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Chapter 258: Setting Foot In The Barrenlands

Chapter 258: Setting Foot In The Barrenlands

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With the Horde players fighting mobs, what could the Alliance players do?

They could steal the mobs!


This time, the mobs’ drops were just like those of the Wild Bosses – anyone who was killed within three minutes of picking up an item would drop that item. Players were also unable to return to town within 5 minutes of picking up an item.

If you were picking up equipment, you were vulnerable.

In Dawn’s lore, Centaurs were cruel and irritable. They could be found scattered across the Kalimdor continent in the Barrenlands, Mulgore and Durotar.

It was generally thought that they were the descendants of Zaetar and the evil elemental, Princess Theradras.

Zaetar was a demigod and Cenarius’ son. He and Princess Theradras’ union created the Centaur race. Eventually, Zaetar was killed by his own Centaur son, but Princess Theradras lifted his soul and carried it in her body.

However, doing that to a demigod was blasphemous towards Cenarius.

Hence, from that point onwards, Night Elves and Centaurs became mortal enemies.

This was especially so for the Tauren – their hatred for the Centaurs was deeply and culturally ingrained. As such, when these races saw each other, they couldn’t help but mercilessly kill each other.

However, this time, the Centaur army had marched into Durotar with the intention of destroying Orgrimmar. This was revenge on Chief Saar for helping the Tauren to slaughter their enemies.

The Barrenlands was going to be the main battlefield; players were to ambush the army here.

Once the Centaurs entered Orgrimmar, the quest would be considered a failure. After all, the players could not yet enter that city themselves.

The Centaurs were level 20 to 23, which was one level higher than the mobs that had attacked the Meisnera Outpost.

The Centaurs’ stats (HP, Attack, Defence) were all higher than a normal monster, but they yielded double the amount of EXP, which was driving the players crazy.

Moreover, their drop rates were astonishing.

Steel-grade equips, Silver-grade equips and Molds could all be directly dropped from the mobs themselves. It wasn’t like the Defend the Meisnera Outpost, where these items were given as a System reward.

If it weren’t for this event, a monster dropping Silver Molds would simply be unimaginable.

When the announcement for this came out, it wasn’t only the Horde players who were bubbling with excitement; the Alliance players couldn’t sit still about it either.

We could steal some of the EXP and equipment. The game company hasn’t said anything about us Alliance players not being allowed to participate in Horde events. Also, when we were doing the Defend the Meisnera Outpost, didn’t you guys run over and join in too?

As this news spread like the wind, a great multitude of players rushed towards the Warsong Canyon.

“Lu Li, let’s go; we’re all waiting for you,” Azure Sea Breeze eagerly cried out. “Let’s get them!”

“Haha.” Lu Li smiled back at him with disdain.

“Unless there’s some detail that we’ve missed?” Azure Sea Breeze was already used to be being looked down on by Lu Li so he didn’t mind asking about it.

“I don’t know if you guys have ever been to the other side of Warsong Canyon. Have you ever seen the Orc or Tauren NPCs?” Lu Li asked.

“Not really. Are they high levelled?” Even Moonlight hasn’t seen them before.

“They are level 30 Elite NPCs. So if we go and attack them, aren’t we just asking to die?” Lu Li grunted.

Among the Orcs, there were a great number of Berserkers. These Berserkers could be found throughout the entire continent of Azeroth. A single Whirlwind from one of these Berserkers could make any player cower in fear.

The forces were all part of the Steel Knights. The last time Lu Li had seen them, they were level 20 to 30, but by now, they should have all been at least be level 30. There were also the level 40 Tauren Warpriests and level 40 Demon Archers.

If all the ordinary players rushed there, they would likely be vaporized into a mist of blood.

Players couldn’t lose any EXP for dying in the Warsong Canyon, but that privilege was lost, as they were no longer in the Warsong Canyon. Moreover, they could still drop their equipment. Naturally, Lu Li had no intention of rushing forwards and becoming cannon fodder.

“What now then? Are we supposed to just stand by and watch?” Azure Sea Breeze asked before suddenly realizing, “Oh wait, we can transport to Rattan City.”

“Stop dreaming,” Wandering snapped, completely stopping him in his tracks. “The transportation channels there have been closed; do you think the System is as dumb as you are?”

“What do we do? What do we do?” With EXP and equipment at stake, Azure Sea Breeze was anxiously trying to think of a plan.

“We can wait; the others are more anxious than we are.”

Lu Li walked over and finally met up with his team.

At this time, many players who were killed had just respawned. The Silverwing Outpost Revive area was densely packed with players who were loudly cursing the NPCs for being overpowered. All of this proved Lu Li’s predictions as true.

“The big guilds will start to organise parties to overcome these obstacles,” Moonlight said casually.

“But they haven’t done anything yet.” Azure Sea Breeze had just realized that among the players who were in the Warsong Valley, very few of them were wearing guild badges.

“They’re waiting to see what happens to the ordinary players,” Wandering said with a laugh. “They are probably inclined to believe that the ordinary players are weak; this mindset hasn’t changed for many years.”

Sesame Rice Ball was silent. He wanted to refute these two sentences, but he found himself convinced by them.

“We are a group of our own.”

Although Azure Sea Breeze was a veteran gamer, he didn’t know anything about this. Perhaps he was just too lazy to think about it; he mostly just spent his days levelling, levelling…

“In their eyes, the only group of players capable of upholding the faction’s honour are probably their elite players. As for all the players outside of the guild…” Sesame Rice Ball said with confusion while sitting cross-legged on the floor.

“In their eyes, we are just cannon fodder. But I don’t know who gave them that sense of confidence,” Lonesome Flower unexpectedly chimed in, his face filled with disdain.

Ever since he had taken first place, his coldness had ascended to an even higher level. With the exception of his sister, everyone was just trash in his eyes.

“Flower is right, but these players are cannon fodder to us as well. Look, they couldn’t even wait for any longer,” Lu Li said as he pointed into the distance.

A mass of guild players were marching in a formation towards the Warsong Valley.

“The Horde seems to be ready to start the war. Seeing as they can’t wait any longer, let’s follow them and go in too.”

Moonlight took out his axe and his eyes began to glow a dangerous red color.

This person was battle-hungry; his blood was already boiling with excitement.

However, it wasn’t just him. The whole group of elite guild players were rattling their swords in anticipation.

Their levels, equipment and large numbers made up for the difference in strength between the players and the Orcs. Even if there were 40 Tauren Warpriests, their HP would eventually be grinded down.

If the Howling Caves didn’t limit parties to 10 players, then it would be steamrolled through by sheer volume just like this. None of the Bosses would pose any threat.

Lu Li and the others followed behind the large force as they crossed past the Warsong Canyon defense line and stepped into the Barrenlands.

They didn’t know what Sorrowless was thinking, but no players were posted outside the Warsong Canyon to ambush the Alliance invasion. As such, the hundreds of thousands of players could stream into the Barrenlands unimpeded.

The invasion of the Centaurs had officially begun.