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Chapter 257: Invasion Of The Centaurs

Chapter 257: Invasion Of The Centaurs

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“Speak. I will help you to the best of my ability.” Shen Wansan decided to make a commitment before he even considered it.

If there was one person that Shen Wansan would give up his entrepreneurship principles for…

It would definitely be Lu Li!

At first, he had done this purely because it was good business. Lu Li was a great expert, so he couldn’t afford to offend him, and he had to retain him as a business contact. After all, he could rise on Lu Li’s coattails.

As they took advantage of opportunity after opportunity, Lu Li had always been generous to him and he had never found a chance to repay him.

However, he was feeling a little anxious now that Lu Li actually had something he needed help with.

His chance had come. Shen Wansan held his breath, ready to make a great sacrifice.

“There are currently a great number of level 25 Molds on the market. I would like you to help me buy some. In terms of the professions, I would like the Molds to be for Thieves, Warriors, Priests, Paladins, Mages, Warlocks, Hunters, Druids or Shamans. Try to get Molds for these professions if you can, but you can also get them for other professions if they’re selling at a good price. I also want…”

“Level 25? Woah, you’re already level 25.” Shen Wansan was a businessman, so the things he paid attention to were not the same as what a regular player would. He had wanted to check that Lu Li was already level 25.

“Yep.” Lu Li didn’t sound particularly proud of it.

“You guys must have some trick to levelling up so quickly,” Shen Wansan sighed. He didn’t really need to level up, but he still felt the aching curiosity like everyone else.

“Come to think of it, I also have a business opportunity,” Lu Li followed up after a brief delay.

“Oh, what kind of business?” Shen Wansan’s eyes lit up.

As long as the words ‘business opportunity’ came out of Lu Li’s mouth, he would be filled with anticipation.

Would it be just like the Snake Trust Grass business?

“Don’t get too excited – I’m not sure how well this business venture will go. I’ll need Starwood…” Lu Li wanted to sell the Fool’s Bomb.

This was for two reasons. The first was that the Fool’s Bomb’s usefulness was quickly running out.

The second was that other players were currently looking for something like the Fool’s Bomb. Lu Li and the others had created a wide gap between them, which other players would pay a significant amount of money to close.

These players would also care about maintaining their position of superiority.

He intended to take advantage of these player’s sentimental attachments to their position.

A truly strong player would never worry about being overtaken.

They only knew how to keep pushing forwards, so that the players behind them would become too tired of trying to catch up.

Moreover, he made himself really easy to find. No one would have thought that the number one player was actually here to make money!

Make money!

“Specifically for?” Shen Wansan had already lost his patience and he spoke eagerly.

“When Starwood is combined with some other materials, I can make a Fool’s Bomb.”

Lu Li described the function of the bomb and mailed over the last bomb that he was carrying.

Shen Wansan was a veteran gamer, so he immediately understood.

“I see, I see,” Shen Wansan said with a laugh. “In that case, for as long as Starwood continues to exist in this game, I will take it all.”

“One Starwood can make one Fool’s Bomb. However, I have no way of guaranteeing that the crafting process will succeed,” Lu Li said calmly.

“Of course, I understand.” Shen Wansan didn’t seem to mind.

“If we make 10 bombs, I will take 5 for myself. My friends and I still need to level up,” Lu Li said, continuing to add conditions.

“Of course, of course.” Shen Wansan didn’t hesitate.

“You can then sell the remaining five. We’ll split the profits…” Lu Li paused, as he considered what the split proportion should be.

“What do you think of 50/50?” Shen Wansan asked cautiously.

“Old Shen isn’t getting enough if we make it like that.” Lu Li was happy with this, but he didn’t feel comfortable with accepting it.

The materials were all paid for by Shen Wansan, but he was only taking half of the bombs. If he also took only half the profits, he would be receiving 75% for a very small-time investment.

“Hey, you can’t just think about making one lump of money and leaving. This could become a long-term business opportunity. Lu Li, do you know how many new players join this game every day?” Shen Wansan suddenly seemed to be asking an irrelevant question.

“I haven’t really looked into it.” Lu Li internally wished he knew.

“Yesterday, there were 1.257 million new players, which is a 16% increase in new players from the day before. With so many new players, do you think there will come a day when your Fool’s Bomb will stop selling?” Shen Wansan could see the continuous stream profits flooding in from this bomb.

Lu Li initially aimed to sell the bomb to the first-tier players, but this could actually be a long-term business venture.

As a businessman, Shen Wansan understood one thing more than anything else: a short business could put food on the table, but only a long term business would be truly stable.

“In that case…” Lu Li did some calculations. If he received 70%, he could spend a little bit of time everyday crafting some Fool’s Bombs.

After some conversation, the two players had a celebratory drink before signing a deal that would have a long-lasting impact on Dawn.

“As for the Molds, I will help you get them. If I find suitable ones, I’ll mail them directly to you. Just let me know how much you are willing to spend on them and I’ll see what I can do?” Shen Wansan finally thought about the task that Lu Li needed help with. He patted his chest and took initiative to mention it.

“The middleman fee should be at a rate of…”

Before Lu Li could even finish speaking, Shen Wansan angrily protested, “Lu Li you’re just slapping me in the face right now. With our relationship, do you think I can charge a middleman fee?”

“Business is business,” Lu Li replied, but after seeing Shen Wansan’s face, he raised his hands sheepishly and said, “Alright then, thank you very much Old Shen. I will await your good news.”

“Hahaha, I look forward to working with you. Come, I’ll buy you a drink,” Shen Wansan offered as he waved for two cups. “The best liquor comes in pots and should be had with all kinds of vegetables. It’s almost noon; don’t eat those dried meats.”

Combat players generally just ate barbecued food to resolve the problem of hunger.

With a high-cooking skill, it actually had quite a delicious taste. But of course, the tavern’s food was incomparable.

Before Lu Li could even respond to decline, Azure Sea Breeze loudly shouted something in the chatroom.

“Lu Li, what are you doing? The world is going crazy! How are you still in the city? Get out…”

“Sorry, something urgent came up,” Lu Li apologised and smiled sheepishly at Shen Wansan before hurrying out.

Once he was out of the tavern, Azure Sea Breeze started explaining what had happened before he could say anything.

In fact, everyone out and about was discussing this very same thing. The news of it was being broadcasted in every channel.

What was the event that happened after the Defend the Meisnera Outpost?

Of course, it was the Invasion of the Centaurs!

The game company had designed a large-scale event for the Alliance players that allowed millions to participate. This event had brought an abundance of EXP and Silver Molds. If the game company didn’t also make one for the Horde players, would anyone keep playing this game?

The Alliance players probably wouldn’t mind, but the tens of millions of Horde players would be furious.

Their operation to destroy the Silverwing Outpost had not succeeded.

However, it seemed as though this was also the same on the overseas servers. No matter, all the Horde players across the globe always felt like they had been wronged in some way.

As such, in an event that corresponded to the Defend the Meisnera Outpost, the Invasion of the Centaurs was coming the next day.