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Chapter 250: Nightmare Dungeon Quest

Chapter 250: Nightmare Dungeon Quest

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Mastering the shadows had never been on Lu Li’s mind. He was never confident about his luck and only wished to maintain the advantages of the Supreme Ring.

Special effects aside, the attribute of Critical Strike +25% had already satisfied him.

“As a token of my gratitude, I’m willing to do whatever I can within my powers to repay your generosity.”

It wouldn’t be right to believe that a price did not have to be paid, as nothing comes for free.

If Lu Li didn’t give anything this time, he would lose Remulos’ good impression of him, even if the ring was to be upgraded to level four.

Even Carolina would be disappointed with Lu Li.

Remulos looked at Lu Li and weird, yet enchanting smile crept across his face. Remulos and his kind had always been very graceful and charming.

Otherwise, there would be no way for a Goddess like Elune, a Goddess who overlooked all mortals, to show affection towards Malorne, The White Stag.

“You’re such a gorgeous Thief. Little one, your persistence has touched me; let’s talk first about how to upgrade this ring. Father’s work shouldn’t be sealed under the abyss.”

“I’m ready to listen,” Lu Li said in relief.

“People call it The Supreme Ring, but this name originated from a joke. Its real name is actually &%¥*&……” Remulos spoke of the name using ancient Ent language, which was hard to decipher. He knew that Lu Li didn’t understand, so he continued with his explanation, “It means Slaughterer; it exists to kill. Do you understand that?”

“Of course.”

Lu Li silently repeated the word ‘Slaughterer’. It felt no different to The Supreme Ring; both were just names anyway.

“The sides of this ring are a Moonflower. Illidan requested for this engraving to be done. Do you know of Illidan?” Being the son of Cenarius, Remulos had existed for a very long time and had lived more than ten thousand years. As such, he was aware of the love and hate stories that revolved around these few people.

“I’ve heard a bit about them.”

Lu Li suppressed his shock and told Remulos about his knowledge of Illidan.

“I didn’t expect you to know so much, little one. This ring belongs to Illidan and not Malfurion; you must understand this,” Remulos said in a serious tone.

“Of course.”

Lu Li laughed bitterly on the inside; he was the one that had killed Illidan, or to be exact, Illidan’s shadow, many times.

“This ring has been contaminated with Illidan’s obsessions. Surely, you’ve met his shadow,” Remulos lamented. “We won’t discuss what went on between them. I just wanted to tell you that this ring belonged to Illidan; it was made to slaughter.”

“Your teachings will be remembered; I will always be standing on the opposing side of the Burning Legion.” Lu Li acknowledged what Remulos was trying to say; it would be a waste of all the history he had studied in the past if he didn’t understand what was being said to him.

“In order to upgrade the ring to level four, you must gather the blood of forty bosses after their death. The more bosses you kill from races of the Burning Legion, the better the ring become for you,” Remulos said.

Lu Li’s heart sank upon hearing the upgrade conditions.

Wasn’t this asking for a little too much?

Forty bosses wouldn’t be too hard to find, even if they were all different. If there weren’t enough bosses in shared dungeons, it was still possible to complete the task by using dungeon scrolls for private dungeons/ What was hard about the task was the demon bosses of the Burning Legion. Demon-type bosses were never easy to find.

There were some in The Fire Scar Temple, but nowhere near the required total of forty.

There were only a small number of low level dungeons that had anything to do with the Burning Legion.

While Lu Li remained expressionless, Remulos didn’t pause and said, “Some materials are also required. Those Worgens are a ferocious and greedy bunch.”

Lu Li was already mentally prepared for this. “How am I supposed to find out what materials they need?” he asked.

“Druids of the Moonlight Forest have traded with them in the past and are allowed to borrow their Blood Fang Altar. For the foreseeable future, this altar should be the most suitable for you to upgrade your ring. All you need to do is prepare the following materials, and I will send someone with you to trade with the Worgen.”

As he spoke, Remulos brought out a piece of leaf inscribed with words.

Lu Li took the leaf and looked; his brows began to lock themselves together.

Two Dreadtusks, two Plagued Spring, two Glutton Shackle, two……

Altogether, it was a list of at least sixteen types of rare materials.

Besides these, a Gold-grade casting medium was also needed.

Even though these were all materials that were hard to obtain, Lu Li felt relieved after he received the list.

The aimless feeling that had dwelled within him over the past few days was gone.

People need a goal to pursue in order to live life to the fullest.

These were all materials that were challenging to find, but he had been reincarnated, which gave him some slight advantages. For example, he knew that he could find the Glutton Shackle in the Shadowfang Keep. As for the Plagued Spring, he knew a boss in the wild that had a slight chance of dropping it.

Even if he didn’t know where to find everything, his rebirth had already saved him from a lot of research.

A difficult goal was better than having no goal at all.

If he couldn’t find a way to upgrade the ring, Lu Li had no idea what would happen to him. As players continued to level and obtain better gear, a level three ring was bound to be outclassed out at some point.

“Thank you. You’re truly remarkable, Keeper of the Grove,” Lu Li said, expressing his gratitude sincerely.

“You’re the most courageous elf adventurer I’ve ever seen.”

Remulos nodded his head in satisfaction. In all honesty, Lu Li was the only adventurer head had ever seen. “I have one more request to ask of you; are you willing to accept it?”

Nothing comes for free and it was inevitable that quests had to be completed.

However, Lu Li didn’t mind doing quests, especially since Remulos has provided him with guidance. Even if there were no rewards for this quest, he will still give his all to complete it.

“Blackfathom is located in The Zoram Strand of the Grey Valley. It was once a splendorous shrine that worshipped the great Moon Goddess Elune. However, the shrine fell during the explosion of the Sunwell and sank into the deep surges of The Veiled Sea. Now, some Satyr and Nagas have discovered and tainted it.” Remulos pulled a scroll out of nowhere and handed it to Lu Li then continued, “Go and cleanse it for me; kill all those who have tainted the shrine.”

System: Dungeon scroll obtained —— Blackfathom (Nightmare).

A dungeon scroll! A Nightmare-mode dungeon scroll!

Lu Li took the scroll and really began to feel the pressure; he wasn’t prepared to take down a Nightmare-mode dungeon.

The Howling Caves had a Nightmare-mode too, but he knew that their team had only just formed, so it would be impossible for them to clear it. As such, he chose to do heroic mode instead for the sake of taking the first clear.

Blackfathom, especially in Nightmare-mode, was an extremely challenging private dungeon.

The original entrance level for the dungeon was LV20. Nightmare-mode increased this to LV25 and in total, the dungeon included seven bosses that ranged between LV25-30.

“Why, does this mission trouble you?” Remulos smiled as he asked.

“No. I will complete what you’ve entrusted to me as soon as I can. Glory to the goddess; my blade will bathe in the blood of those who dare to taint the shrine,” Lu Li promised generously.

“I’ll look forward to your return from victory. May the moon always shine upon you.”

Remulos reached out his hands to tap the crescent mark on Lu Li’s shoulder, and the system proceeded to prompt his acceptance of the quest.