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Chapter 251: The Trial from Water Fairy

Chapter 251: The Trial from Water Fairy

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After leaving the Moonlight Forest, Lu Li didn’t use the teleportation opportunity that Carolina gave him. Instead, he teleported back to the main city.

There, he took out all of the Starwood from his storage and mailbox.

This included the Starwood that he had purchased from auctions, payment that had been sent to him by Jade Flower Lover and Hornet’s Nest, as well as the rewards of everyone else in the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

No one would turn a blind eye to items that could speed up the leveling process.

In his spare time, Azure Sea Breeze would hang out in the world channel and announce that he wanted to purchase Starwood. He was more shameless than Lu Li, claiming that he only accepted cash transactions and nothing else.

All of this added up to approximately 120 Starwood.

Theoretically, this would be enough produce about 120 Fool’s Bombs, but even a fool would know that this was unachievable.

No matter how skilled a player might be, it was impossible to guarantee a 100% success rate when the system and its set failure rate was involved.

However, as a player’s level of proficiency improved, so did the success rate for creating the bomb. The production time would be reduced as well.

Upon reaching the end of his gaming time for the day, Lu Li had used up all the Starwood and produced 106 bombs. He had wasted around 20 Starwood, which was a heartbreaking ratio.

The next day, only a few people were online.

The Lonesome Flower duo, Moonlight, Wandering and Sesame Rice Ball all went to Warsong Canyon, while Sakura Memories went to level up by herself.

As for Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan, they were high school students. Wandering had also warned them that if they didn’t rest properly, they would stop growing taller. As such, these days, they had been coming online later than usual.

Lu Li didn’t mind them coming online at a later time, since Dawn was designed in such a way that made it hard for everyone to have a huge gap in levels.

Over 100,000 players were LV22, the top 200 players were all LV23, and only the top few players on the ranking list were LV24.

Lu Li went to top up on materials from the auction, particularly common materials that could be used to make Silver-grade gears. If the materials were cheap, he would purchase them and if he found rare materials, he would purchase them as well, even if they were slightly overpriced.

Unfortunately, he didn’t come across either of the two rare materials (one Ice Spike and one Nethershard) that he needed for his dagger mold.

Neither of them were hard to find and both could be dropped in the Death Mines, Howling Caves or by some Bosses in the wild. They just hadn’t been lucky enough to come across these items before.

As for auctions…… of course there weren’t any there.

“You there? Great Master?”

Hearing by a knocking sound, Lu Li took out the communicator on his waist and found a message from Water Fairy.

“I’m no master at all, but what’s up?”

Lu Li didn’t dare call himself a master in front of a player who played using real money. If he was to name someone who had better gear and more skills than him, chances are, it would most likely be Water Fairy.

Water Fairy was in charge of Drizzle Court, a top ten guild in China that was filled with beautiful girls. There were also a few other guilds that followed her.

If this was his previous life, Lu Li never would have been able to come into contact with a girl of such a high position. However, in his current life, it was actually these beauties who often approached him first.

Despite this, he really had no interest in this beautiful girl at all.

“I want to know the guide to the Howling Caves. Is it okay to share it with me?” Water Fairy sighed on the inside. Although she wasn't the type of girl who would be unhappy if she didn’t receive any compliments, it was hard for her to happily interact with someone like Lu Li, who couldn’t be bothered to give any compliments at all.

“Skum?” Lu Li asked.

“Pretty much. if it’s possible, I’d like to know the guide for all the bosses after.”

Water Fairy was quite used to Lu Li’s style of talking and decided to cut straight to the point.

“Sure, that’s fine,” Lu Li agreed.

“Don’t you need to discuss this with the others? After all, it’s your whole team’s effort.”

Water Fairy couldn’t resist the urge to investigate further.

“Of course. We’ve already discussed and reached a conclusion about this,” Lu Li slowly said after a slight pause.

He didn’t want to leave an impression where it seemed like he was the deciding factor of success. However, he also wasn’t bothered enough to gather everyone for the sake of reaching a conclusion.

“Then, are you willing to sell this guide?” Water Fairy gave up and decided to never be curious about Lu Li again.

“If you can answer a few of my questions, it won’t be a problem.”

Lu Li always talked slowly when he conversed with strangers so that it would be hard for others to see through his intentions. The was exactly what the beautiful girl felt like she was dealing with.

‘Is he going to ask for my real name, my measurements, the type of guys I like……’ she thought.

Luckily, Water Fairy had been born into wealth and had grown up overlooking others. As soon as Lu Li finished his words, she quickly asked, “Say, what do you want to know?”

“What’s the reaction of the few top guilds about me killing Blood Dagger and Sorrowless?” Lu Li asked.

“Ha, Drizzle Court is one of the top guilds too, you know.”

Water Fairy couldn’t hold in her laughter. It wasn’t laughter out of spite – she genuinely found this funny.

“Firstly, your guild is structured differently to traditional guilds. Secondly, your guild has no real ambitions. Thirdly, you guys need me.”

It was a rare occasion for Lu Li to analyze something and talk so much at once.

“……” Water Fairy was at a loss for words; it was the first time she had heard someone say something like this to her.

Drizzle Court was the only side that he had considered to collaborate with. His three female landlords were doing quite well in the guild and Water Fairy was extremely wealthy.

Water Fairy wasn’t only wealthy because she had spent a few million dollars on this game; she was truly a wealthy woman who also had great authority.

A year later, Drizzle Court would become the fifth guild to construct a village for the players. The village would slowly develop and eventually become one of the most popular cities among the players.

The amount of money spent and the background party that prevented all of the other guilds from taking action was truly impressive.

Lu Li had no intentions to depend on a woman.

He already decided that he wouldn’t lower his head to anyone in this life, especially after his rebirth.

“What do you think? Blood Dagger and Sorrowless are both legendary figures in the gaming world, yet, you killed both of them by yourself. This is something that the other experts couldn’t achieve,” Water Fairy replied, after considering her response for a few seconds.

There wasn’t much that could hold her back. She had enough to back her up and this allowed her to do anything that she wanted. The unspoken rules between the top guilds didn’t apply to her.

“Oh, I’d say I must be hated by many,” Lu Li laughed.

“And you took the first clear for all the dungeons as well. You’ve really left nothing for the top guilds.” Water Fairy was very calm when she said this. Although she was a girl, she still accepted her defeat gracefully.

“Yes, so, how do they plan to deal with me?” Lu Li wasn’t surprised at all.

He had seen enough of this in his previous life. All of the top guilds had banded together to shut down a hunter, Glacial Autumn Wind, the Kiting King. He seemed to have learned some sort of stealth skills and had taken the first clear for many bosses in the wild.

The top guilds had failed to recruit him, so they teamed up to shut him down instead over a year-long process.

This time, Lu Li was the one in the spotlight. Even after Glacial Autumn Wind had taken a few first clears from map bosses, no one had mentioned anything about shutting him down.

“If they join together to shut down your Xin Xin Mercenary Group, how do you plan to react? You’re a thief who had learned Gale Steps, so it’s difficult to kill you. However, it’s a different story when it comes to your team members,” Water Fairy asked to test the waters.