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Chapter 278: Spokesperson

Chapter 278: Spokesperson (Or Sponsorship?)

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Warriors were known to be a natural counter to Thieves, especially under such conditions.

Swirling Left Eye was desperate to get out of this battle, but there was no way out. If it wasn’t for the healing from his Druid, he would probably be dead by now.

It had become a 2 on 2 battle between the DPS and healer of both teams. Staring Right Eye and Lu Li both remained in Stealth and observed the situation.

On the surface, it appeared as if the battle had come to a stalemate. However, the expert players could clearly see that Moonlight was completely dominating Swirling Left Eye, and that the Imperial Secret Service was very disadvantaged.

The reason why Warriors countered Thieves was because of their ability to bleed and slow.

Lu Li was able to defeat Moonlight because he had mobility, a high skill completion rate, as well as Armor Pierce effects and crowd-control skills, such as Paralysis and Stun.

Swirling Left Eye didn’t have Armour Pierce effects and his gear was significantly weaker. Even with the healing from the Druid, his HP continued to drop and quickly fell to 50%.

The camera turned towards Lu Li and Staring Right Eye on the big screen.

Lu Li watched intently like a cougar stalking its prey, as he waited for Staring Right Eye’s grand entrance.

Everyone knew that as soon as his target appeared, he would unleash his wrath and rip his prey apart.

Although Staring Right Eye was much smarter and calmer than his partner, he was still at his wit’s end. On the big screen, he had a very desperate and hopeless expression.

Should he bother saving them?

The two Thieves could easily take out Moonlight if he was alone, however, the fact that Lu Li lurked around in the shadows made Right Eye very hesitant.

Swirling Left Eye was about to give up.

He still had one last trick up his sleeve which was the active on his Pants. When his HP dropped to 20%, he gained the Berserk Effect, which greatly boosted his damage output. However, he knew that he would have no chance to use it.

Lu Li already knew about this and planned on bursting Swirling Left Eye down as soon as his HP reached 20%. Swirling Left Eye would be instantly killed with no chance of retaliation.

Staring Right Eye realised that he could not waste any more time and decided to attack. He focused March Rain instead of Moonlight.

“Why is he targeting the healer instead of saving Left Eye?” Zhang Zhen asked.

“He’s trying to kill two birds with one stone. By targeting the healer and bursting her down, Moonlight would be forced to peel for her, thus saving Left Eye. Besides, Right Eye would not be able to take down the Warrior in such a short amount of time. However, as soon as Lu Li appears, the battle will be over,” Dark Winds explained. “March Rain’s HP is pretty low as well; she only has 60% left.”

“So you mean that Staring Right Eye thinks he can take down March Rain in time?” Zhang Zhen asked, visibly surprised.

Although he had only seen three fights that featured March Rain, Zhang Zhen was already very impressed with her.

The little Priest was still very inexperienced in various areas of PVP, but she had mastered the ability to stay alive despite being focused by the opposing teams.

“Staring Right Eye thinks he can,” Dark Winds said as he smiled.

Staring Right Eye wasn’t being cock – it was his only hope of turning the fight around. He regretted their initial strategy – instead of hesitating, the two Thieves should have jumped onto the Priest and attempted to burst her down as quickly as possible.

As soon as he revealed himself, Lu Li also made his move.

Lu Li’s target was Swirling Left Eye, who was already receiving a beatdown from Moonlight.

Preparation, Cheap Shot, Ambush, Slit Throat.

The low-HP Left Eye was instantly killed.

However, March Rain’s HP was also dropped dangerously-low.

Everyone had their own tricks up their sleeves, and the same went for Staring Right Eye. He had two tricks – one was a Berserk Effect from his gear and the other was Kidney Strike!

A max level Kidney Strike could stun an enemy for up to 6 seconds.

Within the 6 seconds, he was able to drop March Rain’s HP down to a critical level.

However, after March Rain recovered from the stun, she shielded herself and activated her resistance skills.

Staring Right Eye knew that his window of opportunity was over and selected the surrender option.

After this battle, Lu Li and the others won 3 more consecutive rounds. The battles didn’t last very long because none of their opponents were very formidable.

The completion of the 20th battle signalled the end of the tournament for the day.

The tickets for all 10 of Team Lu Li’s matches had been sold out, except for the 15th battle.

There were more than 100,000 spectators per match and the entry fee was 10 Silvers, which equated to 10,000 gold in profit.

The participating team received 10% of this profit and the rest was split amongst the Pro-Gaming Association, the Asian Film Corporation and the Gaming Company.

A tenth of 10,000-gold meant that Team Lu Li received a total of 1000 gold.

According to Guild rules, the team from each guild received 2% of the total winnings, while the rest was given to the Guild Masters to be split accordingly.

Lu Li wasn’t associated with a Guild and was a part of his own Mercenary Group.

Therefore, Lu Li and Wandering agreed upon keeping 60%, while the other 40% would be stashed in the Mercenary Group storage for future funding.

A grand total of 5000 gold in profit meant that Lu Li, Moonlight and March Rain received 1000 gold each.

This equated to $10,000 in real life.

The other two teams had also finished their matches for the day and gathered together. Team Azure Sea Breeze remained undefeated while Team Wandering had suffered a single loss.

Since the other two teams from the Xin Xin Mercenary Group were also quite famous, their matches were mostly sold out as well.

Team Lu Li made 5000 gold and the other two teams made 3000 gold each.

Remnant Dream, who didn’t participate in the tournament, appeared to be very envious of them. However, everyone knew that she wasn’t in need of the money because she had come from a wealthy background.

But who doesn’t love money? If a high school girl like Remnant Dream could save enough money for college by herself, her parents would be very proud of her.

Even Hachi Chan had received 600 gold in winnings, which would be a nice amount of pocket money that she could use in real life.

The matches tomorrow would be even more important and hyped-up.

“Someone contacted me and asked me to be the spokesperson for Ducd’O chocolate, but I refused,” Hachi Chan said as she handed Remnant Dream half of her winnings that she had promised.

“Why did you refuse it?” Moonlight’s eyes lit up.

Being a spokesperson for something was the perfect job for little girls like Hachi Chan. It would be easy and the pay would be pretty good.

Although the profit from the entry fees was quite generous, it was nothing compared to the money one could make from sponsorships and other companies.

Being a spokesperson for an International Brand of chocolate would pay millions per year.

“Because they said I was airheaded,” Hachi Chan said angrily. “I’ve tried their chocolate before and I hated it, right Dream?

Remnant Dream had to agree because she had just received some gold from her friend.

She planned on finishing the Ducd’O chocolate that she had been hiding in her room so that Hachi Chan wouldn’t see it.

“I thought air-headed was usually a compliment.” Azure Sea Breeze felt like an old man when talking to lolis like Hachi Chan.

“I was also invited to be their spokesperson,” March Rain said.

She looked at everyone’s reaction then looked at her older brother Lonesome Flower.

“I did as well.”

Lonesome Flower patted his sister’s head then said, “We’ll talk about it later. Maybe we can move to a better house.”

“How come I didn’t receive an invitation?” Azure Sea Breeze was envious.

“I didn’t receive an invitation either, I… I….” Wandering was very angry. His reputation as a pretty-boy was going down the drain…

Lu Li hadn’t received an invitation either. However, he knew very well that he wasn’t approached by companies because they weren’t very hopeful.

Usually, teams that were confident in reaching the top 16 would reject most sponsorship offers from companies, because they would be losing out on money if they accepted a sponsorship deal earlier in the tournament.