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Chapter 276: A Remarkable Live Stream

Chapter 276: A Remarkable Live Stream

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“Now, let us begin watching the live stream. There’s fifteen seconds until they enter the scene.”

Both Zhang Zhen and Dark Wind hyped the atmosphere as the match began.

The match took place in a grassland with a wide surface, but there was no point in this setting. Everyone could see each other easily.

The moment that Lu Li entered the scene, waves of loud cheering exploded from the crowd’s seats.

In all honesty, these normal players knew a lot about Lu Li and his achievements, but only a few had actually seen him. This kind live stream had an incredibly realistic feel to it and for many of them, it felt like Lu Li was standing right before their eyes.

Average people admired heroes and Lu Li was the hero in the eyes of these average gamers.

“Because we don’t have any related damage statistics, we won’t be able to judge the health bar of Lu Li. However, there is no question that Lu Li, who is already level 26, would be equipped with outstanding gear,” Dark Wind stood in a sea of people as he exclaimed with excitement.

Zhang Zhen nodded in agreement. “Likewise, his two team members are also very strong, especially the Priest girl, March Rain. Many people refer to her as the number one Priest in Dawn.”

The intelligent camera system obediently showed a close up shot of March Rain.

Beautiful girls are popular everywhere they go. A girl who was beautiful and had great gaming skills was definitely the ideal type for many gaming boys.

“March Rain still lack a bit with regards to her skills,” Dark Winds said calmly. “Moonlight is the real expert, and he……”

He paused, but then decided not to blurt out the assumption of others from the industry – that Moonlight was the once famous Blood Demon.

It was a skill to make analysis on experts about their gear and specialty through observation, but blurting out the secrets of gaming experts based on pure assumptions would only be gossip. Real professional analysts would never turn to these dirty tactics.

Furthermore, this would turn the gaming experts against them.

Once these experts publicly expressed that they didn’t approve of a certain analyst, their fans would all turn against the analyst too.

Of course, there also some analysts who were famous for their terrible tongues, but Dark Wind wasn’t one of them.

“The players from the opposing team have arrived too – a Warlock, a Paladin, and another……”

Only two people were visible; this meant that the third person had gone into Stealth.

Although Dawn wasn’t a fair game, it always aimed to be a balanced once. There were no combinations at this point in time that allowed two players to defeat all the other opposing combinations.

“Teacher Wind, do you think that the third person is a Thief or a Druid?” Zhang Zhen asked.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t analyze, but as a host, his job was to cooperate with the analyst and spark up a conversation. He wasn’t supposed to make a fancy show of himself.

“It’s probably the classic trio of Druid, Warlock and Paladin,” Dark Wind replied and raised his voice then continued, “Alright, Lu Li has gone into Stealth too. Let’s look at this from the bird’s eye view and see who he’s trying to aim for.”

Bird’s eye view referred to a particular spectating mode that showed everything in the scene, including targets in Stealth.

The third person on the other team was a Druid indeed.

Lu Li, who was also in stealth, approached the opposing team at a rapid speed. There was no hesitation in his positioning; it seemed as if he wasn’t worried about being discovered at all.

“His target is…… the Warlock,” Dark Wind spoke at a fast speed. “Looks like Lu Li plans to kill their cloth armor profession in one go, but doing so by himself would be close to impossible. I wonder if Moonlight would be able to support him by dealing some damage?”

“Moonlight moved; he charged forward. Teacher Wind, would this be a bit too early?” Zhang Zhen didn’t understand what he was seeing.

“Moonlight always had a bold and unrestrained play style.”

Dark Wind didn’t really understand either, but he was experienced and gave a very direct reasoning.

Moonlight was indeed bold and unrestrained; he went straight for the enemy team and as soon as the Paladin entered his attack range, he used Charge.

In a battle between experts, there was a guarantee that Charge would always be successful.

The Paladin was skilled too – his first reaction was to sidestep in an attempt to dodge the Charge.

Unfortunately, Moonlight wasn’t the noob that he imagined. He suddenly changed the direction of Charge and still ran into the Paladin.

On the other side, Lu Li used Sap on the Warlock.

This Warlock wasn’t a bad player either; he had a potion that had been crafted through Alchemy. It dealt 1 damage to himself every second, which was negligible but removed the effects of Sap.

This was the most effective way to deal with Sap for most common classes. However, you still needed to apply the Alchemy potion to yourself before you were Sapped.

It was the first time that Lu Li had encountered this in his current life, so he was a little careless.

March Rain also had some trouble too. The opposing Druid wasn’t just a healer – he had some damaging skills as well. His damage was quite high, and he took a huge chunk out of March Rain’s HP bar.

As both analysts watched the match, they felt as if a hand had grasped onto their hearts and were slightly distracted.

They were worried that Lu Li would decide to end the match quickly. If the battle ended within twenty to thirty seconds, they would have nothing to say.

However, at the same time, they were worried that Lu Li and his team might lose.

If Lu Li and his team lost, they would be embarrassed, since they had given them so many compliments beforehand. It would be as if they had slapped their own faces.

Everyone in the audience was busy; they all gave the match their full attention.

Lu Li didn’t expect his Sap to fail on the Warlock, but that was about it. He chased the Warlock with a few more attacks, then twisted his wrist, causing a fountain of blood to spurt from his shoulder.

System: Shadowstrike Skill Completion 81%, dealing 88% skill damage. Target stunned for 1 second.

“Why is the Warlock being crowd-controlled? What was that skill?” Of course, Zhang Zhen knew that it was a skill with a completion level of over 80% in manual mode.

However, for the purpose of analyzing, he had to ask the question for most of the audience.

Dark Wind swiftly explained, then concluded, “80% completion for a skill isn’t an easy thing to achieve. As far as I know, it’s possible to complete a skill at 90% when you aim at a non-moving target, but only a few are able to complete a skill at 80% or higher when they’re in actual combat.”

While they spoke, Lu Li had already crowd-controlled the Warlock.

In order to prevent himself from being crowd-controlled by the Warlock’s pet Succubus, Lu Li even activated his Shadow Cloak. As Dark Wind was very knowledgeable, he took the chance to explain the Shadow Cloak skill in detail.

A number of Shadow Cloak skill books in the market had been sold by Lu Li. He was a professional player and his main goal was to earn money, so there was no way he would keep the skill to himself in fear of creating competition.

Suddenly, Moonlight abandoned the Paladin and Charged at the Warlock.


“Absolutely remarkable! Brilliant teamwork! Oh, there’s something even better – Lu Li used his signature effect! His target is…… the healer! That’s right, he crowd-controlled the healer! The Warlock is gone!”

As he finished, the Warlock died to Moonlight’s Whirlwind.

The poor Warlock had lost quite a bit of health from Lu Li’s attack, then was stunned and had to endure an entire Whirlwind. There was no way he could’ve survived that.

There were no protection skills for Paladins yet, so the Paladin couldn’t save him either. Only the Druid could do anything, but he had been lured far off into the distance by March Rain. He came back to support the others as soon as he saw that things had gone wrong, but he ran into Lu Li. By the time he managed to escape from the stun, the Warlock was already dead.

The two players that were left were quite decisive too – they quickly forfeited and left the scene.