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Chapter 265: Shadow Cup

Chapter 265: Shadow Cup

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“Everything goes to the shop if it’s not Exquisite grade or above” was a joke. With the crafting hammer, everything he crafted would be Superior at worst.

As the dagger shined radiantly, Lu Li’s heartbeat became faster and faster. His eyes were transfixed on it, paying full attention to every detail.

System: Successfully crafted Corrupted Fang (Perfect Silver Grade), Crafting EXP +8.


He had crafted a Perfect Grade Equipment.

Lu Li had only heard of Perfect Grade Equips in his past life and had never seen one with his own eyes.

Back then, his highest equipment grade was only Exquisite.

Lu Li slowly shifted his gaze downwards from the word “Perfect” to examine the stats on the dagger. Regardless of the grade, an equip had to have the appropriate stats to maximize its value.

Corrupted Fang (Perfect Silver Grade): 24-36 Damage, Agility +16, Strength +6, Critical Chance +8%, Special Effect 1: Chance to apply 20% Armor Pierce effect when attacking, lasts 15 seconds. Special Effect 2: Chance to summon a Phantom when attacking; Phantom has 30% of player’s attack damage, lasts 20 seconds. Level Requirement 25, Durability 50/50.

Perfect! It’s perfect!

As Lu Li held the warm and freshly-crafted dagger, he couldn’t help but kiss it.

The damage of this new dagger completely outshined both of his old ones.

Agility +16, Strength +6. To be able to add 22 stat points with a one-handed weapon was almost impossible, unless the equip was Perfect grade.

The Special Effects were completely unexpected.

Technically, this equip had surpassed the limit of Silver Grade equipment because it had 3 special effects, including the 8% Critical Chance increase.

However, the system only allowed two special effects on a Silver Grade equipment, so the critical chance wasn’t listed specifically as a “special effect”.

The Critical Chance +8% was not as good as Hachi Chan’s Umbranse’s Staff, which gave 13% critical chance. However, as previously mentioned, it was a one-handed weapon.

When looking at the stats of a weapon, the first thing to consider was whether it was one-handed or two-handed.

Berserkers were the only class that could wield two two-handed weapons, but were required to completed a special class quest to do this.

Two one-handed equips could be equipped together. For example, if Lu Li had two Corrupted Fangs, he would gain 16% critical chance, which would surpass Hachi Chan’s staff.

The second effect that every Corrupted Fang had was Armor Pierce!

Although the effect only lasted for 15 seconds, this was more than enough time for Thieves with high attack speed to punish their opponents.

The third effect was Shadow Clone!

Thieves had a lot of skills, and listed below are the most iconic ones:

Kidney Strike – this was very strong crowd-control ultimate. With this skill, Thieves could keep their opponent stunned until they were dead.

Blind – this skill was very rare. Being one of the most respected skills for a Subtle-Style Thief, it was very flexible both for attacking and retreating.

Gale Steps – the skill that defined an expert. Big names such as Lu Li, Water Fairy and Blood Dagger wouldn’t dare to call themselves experts without Gale Steps.

Shadow Step – Lu Li had this skill as a special effect on his cloak. He would never replace his cloak until he learned Shadow Step,.

Shadow Clone – at first glance, casual players might think that it was merely bonus damage.

The special effect on the Corrupted Fang was the weaker version of the skill. The Phantom for the real version had 50% of the player’s attack damage. However, the real value in this skill wasn’t the bonus attack damage, but the clone.

If your opponent suddenly split into two, which one would you attack?

If the opponent hesitated because of the split-second confusion and made the wrong choice, it could be a matter of life and death.

Lu Li tried to hold in his excitement as he unequipped his Berserk Fang.

The other dagger that he had equipped was the Bayonet of Vengeance.

Bayonet of Vengeance (Steel): Damage 20-28, Agility +8, Strength +4. Special Effect: On hit, there is a chance that the target will gain a bleed effect that deals 20 damage per second for 5 seconds. Level Requirement: LV15. Durability 35/35.

The Bayonet of Vengeance had low stats, and the special effect only dealt 100 damage.

The only reason why Lu Li kept using it was because of the bleed effect.

During a one on one fight between two Thieves, the bleed effect would remain unless Gale Step was used.

Ideally, Lu Li wants to bait out his opponent’s Gale Steps with the Bleed effect. Without Gale Steps, the opposing Thief would be missing their main escape ability.

A fight between two Thieves depended on whoever used their escape abilities first.

After the dagger was completed, it was about time for Lu Li to log off.

The next day was the last day of the Mid-Autumn Festival event.

When Lu Li logged on, he received the equips from Shen Wansan, in addition to about 80 Starwood.

There was also a letter.

The letter mentioned that Shen Wansan had decided to send some Starwood that he had bought for Lu Li, as well as some from his storage.

Shen Wansan suggested to use them to level up for now and recommended Lu Li to sell them after the Mid-Autumn Festival was over.

There was no point in giving your opponents resources.

He also stated that he looked forward to the tournament and expected the Xin Xin Mercenary Group to come out on top.

Shen Wansan had shamelessly placed a heavy bet on Lu Li and the others to win. If they failed, he would probably go bankrupt.

After Lu Li read the letter, he felt sincerely touched by Shen Wansan’s support.

Shen Wansan was a merchant and based on their contract, half of the bombs that were made by the 80 Starwood were to be sold for profit.

Currently, all of the major guilds were focused on levelling and therefore, these bombs could be sold at a much higher price. It was the perfect time to make a profit because of the high demands.

If 40 or so bombs were crafted and sold, the profit would likely total 8000 gold or more.

This could potentially be a multi-million dollar business.

However, Shen WanSan didn’t give Lu Li the Starwood for his own gain, but to support Lu Li and his group.

Lu Li and the others were the only level 25 players, and were the favourites to win the Shadow Cup. If the bombs were sold and their opponents reached level 25 as well, their chances of winning would greatly decrease.

Lu Li would remember this favour.

He successfully crafted 76 bombs and gathered everyone together for a levelling-up spree.

This had become routine for them now, and Lu Li was able to gather up 3-4 times the number of monsters compared to the first time. If the bombs were thrown correctly, only 3 would be required to wipe out the entire field.

They also activated double experience for an hour.

In addition to the bonus EXP from yesterday’s event, the whole group reached LV26.

Immediately behind them were I No Understand, Wild, Green Flag Wine and Twilight, who were all LV24 and were expected to reach LV25 by today.

However, Lu Li and the others weren’t worried about them.

They were just players who were good at levelling and weren’t very experienced in PVP. Even with a full body of Silver-Grade Equipment, they were useless.

As for Hornet’s Nest, Blood Dagger and the others, they were all only LV23.

There was a small power spike when reaching Lv26. Besides the 5 stat points, they also received a skill point because they were on an even-numbered level.

“I have gathered some Silver Grade Molds. Everyone, take a look at them and see if any could be useful for you, then craft them with the rare materials from the group. We have to win the Shadow Cup this time at all costs.”

After they levelled up, Lu Li delegated their individual tasks for the day.

They had to win the Shadow Cup!