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Chapter 260: The Underlying Lesson

Chapter 260: The Underlying Lesson

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Slowly but surely, the other players started to discover this secret as well.

When a Mold was dropped, there would necessarily be some bloodshed. This trick was used during these times of conflict.

There was a clear advantage for the Horde players as they would immediately stay close to the Warpriest when a Mold was dropped. This forced the Alliance players to keep their distance.

They had no other choice, as approaching the Warpriest was basically the same as dying.

This put the Alliance players in a miserable situation. It wouldn’t bother them too much if they couldn’t steal the items that were meant for the Horde players, but even the items that were meant for them were being stolen away.

“Mold!” Remnant Dream happily danced as she finally looted a Mold from a Centaur’s body.

Immediately, the figure of a Thief appeared behind her and started attacking her without a second thought.

This Thief’s attack was high; he was able to deal significant damage in spite of Remnant Dream’s exquisite equipment.

At the same time, two other thieves also joined in to attack her.

It would be difficult for a single Thief to kill Remnant Dream due to her good Chain Mail armor, but the situation was vastly different with two or three thieves.

No one could survive against all these attacks and crowd-control, no matter how strong they were.

Without a skill like Gale Steps, even Lu Li wouldn’t stand a chance against these thieves.

Fortunately, Remnant Dream wasn’t alone!

The first person to react was the battle-hardened PVP player, Moonlight. He charged at the nearest Thief and left him stunned, then swung his axe and took out 20% of the Thief’s HP while simultaneously applying a Bleed.

If a Thief was affected by Bleed, the only way to successfully enter Stealth was by using Gale Steps.

Lu Li’s cloak flashed and he instantly appeared behind another one of the Thieves.

Cheap Shot!

The last remaining Thief was shocked; these players’ reactions were far too quick. The original plan was to have three players attack the Hunter and quickly kill her. One of them would then take the dropped item and retreat while the other two…

The Thief suddenly came to a realization – if he didn’t escape now, it might soon be too late.

But in fact, it was already too late. Lu Li had no intention of attacking the Thief that was affected by Cheap Shot. Instead, he ran straight at the remaining thief.

In a head-on engagement between thieves where neither had an advantage, technique alone would prove the victor

The moment they engaged each other, the other Thief’s heart sank. He had attacked twice, but one attack missed while the other was blocked. The opposing thief had successfully hit him twice, with both attacks dealing a significant amount of damage.

‘I really should escape,’ he thought to himself.

However, just as he was about to, he found himself unable to move.


Now that he had been crowd-controlled, there was no way left for him to recover.

Lu Li followed up with a string of skills which uneventfully finished off the Thief.

Unfortunately, they only dropped Steel equipment and not the Silver Molds like they had hoped. It looked like this business of robbing other players wasn’t so easy after all.

Lu Li turned his head to see that the other two assailants had also fallen.

The one that Moonlight was fighting had been easily dealt with. Berserkers were recognized as one of the strongest professions in PVP, especially against other professions that used leather armor. There was simply no contest.

As for the one who had been stunned by Lu Li’s Cheap Shot, his fate was worse, as he had to face eight of the top ten players on the level rankings.

No matter how good he was at PVP, he was still up against players who would never miss a skill on a stationary target.

At first, a few other Horde players had turned their attention to this scuffle. They wanted to help out their fellow players and potentially gain something out of it too.

However, when they saw that the three Thieves had been utterly annihilated, their hearts grew cold and they ran away.

As they were running, they waved for the others to retreat as well.

“Humph. How dare they attack me.”

Remnant Dream had become pale in shock and her hands were still shaking, but the moment she saw her attacker’s dead body, she immediately ran up and kicked it.

The few Horde players started to run even quicker.

Mum, help me. These guys are heartless. Not only do they kill people, but they even beat their corpses.

“Stop kicking it and check if it dropped any equipment,” Sakura Memories said as she pulled her away and held her hand…

“Oh yeah, do you think it’ll drop something good?” Remnant Dream threw off the female shaman and knelt down to shake the body of the thief.

What she found was a piece of Silver equipment.

Lu Li looked at it and shook his head. “It isn’t better than what I already have. You can play with it, but give me the Mold,” he said.

“It’s a crossbow. It’s mine! Give it to me!” Remnant Dream refused to let go of it. It was quite an exquisite crossbow for a Mold, and had a beautiful green color.

Lu Li wasn’t a God; he didn’t know what kind of attributes every piece of equipment would have.

“I’m watching out for people robbing you for it,” Lu Li said as he grabbed it. “And you’ll be giving it to me eventually anyway – you don’t even know Forging.”

Remnant Dream thought about it for a while and eventually agreed. She then peacefully allowed Lu Li to hold on to her equipment.

“Lu Li, you should just go around killing people for their equipment.”

Azure Sea Breeze stared at the corpse at his feet as he suddenly realized how dangerous of a situation they were in.

“Haha,” Lu Li dryly laughed, before rushing into a group of archer Centaurs.

The level 25 archer Centaurs were killed in three hits and didn’t even last ten seconds.

He had been really lucky this time; both his Ambush and Backhand Backstab had been critical hits.

Now, there was nothing within a 30 yard radius around the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

Not only were the Horde players far away, but the Alliance players had also distanced themselves. Lu Li surveyed his surroundings and saw that the closest players to them were cowering in fear.

They were afraid that Lu Li would rush over and cut them down.

Lu Li wanted to tell them that he wasn’t that kind of person, but he was worried that he would frighten them even further by walking towards them.

He actually wanted to go and kill them for their equipment – his profession was perfect for it.

However, he dismissed that idea as soon as he thought of it.

The rise of the internet had really lowered the moral standards of most people; it had allowed many people to loosen their moral convictions.

Killing, snatching equipment, stealing Bosses…

Lu Li wasn’t some do-gooder either – he had stolen Bosses from big unions before. But usually, he kept the interest of the ordinary players in mind.

The kinds of players that were killed by him lived a specific kind of life. They lived a life of extravagance, a life without worry about food or clothing, unlike he, who had lived a life of poverty. Although he would never go back to his previous life again, he still understood the desperate struggle.

Lu Li would always remember his despair after he had been cheated out of his equipment.

To someone else, getting equipment was an unexpected bit of fortune. However, to him, it was the last hope and lifeline for his sister.

Wealthy people didn’t really care about the loss of one or two pieces of equipment and regular people would at most feel a little depressed, but those who were poor simply couldn’t afford to be robbed.

There were always players who were particularly vicious and preyed on the weak. Lu Li felt no remorse in killing this type of player.

However, he didn’t know who, amongst the millions of players in the Barrenlands, he should kill.

He was afraid that he could accidentally remove someone’s last hope. As such, he resigned himself to only taking drops from the Centaurs.

As he had scared the nearby people away, a few more mobs had gathered around Lu Li and the others.

Fortunately, these mobs were no match for them. With three Plate Armor professions stubbornly holding the frontline, Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Ball were free to attack as they pleased.

Sesame Rice Ball had acquired ‘Rain of Fire’, although it was bought at a high price.

The mobs in front of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group experienced an ice and fire double attack, which was accompanied by attacks from both Lu Li and Sakura Memories in between.

Soon, the second Silver mold unexpectedly dropped, then a third, followed by a fourth…