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Chapter 281: Call Me Big Sis

Chapter 281: Call Me Big Sis

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When they logged on the next day, Lu Xin excitedly met up with Lu Li.

Her in-game-name was ‘Lu Family’s Sister Xin Xin’. When she was creating her character, she had tried Lu Xin, Xin Xin and a few others, but all of these had been taken, so she randomly picked one.

Lu Xin was also a Night Elf so she spawned in the Dark Ravine. However, it was different to where Lu Li had spawned.

If a player didn’t enter a number, they would automatically be sent to the place where they spawned.

Lu Li entered the Dark Ravine and then entered the number. He was quickly transported to Lu Xin’s location.

Lu Xin was standing outside the Return Point.

She could immediately recognize Lu Li at a glance.

“Big bro, over here!” she exclaimed.

This virtual world was still quite novel for her. She felt like she hadn’t seen her brother for a long time and now that they had finally met, it was like a pleasant reunion.

“I see you. Add your big brother as a friend so you can contact me in future,” Lu Li said as he moved forward to greet and hug his sister.

“Big bro, I have quite a few friends already,” Lu Xin said happily after confirming the request.

“Didn’t you only start playing yesterday? How do you have so many friends?” Lu Li frowned.

“I don’t know. When I entered the game, lots of people started adding me. If it weren’t for sister Dou Dou coming quickly, I would have had even more friends.” Lu Xin had always been protected by her brother, so she never really had the chance to get mixed-up with trouble.

She just thought that everyone in the game was really friendly.

“Delete all of them.”

Lu Li’s face went black; he felt like killing these players. They had added her because she looked cute.

“But why? Everyone is so friendly; they are even teaching me how to play.” Lu Xin was puzzled.

“If someone asked for your number in real life, would you give it to them? Even if they just wanted to be your friend and have some food with you…” Lu Li knew all the tricks that people used.

“That’s definitely a bad person.” Lu Xin was instantly brainwashed by her brother’s words.

Thinking back for a moment, she remembered how those players were a bit too eager to see her.

“They are helping you now to gain your trust. Then, they will harm you when the time is right. Don’t randomly add players from now on.”

Lu Li was secretly proud of himself and continued, “How you not heard? These players in video games have no morals; killing each other is a very normal thing…”

He was speaking like he had never killed anyone before.

After an endless lecture, the first lesson he had taught his sister in this game was not strategy or how to play it, but rather not to add strangers as friends.

Once he had completed his brainwashing, he brought his sister out to farm and level up.

Initially, high level players would receive no EXP for killing low-level mobs. If Lu Li, who was LV26, killed a mob that was LV10 or below, he would receive no EXP and no items, except for quest items.

However, to encourage high-level players to help out newbies, new rules were created. A low-level player would receive a portion of the EXP from any mobs that were killed by a high-level player, if they were in the same party. These mobs would also still drop items.

Of course, the EXP was low and the drop rate was rather pitiful.

However, Lu Li could kill the LV8 and 9 mobs in one hit. This quickly added up and Lu Xin gained EXP at a faster rate than if she was playing on her own.

“Big bro, don’t walk so quickly, I want to pick up some stuff.”

Lu Xin was storing everything her bag, laboriously picking up every single item.

She was picking up rubbish and common equipment that was usually automatically sold to the shops. The rubbish that she was picking up could easily be bought from the shops for 1 copper.

“Xin Xin, don’t pick up those things – they aren’t worth anything.” Lu Li’s forehead was sweating.

“That’s not true. Sister Dou Dou brought me here yesterday and I picked up full bag which I sold for 1 Silver,” Lu Xin rebutted.

One silver…

Lu Li’s sweat was now pouring. Why was her sister so cute? She had worked so hard for one silver coin.

Well, one silver was one dollar, which was worth one pickled vegetable at the market.

“Big bro will need to compete in the competition later, so I won’t be able to help you level up. Don’t you want to get a dog as quickly as possible?” Lu Li had to use the dog to tempt her.

The moment the dog was mentioned, she gave it another thought and ultimately, the dog prevailed.

She understood the main idea – big bro’s time was very precious. In the same amount of time, he could make hundreds of silver.

Lu Xin reluctantly looked at the pieces of rubbish that she was leaving behind and ran to keep up with her brother.

“Big bro, there’s a really fierce leopard and a wild boar ahead,” Lu Xin said as she peeked out from behind Lu Li and carefully looked around.

Lu Li was just like this when he had first started. However, that was a long time ago.

Lu Xin was playing games for the first time; she had no other experience with even the simplest of games. She was also an inexperienced 15 year old girl, so there was nothing wrong with this behavior.

Every sistercon would feel like their sister’s actions were really cute.

The leopard and wild boar were quite strong; they were known as the Novice Village Killers. Even if the players only faced one of them at a time, they might not be able to defeat it.

However, for Lu Li, they could be defeated in one hit.

Yesterday, Lu Xin had been trained by Dou Jing Jing and the others to LV3. Lu Li intended to get her to LV10 today. He would then find a Tame Beast Skill Book so that they could get a few dogs for her to play with.

Before LV20, a hunter could have three pets. Although they could only send one out to battle at a time, they were still allowed to own three.

The three landladies were still sleeping so they hadn’t logged on yet, but the Xin Xin Mercenary Group soon came online.

Lu Li greeted everyone in the chat room and added Lu Xin into it.

“Who’s this?” Wandering asked curiously. There was no reason to add a new person to this chat room so naturally, he was surprised. They didn’t generally entertain outsiders.

“Lu Family’s Sister Xin Xin…”

Azure Sea Breeze shouted, “I know! She’s your sister! Isn’t that right Lu Li?”

“Hello everyone, I’m Lu Xin. I’m my big brother’s sister.”

Lu Xin was a little anxious, but it was just a voice chat. If it was face to face, she probably wouldn’t have had the courage for such a greeting.

After her greeting, the chat room burst out into laughter.

I’m my big brother’s sister! What a way to describe it.

“Keke, it’s my sister. Please be nice; she is quite shy.”

Lu Li couldn’t bear to see his sister’s embarrassed face so he immediately started to protect her.

“Where are you? Let us see,” Hachi Chan called out curiously.

“Yeah, you always talk about your sister. We want to see what she looks like.”

Remnant Dream was positive that Lu Li’s sister, who he always talked about, was younger than her.

“The competition is going to start soon.” Lu Li was afraid that her sister might get scared; his teammates weren’t the most normal bunch.

“The system needs a confirmation from us before it can start. It can wait a little.”

Lu Li’s rejection only made them more curious, especially Sakura Memories. She just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Lu Li sent out the number of the Dark Ravine.

Soon, everyone was gathered by the Cynocephali Mine. Lu Li was here killing the LV10 Cynocephali.


The first person to get there was Remnant Dream. As she ran towards Lu Xin she screamed, “Hachi Chan, come quickly! She looks like a doll!”

“She’s just like the one in your house. How old are you?” Hachi Chan asked.

“I’m 15. I’m in my first year of high school this year,” Lu Xin earnestly answered.

Lu Li was afraid that these two girls would scare his sister, but he didn’t think that Lu Xin would actually get along with them quite well.

In fact, Lu Li was overreacting. After all, Lu Xin went to school and interacted with her classmates.

“Wow, you’re already 15. It doesn’t look like it at all; you look more like an 11 or 12 year old. You look really cute,” Hachi Chan said, before shaking her head.

“That’s okay. Even if you’re only one year younger, you’re still younger. Quick, call me big sis.”

Remnant Dream pushed Hachi Chan aside and encouraged Lu Xin to refer to her as big sister.