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Chapter 269: Mistakenly Using The Battlefield As A Lecture Hall

Chapter 269: Mistakenly Using The Battlefield As A Lecture Hall

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“If he tries to use Fear on you, cast Regeneration on yourself, and then cast a damage reduction skill on yourself. If you ever get an anti-debuff skill in the future, you can use that to protect yourself. Even though the Warlock’s Fear is an instant-cast, he still needs to pick a target and perform some hand gestures. If you are observant enough, you’ll see it coming,” Lu Li casually instructed March Rain.

March Rain pursed her lips together and stared at the Warlock’s Magic Staff.

The Warlock completed the hand gestures before raising his staff and casting the skill. After he cast it, both he and the Paladin felt like they were about to cry.

It wasn’t that March Rain hadn’t been affected, but that she had become even harder to kill after being Feared.

In addition to the Regeneration and damage-reduction skill, she had also cast Power Word Shield on herself.

Fear was primarily used to cancel or interrupt skills. March Rain was currently running around like a headless fly, but if she took any damage, she would recover from this Feared state.

The Warlock and Paladin angrily attacked her, but even with a coordinated attack, they could only deal 60% of March Rain’s HP.

After recovering, March Rain immediately started Healing herself again.

“We need to find a way to get March the ‘Psychic Scream’ skill book. She’s too passive,” Lu Li said, summing up the situation he had been observing.

Psychic Scream was a Priest crowd control skill. After its use, up to five players within 8 yards would be put into a confused state. If these players didn’t take any damage, this state could last for 8 seconds.

The use of Psychic Scream could instantly change the tides of a battle.

“Psychic Scream would be pretty good. I’ll ask some of my friends to see if they have it.” Moonlight was deep in thought.

“March Rain also has some issues with positioning – she hasn’t fully understood the environment around her,” Lu Li noted.

“That’s how it is when you’re new; you just have to slowly learn.”

Moonlight maintained an optimistic attitude; he was quite satisfied with March Rain’s performance.

“Uh, we’re not really in a hurry to win, so you can take your time.”

If they wanted to advance and enter the top 10000, they would probably need to fight in another dozen matches. March Rain still had many chances to practice her PVP skill and positioning.

With Lu Li and Moonlight’s ability alone, they could easily advance, even without a Healer.

“A Priest should always try to burn their opponent’s mana. A Paladin with no mana is useless,” Lu Li couldn’t help but remind March Rain again.

March Rain took a step back and cast Mana Burn on the Paladin.

The Paladin already had a pitifully small pool of Mana, and Mana Burn’s cooldown was quite short. After March Rain had cast Mana Burn three times in succession, the Paladin didn’t have a single point of Mana left.

Lu Li was right. Without Mana, the Paladin couldn’t cast any skills and had to resort to using his ordinary attacks with his single-handed sword.

Did the Paladin think he was a Warrior or a Thief?

The Paladin’s ordinary attacks had embarrassingly low damage and an extremely slow attack speed.

He quickly realized that his efforts were futile.

The Warlock wasn’t afraid of Mana Burn as he could summon Hellhounds that could do the same thing. However, March Rain’s equipment was so good that her Intelligence attribute was high enough to cast off the Warlock’s Mana Burn. She had no reason to be afraid of him.

The battle between them went on like this: one of them would attack while the other would Heal.

In addition to healing herself and occasionally retaliating, March Rain also periodically ensured that the Paladin never had enough mana to cast skills.

“Dammit, let’s leave.”

If the Warlock and Paladin hadn’t worked out by now that she was training, they probably had something wrong with their brains.

At first, they wanted to kill her in their anger. But now that they had discovered that they couldn’t kill her at all, they couldn’t do anything but admit defeat and leave.

The System prompted them again that they had won.

“How did it feel this time?” Lu Li asked with a smile.

After their previous battle, March Rain had said that she didn’t feel much, but he wouldn’t believe her if she said the same thing this time.

“It was really exciting! If I had more time, I feel like I could have killed them both!”

March Rain’s eyes were sparkling; she was obviously really excited.

“You wouldn’t have had enough mana,” Moonlight laughed.

“Oh yeah, I don’t have enough mana.”

She had to Heal and attack on top of the Hellhounds constantly burning her mana. March Rain didn’t actually have much mana left either.

Her opponents only needed to wait a little longer for her to run out of mana…

After they exited the battlefield, the System began the countdown once again. After 15 minutes had passed, they were prompted to enter the arena again.

Warrior, Mage, Shaman.

This composition was quite similar to the previous one. They had physical melee damage, Magic ranged damage and a Healer.

However, this time, March Rain was much more active.

The most important thing was that they kept practicing. Moonlight engaged the opposing Warrior and Lu Li pestered the opposing Shaman, while March Rain took on the opposing Mage.

Lu Li used his Cloak’s effect and appeared behind the Shaman before casting Sap.

The opposing Mage quickly jumped in and sent a Blizzard in their Shaman’s direction. This area of effect crowd control skill was intended to force Lu Li to give up on attacking their Healer.

However, Lu Li had already escaped and was watching the fun from a distance.

March Rain lifted her hand and attacked the Mage.

The Mage was their party leader and he initially wanted to retreat, as their Healer had been Sapped. But what confused him was that this Priest, a healing profession, had for whatever reason taken the initiative to attack a Mage.

For a moment, he felt like he had swapped professions with March Rain.

When Moonlight finally reached the other Warrior, they began to relentlessly swing their axes at each other, like two axe demons.

At first, the Mage didn’t pay much attention to March Rain. After all, her wasn’t very high. Instead, he focused his attention on Moonlight.

However, Moonlight did something even more surprising – he immediately cast a damage reduction skill.

March Rain saw that the Mage was ignoring her, so she decisively cast Mana Burn.

Although Mages had quite a lot of mana – even more than Warlocks – he couldn’t allow this to go on for too long. As such, he commanded the Warrior to go and attack March Rain.

A Warrior and a Mage was much more challenging compared to a Paladin and a Warlock.

Even so, March Rain wasn’t afraid at all. She was actually excited that they had ganged-up on her and was having a lot of fun fighting them.

Moonlight continued to harass the Warrior to make it difficult for him to attack March Rain. “I can’t speak about anything else, but from what I’ve seen, March Rain is quite suited for competitions,” he said to Lu Li.

To be unafraid in battle – this was the simplest of requirements.

As for her skills, how would March Rain ever know the consequences of attacking a Mage if she didn’t experience it?

Of course, all of this was to train March Rain’s battle sense.

When they started to fight high-level teams, she would need to independently do her job of healing.

“For Mages, you should burn their mana when you can. Even if you don’t have time to do it properly, it can still help relieve pressure from your teammates,” Lu Li instructed, after casting Sap on the Shaman.

“But, he doesn’t deal that much damage. What should I do if I’m facing a Mage that deals high damage?” March Rain asked while she continued fighting.

“It’s good that you though of a question like that,” Moonlight praised.

‘To infer different information from the same lesson and learn by analogy’ was easier said than done.

“You are a healer, so don’t focus on trying to kill them,” Lu Li advised. “Everything you do should involve staying alive and providing healing.”

“Then how should I protect myself?”

As she said this, March Rain was hit by the Warrior’s Charge. This gave the Mage a chance to cast an incredibly strong skill. Working together, they had both taken almost half of March Rain’s HP.

“What do you think you should do?” Lu Li wasn’t worried at all. He gently stroked his dagger and held back any impulses to stab the Shaman.