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Chapter 271: The Victory Money

Chapter 271: The Victory Money

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His feelings of injustice were in vain; the angry Shaman didn’t even have a chance to heal himself before he died.

The Mage speechlessly stopped walking.

He initially thought that this Thief was in a similar predicament to him.

It seem to him that the both of them were struggling the kill each other’s healers. Who would have thought that he had been faking it the entire time? He just slaughtered their teammate like a chicken.

His mental state was a mess as he helplessly watched the Thief run towards him. He really wished that he could take off this Thief’s bandana and find out who this was.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get a chance to; the combined attacks of Lu Li and March Rain quickly eliminated him.

The Warrior’s response to all of this was as expected; he quickly conceded and left the match.

“That was really good,” Moonlight sincerely complemented March Rain. “The Priest should aim to circle a pillar and use it to interrupt any Mage’s channeled skills. This is a high-level technique that every Healer should master.”

March Rain smiled happily; her previous grievances had been replaced with joy.

Discovering a new technique in the midst of battle was far more satisfying than having it told to you. It created a sense of achievement that made you feel like you could do anything.

Now she could confidently say that she loved this feeling.

Although she felt a similar way when they cleared Instance Dungeons, it was nothing compared to PVP.

“Don’t get too proud,” Lu Li said bluntly. “You are still a long way away from becoming a professional healer. A strong affinity for keeping yourself and others alive is a basic requirement for that.”

“This guy… just let me be happy for a second.” March Rain usually had a good temper, but she couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose at this.

“You’ll get it in a few more games,” Moonlight comforted.

“Don’t go out and fight mobs; find a place to rest instead. The coming fights will only get harder.”

Lu Li and Moonlight hadn’t put in much effort, but March Rain had been completely focused in these matches.

Lu Li wasn’t an unreasonable person; he was just very strict on himself, which sometimes reflected in the way he treated others.

The three of them sat under a big tree and laid out a white cloth that they piled an assortment of food, drink and wild fruits upon.

Most of the wild fruits that could be found in the game were edible.

“I don’t know how my brother is doing,” March Rain worriedly said as she nibbled on some bread.

While they were eating, Wandering’s party was arrogantly and relentlessly crushing their opponents.

Although Wandering was a Defensive player, he had actually put quite a few points into Strength. He had also secretly been collecting a set of offensive equipment. With the two skill books gained from bomb farming, he wasn’t lacking in this department either.

He had the skills and the levels, so he definitely could do quite a bit of damage.

Sesame Rice Ball and Sakura Memories could go without explaining; these two just tried to deal as much damage as they could.

Moreover, Sakura Memories could also drop totems.

At the start of every match, they would rush straight at the opponent’s healer.

No one else would ever understand what it felt like to be rushed by three level 25 players.

Of the four matches they had competed in so far, they had always managed to successfully burst down the healer. After they had killed the healer, the remaining DPS professions didn’t stand a chance.

“These players are simply no challenge to us,” Wandering said as he shook his head with a proud expression on his face.

“Our levels are pretty high,” Sesame Rice Ball replied shyly.

“I think it’s because you’re too good looking, so they always give us a chance.”

Sakura Memories didn’t pay attention to Wandering’s expression instantly turning dark.

This guy always mentioned his good looks, but would feel insulted if someone else did.

Azure Sea Breeze, Lonesome Flower and Hachi Chan, on the other hand, didn’t have such a radically aggressive lineup.

However, they had adopted another shameless strategy.

Azure Sea Breeze would stand in the front of Hachi Chan and Lonesome Flower.

This ‘turtle strategy’ ensured that no two players could be crowd controlled at once and that Lonesome Flower could easily help out Hachi Chan.

It created a seamless defense that prevented the opposing players from finding any openings.

If they focused Azure Sea Breeze, then that would be the optimal outcome. Azure Sea Breeze was so tanky that even a Boss couldn’t kill him, let alone these ordinary players.

If they started to attack Azure Sea Breeze, then Lonesome Flower would rain his fury down upon them.

Lonesome Flower’s damage was second only to Lu Li. However, Lu Li was so overpowered that no one could compare to him. In all of Dawn, there weren’t many people who could compare to Lonesome Flower.

Even if they had really strong Healer, they didn’t stand a chance against his and Hachi Chan’s combined attacks.

Once the Healer was gone, the match would be decided.

If you tried to kill Hachi Chan, that was truly a death sentence. This was the System’s daughter; she wasn’t that easy to kill.

She had good equipment and was a high level. However, she would also mysteriously get buffs like a Shield, Rebound, Reduce Damage, Dodge… and even Invincibility.

It was likely that one of the players who attacked Hachi Chan had ended up with some mental trauma.

The poor guy knew that he had just faced someone who was particularly strong but he was also convinced that all other Druids were just as overpowered. As such, he avoided Druids from that point onwards.

If you wanted to kill Lonesome Flower, you would need to be able to quickly break through his shield.

Before going into the fourth match, Lu Li quickly checked out what was happening with the other two teams.

Wandering’s team had already fought seven times, as their aggressive style quickly ended matches. Azure Sea Breeze’s team wasn’t far behind either – they had just finished their sixth match.

“Should we finish the matches faster?” March Rain asked.

For the sake of training her, Lu Li’s team had wasted quite a bit of time. Otherwise, the combined strength of Lu Li and Moonlight would have quickly eradicated most teams.

“There’s no need. Speed won’t win us the grand prize. We can only play ten matches every day anyway, so we can take it slowly,” Lu Li responded.

There was only one opposing player in this match.

As soon as the match began, he immediately gestured to stop.

“Hold on, please wait!”

There was only one person that was visible, but the other two players could still be in Stealth. Lu Li couldn’t risk lowering his guard.

“What do you want to say?” Lu Li asked as he stepped forward.

“Give me your bank account details.”

It was a hunter who had a Ringed Bear by his side. It wasn’t an ordinary Ringed Bear either – it was a rare pet like Remnant Dream’s.

“Why do you want my bank details?” Lu Li was bewildered.

“I’ll give you $100,000 if you concede,” the Hunter offered gracefully.

“Dammit. Can I ask how many matches you have won?” Lu Li asked.

It turned out that he was only tycoon. Although Lu Li immediately lost respect for him, he realized that this probably wasn’t a rare occurrence.

It wasn’t just the Shadow Cup – almost all the tournaments had some kind of shady dealings. Most players were willing to accept this and as long as it didn’t create too much of a hassle, the organizers didn’t bother dealing with it either.

However, $100,000 real was no small amount.

“I’ve been through eight games so far; you are the ninth. Don’t be ashamed to take it – you do what you can to get rich. Moreover, there are eight teams before you who have already accepted our friendship.”

The Hunter’s perspective was a little strange – he believed that any rational person would accept his offer.