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Chapter 259: Warpriest

Chapter 259: Warpriest

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As they looked around, the only thing that they could see were Centaurs!

This place was once like its name suggested – a barren land. However, now, it was completely filled with Centaurs.

The Centaurs were moving in different groups, but they were all led by their leader, ‘Khan’. Their main method of attack was melee or by shooting arrows. They also had groups which were proficient in casting magic to deal Natural or Shadow damage. There were even some who commanded hunting dogs.

Other than their appearance, the Centaurs and their cousins – the Keepers of the Grove and the Tree Demons – had no other similarities.

Their faces had ferocious expressions that were always discerning between friend and foe. As long as the beings before them were not Centaurs, they were enemies.

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group’s first experience was with two Centaur Warriors. They were armed with long weapons and they rushed towards them like tigers.

However, this wasn’t really a surprise; they were like cavalry, even though they were just riding themselves.

Four legs are faster than two legs, and Azure Sea Breeze had barely enough time to raise his shield before he was directly hit and knocked back a few steps.

This was Dawn’s number one Main Tank, so you could only imagine what it was like for the other players.

Lu Li observed the battlefield and saw continuous flashes of white light. Although the players had a significant numbers advantage, this was not a one-sided battle at all.

Both sides were taking casualties, but the players kept moving to fill in the gaps. The Centaurs were also taking significant losses.

While he was looking around, Lu Li’s eyes focused in on a combat unit that wasn’t too far away.


Warpriests were a unique profession for the Tauren race. They were generally considered a combination of a Warrior and Shaman, but they also had some battle auras that could be found in the Knight Profession.

Their equipment and Skills were often a mess, but they always carried the same weapon – a seemingly unwieldy totem pole.

However, Lu Li didn’t dare to underestimate them. After observing the Tauren for a while, he saw a player dissolve into a white light after being pounded by the totem pole.

“Move south, but don’t make it obvious.” While they were dealing with the two Centaurs, Lu Li directed his party away from the Warpriest.

That Warpriest definitely had not ome out of the Warsong Canyon. The Warpriests in the Warsong Canyon were level 40 and Elite, but they would die after being hit by a few dozen spells.

Lu Li now understood why Sorrowless had allowed the Alliance players to join the battle.

It was because of the Warpriests.

Due to the Invasion of the Centaurs, the Orcs had fallen back to Durotar and left the front line with the players.

However, the Tauren didn’t retreat with them as their hatred towards the Centaurs was so deep that it could only be cleansed with blood.

So, at this time, the Barrenlands was actually filled with a large number of Warpriests!

The Warpriests were not kind like the Tauren Druids who were law enforcers. Instead, they were a

group of bloodthirsty militants.

These Warpriests would not only kill the Centaurs, but also any of the surrounding Alliance players.

For the Horde players, these Warpriests were basically reinforcements. As long as they spoke to them, they could receive a Warcry buff that increased their attack strength by 20%.

However, for the Alliance players who had entered the Barrenlands, they were basically Gods of Death.

While Lu Li was watching one of the Warpriests, he observed it destroy a ten-man squad and survive relatively unscathed.

The Alliance players soon discovered what was happening.

The guilds then called a quick meeting, which resulted in each guild sending out hundreds of players to specifically kill these Warpriests.

Lu Li was invited too; it was the same chatroom as before.

The Blood Red War Flag wanted to hire him as the commander of the team tasked with killing the Horde players’ commander and the Warpriest.

Lu Li openly rejected the offer. He currently didn’t have much interest in Starwood and he could easily make gold on his own.

These Warpriests were particularly difficult to kill. If they attacked them, there was a very high chance of failure.

Moonlight didn’t go either. Although he loved PVP, he was a solo player. This was the main difference between him and the guild-supported PVP experts like Hornet’s Nest.

“Hachi, you keep an eye out.”

The battlefield was just too chaotic and these Tauren Warpriests were very strong. They had almost gotten themselves caught by one of them. Luckily, another group of unlucky players caught its attention first.

After such a close shave, Lu Li decided to have someone always watching out.

Otherwise, if a Warpriest got too close, there would definitely be losses to the party. Everyone’s levels were also really high, so each death would cost them a lot of EXP.

“Why do I have to do it?” Hachi Chan had taken the form of a big quail.

She was swaying around in her chubby body while casting skills. Although she looked like an absolute fool, many players, most of them Hunters, still took interest in her.

It was every Hunter’s dream to tame a Druid as their pet.

“You can transform into a butterfly and fly to a safe place where you can tell us where to hide when there is a Warpriest nearby. As long as you don’t fly too far away, you will still share the EXP with us.”

“That’s fine, but… but I’m not very sensitive to direction.”

Hachi Chan was a little embarrassed. It’s not that she wasn’t sensitive. Simply put, she had no sense of direction.

“Then, if you see a Warpriest within 50 yards of us, just report it,” Lu Li responded, lowering his standards.

“Sure, but what if a Centaur shoots me down?” Hachi Chan looked into the sky and saw arrows randomly flying everywhere.

The accidental injury was no joke; she didn’t want to be a martyr.

“See that flag over there? If you stand on top of it, no one will bother you.” A butterfly appearing in this huge world was nothing out of the ordinary.

Everyone then stood in a circle to help hide the fact that Hachi Chan was transforming. Soon, she was a butterfly flying in the sky.

“You’re sure she won’t get shot down?” Wandering watched Hachi Chan crookedly fly through the sky and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

They really should have stuck a sign on her forehead that said ‘noob on the road’.

“She’ll be safe once she reaches the top of the flag. The flag is quite tall and should be outside of the Centaur’s range.”

However, this implied that until then, it was still dangerous.

The battle had now been going on for over 20 minutes.

A large number of players had died, but a large number of Centaurs had also turned into EXP and equipment.

During this period, the Alliance and Horde players maintained a level of restraint. They hadn’t started properly attacking each other.

The only time that they really fought each other was when a Mold was dropped. The players’ perspectives on Molds was very different to their persepectives on equipment.

One of the conflicts that Lu Li witnessed started with some Alliance players picking up a Mold. Before he could be happy about it, they were attacked and killed by Horde players who robbed them of the Mold. However, those players also had guildmates and party-mates who wouldn’t simply sit by and watch that happen.

Even so, this small-scale PVP killing was nothing on this battlefield with millions of players.

However, Lu Li eventually noticed a danger that he couldn’t just ignore.

A few Horde players had finally succeeded in taking some equipment, even though their numbers were smaller.

The Warpriest had been used to control the balance of powers. After some begging, it protected the Horde players while slaughtering the other Alliance players.

Suddenly, the hunters had turned into prey.

Lu Li decided that he would personally test his strength on the Warpriest, but his attacks could only deal single digit damage which was instantly regenerated.

As for the totem pole attack, Lu Li didn’t dare to try his luck. He cast Gale Steps and escaped.

So far, he hadn’t seen a single player who could survive a hit from the Warpriest.