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Chapter 255: Making A Small Fortune

Chapter 255: Making A Small Fortune

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“Come on, let’s go get the stragglers.”

Moonlight rested his axe on his shoulder and rushed towards Lu Li.

Initially, there were a few Imperial Secret Service players farming in the area. However, after their Main Tank died, most of them had their sights set on Lu Li and were chasing after him.

Moonlight didn’t really come into contact with anyone; he ended up going around to loot equipment. There would be some stragglers left behind, but there were probably only a few of them. Moreover, these stragglers were probably already scared and were unlikely to cause any trouble.

As for those that had died, even if they had the nerve to come back, it would still take quite some time to travel.

“Quickly pick up the equipment; we’ll meet up at our old spot in ten minutes. I’ll be back,” Lu Li said as he dragged the monsters away from them.

In Dawn, there was a chance that players would drop a piece of equipped gear upon death. Addtionally, there was also a smaller chance that they would drop items from within their backpacks. However, there was another even smaller chance that they would drop nothing at all.

Of the 600 people, over 500 had scattered the area with their corpses.

Nine players could be seen working like bees, cheerfully picking up all the equipment.

“A little girl with mushrooms, carrying a big bamboo basket…” Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan looted the corpses while happily singing a song.

Having played the game for over a month now, they no longer cared about the fact that hundreds of players had just died in this area.

After all, it was just a game and these weren’t real deaths.

In about five to six minutes, they had picked up all the items. There were 219 pieces in total.

The players present weren’t poor either – they all had the bag that gave them 12 additional item slots, on top of their 20 normal item slots. As they all used four extra bags, each of them could carry up to 68 items. So, it was actually quite a simple task for nine players to carry 200 items.

Of the 219 items, there were 116 Steel equips. The remaining portion was partially made up of rare materials and other miscellaneous items. There were also 52 Silver equips.

Of the 52 Silver equips, 38 of them were level 15, 12 of them were level 20 and 2 of them were level 10.

It was difficult to quickly assess how much all of this was worth. However, with so much Silver equipment, it would certainly sell for thousands of gold.

Steel equipment was now worth very little and couldn’t be sold for gold coins anymore. However, this equipment was worn by the Imperial Secret Services’ elite. How could equipment that came from their elite be worthless?

Good Steel equipment could still be sold for 2-5 gold. It was hard to say how much level 10 Silvers could be sold for, but level 15 Silvers were worth at least 10 gold. If they had good attributes, then they could even be sold for 30 gold. A level 20 Silver equip with a useless effect could still be sold for 20 gold, but if it had a good effect, it would be priceless.

“This is so much money. We should just wait here for them to come again,” shamelessly said the cold Lonesome Flower. However, he knew that this thought was on everyone’s minds.

“They probably won’t come back,” responded, who had a deep understanding of guilds

Although they were one entity, a guild needed to balance many different interests while also considering the mood of its members. A large-scale operation like this wasn’t simply decided by one person on a whim.

They would have lost tens of thousands of dollars after what had just happened with Lu Li.

Even the President Emperor might not have the power to make an executive decision like that, let alone Raging Wolf Blood.

After ten minutes, Lu Li began to deal with the crowd of mobs he had been dragging around.

However, there were too many mobs this time and he had to use four bombs to successfully clear them out.

If it weren’t for the fact that he needed to hide his ability to transform into a leopard, he could have easily pulled even more monsters, which meant that he would have needed to use even more bombs.

After clearing out the mobs, he sat down to recover his Stamina.

Surprisingly, no one asked Lu Li about his leopard transformation. In reality, Lu Li also wasn’t sure how to address it. Eventually, he just raised his hand and said, “I accidentally found a ring that allows me to learn a few Druid skills. It’s nothing special.”

Azure Sea Breeze had already seen Lu Li transform into a Leopard to help Drizzle Court break the Spider Lair dungeon record.

At the time, Lu Li had explained that it was a quest reward scroll.

