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Chapter 261: Retreat

Chapter 261: Retreat

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“Move to the side; we’re taking over this place.”

After two molds were dropped, someone finally became jealous and stood up.

Of course, those who were small in numbers didn’t dare to approach alone – around thirty to forty people approached together.

The team had already stayed here for around 1-2 hours and these people certainly weren’t the first ones who had attempted to take over this location. However, everyone up to this point had been warded off by Moonlight and Lu Li.

This was the greatest number of people they had encountered, but most importantly, they were all from the Alliance.

The Barrenlands were very strange today; the Horde and Alliance players shared the same monsters on the same map. The conflicts were limited to a smaller scale and they were all between players from different factions.

It was rare to run into players from the same faction.

It was the first time that Lu Li and the others had encountered people from the same faction who were attempting to take their spot.

They had taken a great location that Hachi Chan was able keep watch over on higher ground. The Warpriest had come over twice, but had been lured away both times by Lu Li.

Based on the two Molds that had previously dropped, it seemed like the drop rate here was pretty decent. It was no wonder why this spot was in such high demand.

“Why should we let you take over this place?” Azure Sea Breeze rolled his eyes as he spoke with impatience.

“It’s not right to take such a big spot when there’s only ten of you. We’re all in the same faction; shouldn’t we be helping each other out?”

A Mage, who looked like the leader of the crowd, pulled the previous speaker back as he flashed a smile.

“We're not giving up this location,” Azure Sea Breeze refused as he shook his head.

“The event today is very special – Horde NPCs and players are everywhere. As a part of the Alliance, we should try to get more gear and experience from here, otherwise, how are we going to fight the factions wars in the future? You only have ten people, so the monsters are being killed at a slow rate. You guys should give up this location and move to a spot with less monsters; it’ll be safer that way for you as well,” the Mage reasoned, trying to justify their actions.

The momentum was with them – it was 30-40 people against a small group of ten.

Their argument was reasonable as well – it was clear that they were doing this for the sake of the faction.

“Get out. I hate people like you who take up whatever chance they can to act for the greater good, when it’s only for their own selfish benefit,” Azure Sea Breeze scolded.

“Friend, what are you trying to imply? Do you have some sort of misunderstanding about our Roaming Dragon Guild? You should apologize now, or else……” the Mage proceeded to blabber on.

“My, I’m begging you guys, can someone make him shut up?” Azure Sea Breeze angrily raged.

His anger wasn’t only directed at the Mage, but also at Moonlight and Lu Li, who were both focusing on killing monsters. The two of them were extremely patient and pretended as if they hadn’t heard a single word.

Moonlight and Lu Li exchanged glances as they nodded.

Lu Li activated the special effect on his cape, stored two combo points, stunned the Mage with Cheap Shot and used Slit Throat right after Ambush.

Meanwhile, Moonlight stacked an Armor Pierce with a slice of his weapon and killed the Mage.

This process took no longer than five seconds.

It was so fast that the Mage’s blabbering speech of justice still echoed in the air.

“Your kill?” Lu Li asked.

“Yeah,” Moonlight replied.

“Should’ve let me taken the PVP points,” Lu Li sighed.

It was at this point that the crowd from Roaming Dragon finally caught up with the situation.

How had their boss suddenly been killed?

“Should we continue?” Moonlight didn't really care – he was certain that even if he died, Lu Li would be able to pick up his gear for him.

“If they can’t learn to appreciate the mercy we’re giving, we’ll kill them all. Wandering, take the others and move back.” Lu Li also couldn’t care less about the situation.

Real PVP didn’t rely on numbers; two players were enough. The others only needed to use their skills from a distance.

“What’s happening here?” Someone else had arrived to the party.

Roaming Dragon wasn’t a small and useless guild at all. In fact, it was a branch of the larger “World of Gods and Demons”.

World of Gods and Demons originated from another game popular game, Gods and Demons. A few medium-sized guilds in the game felt that they didn’t have enough people, so they gathered many small guilds together and barely made it onto the list of big guilds.

The person who had arrived was from the headquarters of the World of Gods and Demons. He was a Paladin, and was being followed by four team members.

They had heard from their guild branch that someone discovered a good place, and quickly rushed over. However, something didn’t seem right; the corpse on the floor looked a bit familiar.

“Big boss, you’re finally here. Our boss just got killed,” the underlings sobbed.

Fortunately, someone in charge had come. The other players didn't really have enough courage to face Lu Li and Moonlight. Those two had killed their best-geared player within the bat of an eye.


The big boss was called “Roc of Ten Thousand Miles”, a name of poor taste. He raised his eyebrows and was just about to take action.

