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Chapter 270: The Priest Must Circle The Pillar

Chapter 270: The Priest Must Circle The Pillar

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Lu Li refused to kill the Shaman.

As long as the Shaman was alive, the Mage and Warrior would still believe there was hope. Naturally, they wouldn’t easily give up.

The test of the previous match wasn’t comprehensive enough.

Now that March Rain was down to half-HP, the resolve of the Mage and Warrior was further strengthened. They only needed a bit more effort to kill this Priest. Then, they could save their Healer and win the match in a three on two…

As for why Lu Li and Moonlight weren’t helping their Healer, perhaps they were just rookies.

‘That must be the case’, the two reassured themselves.

March Rain was hit again and again with devastating blows; there were several occasions where the Mage almost killed her.

The Mage’s attributes weren’t very high, but his equipment must have given him bonus critical hit, as each critical hit dealt significant damage to March Rain.

They also realized that March Rain’s technique and game-awareness were a little lacking. This was especially the case for her positioning, as she didn’t seem to move much.

Soon, the Mage gave up on his instant cast skills and started channeling.

Channeled skills were obviously stronger than Instant Cast skills, so the pressure on March Rain was now even greater.

“Is this a little excessive?” Moonlight thought that she couldn’t take it. He could only try his best to pester the Warrior as he couldn’t kill him.

“Its fine. March Rain is stronger than you think,” Lu Li replied calmly.

“Well, I’m just worried that she might not be able to tank all of these attacks. If she dies…” Moonlight was still casually harassing the Warrior when he realized how effective Lu Li’s stress test really was.

Due to the fear of an unexpected failure, no one dared to use the competition to train.

Only Lu Li dared to do this, and only the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had players who were higher than level 25.

“You have to develop and experience everything – even death,” Lu Li said indifferently.

Part of his PVP technique had come from a variety of difference sources from his previous life. He had refused to follow any one technique or theory, striving to find something that worked perfectly for him.

Another part had come from his previous life of self-discipline.

When he entered the game, Dawn had already been up for a year. As a Gold Collection Member, his life basically consisted of killing mobs over and over and over…

If it weren’t for the incident, he probably would have remained as a Gold Collection Member.

Unfortunately, things went wrong and people started looking for trouble with him.

One day, two overexcited players ran up to Lu Li and killed him, sending him back to the city.

That feeling of being targeted and oppressed was quite depressing.

After he had been killed, he sent his attackers a message asking why. (Dead players couldn’t speak, but could still send text messages) The response from those players changed his life.

Do we need a reason for killing weaklings like you?

From that point onwards, Lu Li no longer believed that being a Gold Collection Member was a viable career.

He did a lot of studying and spent all of his time in the library, learning about various close-quarters combat techniques that were used in the arena.

He had long since forgotten the names of those players, otherwise, he would have killed them a few times by now. However, he would also thank them, because without them, he wouldn’t be where he was now, even if he had experienced rebirth.

This was the same for March Rain. Whether she was killed in the arena or not, this was something that she needed to experience.

Her HP continued to dwindle and she had fallen to critical HP on more than one occasion. Her Mana was also visibly depleting and she looked like she was about to cry.

March Rain felt like she had been wronged. Her two DPS teammates were just standing there and allowing her to die to this Mage. Even though she knew that this was just an exercise, she had always been spoiled by her brother and had never felt so helpless before.

If Lonesome Flower saw this scene, he would definitely seek revenge on Lu Li.

The phrase ‘acting resourcefully’ accurately described March Rain.

When the situation became desperate, she inadvertently ran to a nearby pillar.

She got there just in time. The Mage’s skill had failed while he was halfway through the channeling because he had lost sight of his target.

Both the Mage and March Rain were stunned by this outcome.

Lu Li and Moonlight exchange smiles and sighs; this girl had finally discovered the secret.

However, the Mage refused to accept this. He chalked it up to luck; this Priest girl had definitely just stood behind the pillar by accident.

As such, he adjusted his position and started channeling once again.

Unfortunately, he didn’t understand March Rain at all.

Although March Rain hadn’t played many games in the past, she was a very quick learner, able to derive a deep understanding from a little bit of information. She was even better than Lu Li at this, which is why he insisted on taking her to this competition.

When March Rain saw that the Mage had started channeling again, she calmly took a few steps.

His skill was interrupted once again and the Mage felt a chill in his heart.

How was he supposed to fight like this?!

Killing a Priest wasn’t difficult. You just needed to apply some crowd-control and have two players focus-fire the Priest.

However, the Warrior was currently engaged and the Shaman couldn’t help either, as even if he recovered from Sap, he only had defensive skills.

They had managed to advance using this composition in the last Shadow Cup.

Were they really about to lose on the third match?

The two of them were stuck in a cycle of chasing and hiding. March Rain’s critical HP had now regenerated back to full.

When the Mage walked towards her, March Rain cast a skill.


Her Shadowfiend was now a whole level higher. If the full potential of Shadowfiend was realized, it could regenerate 50% of her mana.

Lu Li almost applauded at the sight of this.

Firstly, March Rain had not cast Shadowfiend on the Mage or the Warrior. Damage dealing professions weren’t afraid of Shadowfiend as it was a formless summon that could be killed in two to three hits.

Instead, she had put the Shadowfiend on the Shaman’s body.

The poor Shaman couldn’t even defend himself; how could he fend off a Shadowfiend?

Secondly, the timing at which she had casted Shadowfiend was perfect.

The Mage was on the other side of the pillar desperately trying to lower her HP with instant cast skills. Due to the pillar obstructing his view, he had no way of seeing the situation that the Shaman was in.

He could only see the Priest’s mana increasing… at first there was only 30% remaining, then suddenly, it regenerated up to 80%.

80% might as well have been 100%.

The Mage felt like the situation here was hopeless and desperately rushed towards Lu Li, leaving March Rain behind.

If it weren’t for the difference in strength due to the levels and equipment, he would have killed March Rain. The situation was hopeless unless he could get someone else to help.

He was going to save the Shaman first and then attack the Priest together.

He had decided to fight the Thief.

The Thief’s fighting style was the most unorthodox in all of Dawn.

These two professions also had an unorthodox way of doing battle, much unlike the usual charging at each other.

Was a Thief easier to kill than a Priest? Perhaps, but definitely not in this situation.

Lu Li sighed. The trainer had given up on his job, so naturally, there was no way to continue this session. The stipulated 30-minute time limit was almost over as well, so he sped up his actions.

Lu Li’s casual attacks were suddenly replaced with vicious, relentless ones, with high-levels of Skill Completion.

The Shaman felt wronged, as he thought Lu Li was a cheat.

If you showed me that you were this strong from the start, I wouldn’t have underestimated you.