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Chapter 267: Aiming For First Prize

Chapter 267: Aiming For First Prize

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Lu Li felt like he was at his wit’s end; he couldn’t return it now.

He couldn’t do something like that with his manhood at stake.

However, in a situation where someone else did not have the recipe for something this rare, selling it at ten times the price wasn’t that unusual.

The materials for Intermediate Poison were not easy to find. Water Fairy was unlikely to have many either, otherwise, she wouldn’t have stingily offered only 10 of them.

Lu Li had already decided to use the Basic Poison unless it was a critical situation.

In fact, there weren’t many people that were worth using the Intermediate Poison on.

After registering, Lu Li found the Skills Trainer and used up the rest of his Skill Points. His main goal was to upgrade Backhand Backstab.

This skill was very important for PVP players, but the only problem was that the monetary cost of upgrading it was heart-wrenching.

He had spent over 30 gold!

At this stage of Dawn, an average player would take a week to make that amount, assuming they lived frugally and didn’t experience any misfortune.

Most people could barely make ends meet.

Lu Li then found Moonlight and spent the rest of their time in the Warsong Canyon.

After March Rain finished making equipment, she logged-off for some rest. However, after she logged back on, she also joined in. The three of them used the Warsong Canyon as the location for their practice.

They ran into quite a few Horde parties, but all of them were easily defeated.

After logging-off to get some sleep, Lu Li slept in a little later than usual.

“Have you guys eaten? I’ll pay,” he asked after he had finished watching up. He looked to his younger sister and the female landlords, who were in the living room watching TV, for a response.

After living together for so long, friendships would eventually form, even if there was no initial spark.

Besides, the three landlords had treated Xin Xin extremely well, especially after learning about her condition. They felt so bad for her that they basically treated her like their own little sister.

“Luckily, none of us have eaten yet. Otherwise, we would have missed this prestigious opportunity.” Zhou Huan Huan happily jumped up and ran off to change.

Lu Li only realized that these girls were still wearing their pajamas when she stood up.

Although their curves couldn’t be clearly seen, their slim figures could still be appreciated behind their cotton sleepwear.

However, Lu Li was a gentleman; he was completely focused on his sister and didn’t spare more than a glance on the girls. The on-looking Willow Yi Yi found this quite boring. She now had even more reason to suspect that Lu Li wasn’t normal.

He was either a sister-con, or had a gender issue.

“Lu Li, have you registered for the Shadow Cup?” Dou Dou was dressed in shorts which revealed her slender white legs.

“Of course,” Lu Li responded without hesitation. He then turned his head to ask Lu Xin if she had felt any discomfort today.

The hospital’s medicine seemed to have a few side effects; the little girl’s white face appeared paler than usual.

“It would be good if you could get a prize,” Dou Dou said hopefully. “That way, you won’t need to worry about the treatment fees.”

Lu Li was determined to completely cure his sister of this disease and eliminate the possibility of having to relive the nightmare that was his previous life.

The three landlords had wanted to lend him money, but he had been resistant towards this.

“I don’t want any old prize – I want the first prize.”

Lu Li spoke seriously; his voice was firm and confident.

“First Prize?” Dou Dou’s eyes widened.

“Why are you so surprised? I don’t think there is anyone that could stop me from taking first prize.”

Lu Li wasn’t being arrogant – the level disparity was too significant. Most of the other experts weren’t even level 25 yet, and this was without considering the difference in equipment either.

The current rules of the Shadow Cup tournament were very unforgiving. It was just pure, single-elimination three on three battles all the way.

If you won, you would be promoted and if you lost, you would be eliminated.

It was not until the next competition that a few globally-recognized event coordinators got together to create a new set of rules, which diminished the effect that a single player had on the outcome.

Currently, Lu Li’s personal strength could determine a lot of things.

Following this train of thought, he thought that he would most likely be able to take this round of the Shadow Cup championship.

Dou Dou then started to list off the previous champions and how strong those teams were. She also tried to warn Lu Li not to aim too high…

However, he just took the opportunity to learn about his opponents and didn’t really think much about it.

When he next logged on, it was already Monday morning in the game.

As night and day were reversed in Dawn, it always felt like a dream when he entered the game world.

It was still early, but Lu Li didn’t sit around waiting for the competition to start. He, Moonlight and March Rain all received the Mid-Autumn Festival quest and went out to train together.

It was only the first day, so they tried not to expend too much energy.

Although their opponents for the competition would be randomly assigned, the system would also take into account the players’ level of equipment and overall strength. This prevented the awkward situation where a top team would face some ordinary players.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival Week, mobs had a chance to drop the Mooncake Box, which could potentially reward a good item.

Unfortunately, the rate of this happening wasn’t very high.

The first round had begun!

They quickly dealt with the monsters before them and rushed to the arena.

There was a 1-minute waiting period before the round began. If the players were late, the system would consider them to have lost.

The arena that they were in was circular.

In the interest of saving time, the System would randomly select one of the basic maps.

Lu Li glanced at the players opposing them. There was one Mage and one Warrior; only two people had shown up so far.

This meant that there were two possibilities – they really only had two players, or one of them was in Stealth like Lu Li.

In reality, their opponents were just like them. Lu Li had Stealthed himself the moment they entered the battle, so their opponents also only saw two players – a Warrior and a Priest.

“You go ahead. I’ll stay right here.” Moonlight could tell they were novices with a single glance.

Lu Li immediately moved behind their Mage.


Now, the Mage was unable to move. He didn’t have any stasis skills, nor did he have any skills to remove the stun. All he could do was wildly plead in his team’s chatroom for the Warrior and Druid to protect him.

He’s so fast!

This was the first thought of all three opposing players.

It had only been a few seconds and this Thief had already made it all the way to the back.

The Warrior turned around to rescue him, but found himself unable to move halfway through the turn.

After Lu Li had attacked the Mage, he went straight to the Warrior.

Premeditation (2 stars), Cheap Shot (2 stars), Ambush (2 stars), Backhand Backstab!

Blood sprayed out of the Warrior’s body as his HP was rapidly emptied.

It was a one shot!

The Thief’s combo points (stars) could be accumulated to a total of five. Gaining any more was worthless, so Lu Li had actually wasted a star.

He wasn’t an inflexible person; he just used whatever skill felt right at the time.

After using four skills the deal with the Warrior, the Druid sheepishly revealed himself. He didn’t even have the chance to cast a Heal.

What is your healer doing in Stealth?

Lu Li didn’t give them any chances. His cloak flashed and he instantly appeared behind the Druid who was cut down in a few hits.

As he was about to kill the Mage, the Mage’s character suddenly vanished.