“It’s better if you don't say anything at all. Our boss absolutely hates it when others talk in front of him, and he tells us to kill whoever he hates,” Lu Li said as he pointed at Azure Sea Breeze who stood behind him.

Azure Sea Breeze was speechless – surely, nothing good would ever come out of a bad mouth.

Roc of Ten Thousand Miles was intimated – what kind of reason was that for killing people? The seniors in the World of Gods and Demons were too weak in comparison.

“Which guild are you guys from? Let’s not fight among our own guilds……”

“We’re the Xin Xin Mercenary Group,” Azure Sea Breeze declared proudly.

Lu Li remained silent; he actually wanted to tell them they were from the Blood Red War Flag. If not, even the Gangnam Royals would have been a good choice. One guild had power, while the other had money, and neither were guilds that people would want to offend.

“Xin Xin Mercenary Group!” The crowd was sent into an uproar.

Roc of Ten Thousand Miles had to dry cough a few times for the underlings to settle down.

“Everyone, see you again.”

Roc of Ten Thousand Miles slightly changed his expression, but still decided to give up.

It’s not that he was tolerant, but that he felt as though these people were too strong. Even with 30-40 people on his side, his chances of success were slim.

These were people with reputations!

If Dawn was to be compared to the Jianghu [TLN: a Chinese term, often used in Wuxia novels to describe the underworld of gangs, prostitues, secret societies etc.], then the Xin Xin Mercenary Group would at the very least, be equivalent to the Peach Blossom Island or White Camel Mountain. [TLN: both are forces small in number, but had great fame and prowess]

They didn't have big numbers, but were definitely able to take charge over any situation.

There was barely anyone who came to harass them after this wave of people left. However, there were still others who would point at them from faraway and whisper amongst themselves.

So this is the legendary Xin Xin Mercenary Group. That Thief must be Lu Li.

How come there are two Warriors? Which one is Azure Sea Breeze?

Wow, that Mage must be Lonesome Flower! Would you look at his expression and his face? He’s totally my ideal type.

That Paladin is so pretty; I wonder if it’s Lu Li’s girlfriend or Azure Sea Breeze’s girlfriend.

Where’s Hachi Chan? Apparently, she’s very disorientated and can’t even reach the gates of the cities. How did she get into the Xin Xin Mercenary Group? How come I don’t have this kind of luck?

There was nothing that they could do for these kind of people.

Three hours, four hours went by……

The three among them who were almost level 25 had leveled up a long time ago , while the others were almost level 26.

As for the gear, drop rate had always been a complex matter.

In the four hours that they spent here, they only managed to loot around a dozen Silver-grade Molds.

On the other hand, the system had dropped a lot of Silver-grade gear. This summed up to a total of 30-40 equips, which meant that everyone could receive a few each.

This was also due to the fact that Lu Li and his team were very efficient in killing the monsters. Usually, a team of even fifty people would not be able to kill as many monsters as they had.

There was also Remnant Dream, who had incredible luck and excelled at looting good items from the corpses.

After the four-hour mark, Lu Li began to check the time frequently.

“Let’s go,” he stopped and said seriously.

“Why? Maybe we can get a mold for a shield.” Azure Sea Breeze wasn’t satisfied; the attributes for his shield were quite decent, but who didn’t want better gear?

For the number one tank, his shield was a little weak.

“Is something not right?” Wandering knew that Lu Li never made any meaningless decisions.

“The Orc NPCs should be counter-attacking soon. Have you guys not noticed? The formation of the Horde is changing.” Lu Li made up the latter half of the sentence.

In reality, he had actually read from some articles that there were a high number of casualties from the Alliance during this event.

Four and a half hours into the event, both the Horde and Alliance factions joined together to stop the attacks of the Centaur troops.

The Steel Knights left from Durotar, moving across the entire Barrenlands and defeating the Centaur troops who were held back by the players.

During this process, the Horde players stopped the Alliance from their retreat. They cooperated with the Orc Wolfriders and Warpriests of the Steel Knights, and alongside the survivors of the Centaurs, they killed almost all of the Alliance players in Barrenlands.

Wherever they went, they slaughtered. The guild you belonged to or the level of your gaming skills didn’t matter at all. Even those from Blood Red War Flag and Gangnam Royals were unable to escape.

As a whole, the Alliance players lost experience, gear and morale.

This kind of loss heavily affected the Mid-Autumn Festival events in the future. As for the last Shadow Cup tournament, the top three teams all belonged to the Evil faction.

The others in the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had a lot faith in Lu Li. After his explanation, no one had any objections about retreating.

The choice that Lu Li now faced was whether or not he should share this information with the others.