return to the Dark Ravine?” Because he was an expert, Lu Li’s movements were always being monitored.

After the inter-guild alliance meeting, this surveillance had become even more intense.

Before the pawns could be contacted to confirm that Lu Li was indeed in the newbie village, his coordinates had suddenly appeared in an unknown location.

Player maps could be shared; there were even some players who would specialize in drafting maps for money.

For only a few gold, you would be able to purchase almost all of the entire current maximum map range.

The players who were tasked with surveillance were all well off, so this little bit of money didn’t mean much to them. However, they all received the same message – Lu Li had travelled to an unknown area.

Exploring new areas generally yielded ludicrous rewards, so when the bosses heard that Lu Li was in one, they couldn’t help but feel intolerably jealous.

When he opened his eyes, he was greeted with an emerald light radiating from the moonlight lake.

It was said that this place had received the Moon’s blessing and as such, contained Dawn’s most beautiful scenery. Many players often felt nostalgic in this place and some even made Nighthaven their permanent home.

However, this was no easy task. Even after farming Prestige for a month, you still wouldn’t necessarily meet the criteria for becoming a resident in Nighthaven.

Lu Li hadn’t needed to farm Prestige, as he was a Druid in his previous life.

To him, this place was the same as the Dark Ravine.

There were two Druids at the transport point – a Tauren and a Night Elf. They looked anxious when they saw Lu Li appear, but when they noticed the badge on his shoulder, they both bowed with respect.

He had been granted complete access.

Keeper Remulos resided in the Temple of Remulos near Nighthaven.

When Lu Li found him, he was in a deep sleep on the ground.

He had the body of a deer – very similar to Cenarius. Some records claimed that he was the son of Cenarius, while others claimed that he was Cenarius’ disciple. Regardless, he held an unusual position in the Cenarion Circle.

Lu Li didn’t want to wake him up. Instead, he turned into a Cheetah and sat next to Remulos’ body.

Two to three hours passed while he waited for Remulos.