Azure Sea Breeze didn’t think too much about it, but now that he knew the truth, he didn’t feel much better either. On the contrary, he was even more concerned about Lu Li.

“Now that those people know, will there be trouble in future?”

“Yeah, but we’ll deal with that later.” Lu Li didn’t think that he would run into two thieves patrolling the mountain either.

“It’s not that bad,” Wandering said whilst caressing his face. “I’m constantly being hunted because of how handsome I am, but I am still able to keep on living.”

“Narcissist.” Everyone gave him the middle finger.

After he cracked that joke, the mood was lightened.

It was time to split up the loot.

The 52 Silver and 116 Steel equipment was more than enough for everyone to use. The amount of equipment was plentiful.

Actually, it should have been 54 Silver equipment. Swirling Left Eye and Staring Right Eye both had PVP points, so they should have dropped more than one item.

There was a helmet that was pretty good, which was kept by Lu Li.

Dormant Leather Headgear (Silver): Armor 22, Agility +15, Constitution +6. Special Effect: Crowd control effects are reduced by 30%. Equipment Requirement: Level 20. Durability 50/50.

His previous Berserker’s Horned Helmet had a good effect, but it gave too few bonus attributes. As such, it was mercilessly thrown into the corner in of bag.

It could be used in a future occasion, but the level 20 Silver helmet was simply too cost effective.

“I’ll go and pull more monsters. You guys can take some equipment. Just take it if you can use it; there’s no need to be polite. After you guys are done, I’ll give the rest to my merchant friend who will sell them. We can split up the profits later.” Lu Li had already carefully picked his items, but he was still carrying more than 20 bombs on him. He decided that it would be best to use them up quickly, just in case the Imperial Secret Service shamelessly decided to attack them again.

“We’ll just split up the profits. We didn’t do much to get this equipment and we still need to account for the cost of the bombs,” Wandering said, quickly stopping Lu Li.

“In that case, just forget about the cost of the bombs. It’s not much anyway.”

Lu Li wasn’t an idiot – he just cherished friendship. He never wanted to be alone.

“What do you mean it’s not much? You probably spent over a thousand gold to make these bombs! That’s 10,000 in real currency!” Wandering laughed.

“…” Lu Li was speechless.

“We’ll just take anything from here – it’s still worth quite a bit of money anyway. We also can’t just let you take a loss, so listen to Wandering. Regardless, we all make quite a bit of money,” Moonlight said as he picked up a level 15 Silver Plate Amour and equipped it. He wasn’t shy about it at all.

The cost of making the bombs was incredibly high, and the only thing that could really make up for it was if the ghosts dropped skill books.

These little mobs could not drop Silver equipment and rarely dropped Steel equipment, but they often dropped skill books.

Even if these were just common skills, they could still be sold for handsome a sum of money. These books were split evenly, along with the miscellaneous items.

After Lu Li gave it some thought, he felt like he was taking this money for granted. As he absentmindedly pulled the monsters, he started to really consider how much money they had made.

Fortunately, this was ingrained in his muscle memory. Otherwise, he could have been killed because he was preoccupied with his thoughts.

Water Fairy had given him 800 Gold and seven materials. Those materials would be used for his teammates to create equipment. Even if those equips were sold at the lowest market price, it would still add up to around 1200 gold.

As the cost of the bombs was 1000 gold, everyone had decided to return that portion to him. Now that he had broken even, the skill books that had been assigned to him was pure profit.

With regards to the equipment that was delivered by the Imperial Secret Service, even after everyone took what they wanted, it would still be worth at least 1000 gold.

In one day, they had made over 3000 gold, which was the equivalent of $300,000.

All of this was made in just one day.

In fact, Lu Li could make money really quickly. After this encounter, he would give the equipment to Shen Wansan, who would deal with the sales and deposit the gold in his mailbox. After accumulating the money and apportioning it to his teammates, he would still be left with hundreds of gold.

On average, he would make over ten thousand dollars in a day. Once he set up his business of crafting equipment for other players, he would be able to make even more money. To him, the most important thing was a stable income.