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Chapter 268: March Rain’s Sparring Partner

Chapter 268: March Rain’s Sparring Partner

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Lu Li was shocked; could this be the legendary Mage Stealth Skill? He had seen it first-hand in his past life, but didn’t it have a three second cast time?

Could it be some overpowered skill that he didn’t know about?

System: Congratulations! You and your team have advanced to the next round. The next round will begin in 15 minutes.

He suddenly realized what had happened and couldn’t stop laughing.

It wasn’t an overpowered skill at all – the Mage saw that the situation was hopeless and had conceded the match. The System then teleported him back out into the world.

This was a common occurrence in most competitions. When a player thought it was over, they would quickly hide and leave to avoid being abused any further by their opponents.

Just like that, Lu Li had singlehandedly dealt with the entire other team.

“How are you feeling?” Lu Li asked March Rain.

March Rain blinked vacantly and replied, “I don’t feel much; I didn’t even get to do anything. How did we win?”

“Ugh, if I knew, I would have just fought them normally.”

Lu Li had initially wanted to slowly show her what a competition was like, but he didn’t realize that she would lack confidence. This underexposure was just as bad as dropping her straight into the deep end. If March Rain hadn’t gotten any proper experience, then it would be better to go back to the Warsong Canyon for practice.

In the second round, they faced some decent opponents.

There was a Paladin with a one-handed sword, a Priest to Heal and a Warlock as the main DPS. This was a standard knight composition.

There were no real tricks to fighting a team like this, so Lu Li and Moonlight didn’t bother coming up with any real strategy.

“March, just follow what we’ve taught you. Keep at a distance and protect us. Try to keep us alive for as long as possible; Lighty and I will try to kill their Priest first. If we can kill their priest, we’ll definitely win,” Lu Li said, quickly briefing them on their tactics.

Seeing that March Rain was a little nervous, Moonlight comforted her. “Don’t worry – you’re level 26, so you’re at least two levels above them. As long as you heal yourself, they won’t be able to hurt you,” he gently said.

“Make sure you have the Regeneration skill casted on yourself at all times; you don’t have to start healing us right away,” Lu Li added.

March Rain clutched the mallet in her hands and nodded her head with determination.

The moment the round started, the Paladin and the Warlock ran straight at March Rain. The Warlock, on the other hand, made an early move – he quickly cast Fear on the Thief that hadn’t gone into Stealth.

From his perspective, the Thief was stupid not to be in Stealth, so he took the opportunity to use Fear on him. This would relieve a lot of the pressure on his side.

However, if he was an expert, he wouldn’t have immediately casted Fear on a non-stealthed Thief.

Now, this non-stealthed thief was simply strutting past them. Either he was a fool, or he had some other plan in mind.

Lu Li was obviously holding onto his skills.

Shadow Cloak!

In the moment of shock after all of the built-up suspense, Lu Li directly rushed at the opposing Priest.

Their Priest was also female, but she wasn’t as pretty as March Rain. She had a sad look on her face, perhaps in the hope that some players would pity her.

Unfortunately, Moonlight was a PVP maniac. He would kill the player in front of him regardless of their gender.

The poor Priest girl could only watch as the two other male players rushed towards her. After a few hits, she was removed from the match.

On the other side of the battefield, the Paladin was chasing March Rain, who was running around and healing herself.

This was the first time she was facing a dive-profession on her own. Although she was nervous, this wasn’t much unlike the experience she had when they were in the Warsong Canyon. She knew when to advance and when to retreat, so she could give herself opportunities to heal.

As well as this, she was well-equipped and her skills were quite strong.

The Paladin’s damage was much less than he had expected. The few hits that he did get in were easily recovered through March Rain’s Regeneration skill.

March Rain also kept Lu Li’s words in mind, ensuring that the Regeneration buff was always applied to her.

+20, +22, +18…

The low numbers were not to be underestimated, as the ticks were applied quite rapidly.

Before the Warlock could get in range to attack March Rain, he looked back to find that their Priest sister had already been killed.

Did they really need to be that aggressive!?

In a normal situation, a single DPS profession wouldn’t be able to kill a Healer in such a short amount of time. Obviously, Lu Li’s overpowered strength was the exception to this rule.

As he had no other choices, the Warlock pressed forwards to attack March Rain.

Their only chance was to kill the other Priest and level the playing field.

When that happened, they would have a Paladin that could heal and Warlock, against a Warrior and a Thief. There was still hope in that situation.

Moonlight was just about to go back and save March Rain before he was stopped by Lu Li.

He shook his head and said, “Let’s test March and see how long she can last.”

Moonlight soon realized that this was a good way to see if March Rain could withstand the pressure of two players chasing her at once.

But what if March Rain died? Wouldn’t that affect the outcome of the match?

Of course not! Lu Li and Moonlight together had easily cleared-out teams of five players in the Warsong Canyon. They even dared to provoke teams of ten.

The technique of these other two players was pretty good, but they were nowhere good enough.

After Lu Li attacked, he realized that this Paladin had to be level 23 or below, as he couldn’t even deal the minimum damage on some of his skills. This meant that he was being penalized by the System.

Basically, Lu Li’s strength was affecting the game balance.

In his previous life, of those who participated in the tournament, only I No Understand had reached level 25. Everyone else was still below level 25.

Over half of I No Understand’s body was equipped with Silver equipment and he was level 25. He uneventfully took the first prize for Glory Capital.

But now, I No Understand wasn’t even up to Lu Li’s current level. He was still one Boss away from gaining enough EXP to be level 25.

On the other hand, Lu Li and the others had already reached level 26.

The butterfly effect is a difficult thing to predict; it’s hard to say when the deviation occurred.

March Rain had 4 pieces of level 25 Silver equipment!

“Can you try a little harder? How is it that you’ve only taken 30% of her HP after so long?” the Warlock shouted at the Paladin, feeling a little resentful towards him.

You can hit her; then you’ll know why.

When he finally managed to attack her, he was shocked. His Shadow Bolt that usually dealt 150 damage only dealt a little more than 100 damage to March Rain.

This was the effect of the level penalty and the difference in equipment.

The Warlock immediately realized the cause of the problem.

Oh System Gods, this is so unfair. Why have you assigned us such a strong team?

“Kill this Priest.”

The Warlock clenched his teeth and tried the best he could with the Paladin.

“Don’t panic, just make this Paladin waste his mana,” Lu Li said in the chatroom, while Moonlight leaned on his big axe and enjoyed the sight. 。

“Use Fear!” The Paladin had finally lowered March Rain’s HP down to 50% and hurriedly asked the Warlock to use his crowd control skill.

The Warlock found that his Fear cooldown had reset and immediately tried to cast it on March Rain.