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Chapter 282: Gaze

Chapter 282: Gaze

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Now that Remnant Dream’s wish to be a big sister had been fulfilled, she began to teach Lu Xin about taming pets.

“Do you see this big cat that I have? This is a rare pet that was really hard to tame,” the little girl said sagely. “I’ve also tamed many other pets, but there is one kind of pet that I just can’t tame.”

“Oh, what is it?” Lu Xin enviously looked at Remnant Dream’s White Tiger, Guo Guo. It was now over LV20 and was much bigger than when Remnant Dream had initially caught it. It was actually quite intimidating now.

Lu Li’s sister was really curious as to why she wasn’t satisfied with her current pet and why she couldn’t catch this other one.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I’m warning you, if you try to tame me again, I’ll go to your house and complain about you. I’ll tell aunty that you keep bullying me.”

Hachi Chan jumped up and started crying like a cat that had its tail stepped on.

“Tame sister Hachi?” Lu Xin was shocked and was suddenly afraid of Remnant Dream.

Didn’t she say that hunters could only tame animals? Why would she use it on another player? It was a player she appeared to be close to as well.

“Uhhh, it’s not what you think,” Remnant Dream said as she pulled in Hachi Chan. “Hachi, turn into a Quail and show Lu Xin – it’s really cute. My greatest goal is to tame one of these.”

“Dreamy, I have to cut ties with you.” Whenever they talked about taming her, Hachi Chan wanted to cry.

“Alright, stop fussing, let’s all get ready for the competition. The further you make it, the more money you’ll earn. If you earn enough money, then you can happily play the game.”

Lu Li had to interrupt them as their time was precious. He had already been gracious enough to let them see Lu Xin.

“We aren’t participating in any competitions, so we’ll take Xin Xin.” Remnant Dream felt lucky that she hadn’t joined the Shadow Cup.

“Are you sure?” it wasn’t that Lu Li was really strict, but that Remnant Dream could be a little dull and unreliable.

“Relax, this is the Novice Village – we won’t be bullied here. Guo Guo will protect us,” Remnant Dream said as she waved and patted Guo Guo’s head.

An exquisite LV25 pet was not something that even a similarly-levelled player could easily deal with, let alone the players that were in the Novice Village.

“Alright then, but don’t let Xin Xin fight the mobs. Her body can’t take it.”

Lu Li also remembered that the landladies were about to come online before he decided to give the system his confirmation.

From today onwards, the pace of the competition would be set by the players.

The players would first apply to the system which would allocate them their opponents. After the matchmaking was completed, they would wait for other players to buy tickets to watch them before the match officially began.

They couldn’t go in right after they applied, so they were all just casually farming mobs and chatting.

“Xin Xin, watch our match later,” Hachi Chan invited.

She thought that she was more sister-like and much stronger than Remnant Dream. Once Lu Xin saw her match, she would definitely worship her.

“But the tickets are so hard to buy and I don’t have any money,” Lu Xin said in dismay as she looked at the money she had in her bag and wrinkled her brow.


Everyone began to laugh.

Lu Li’s sister saying that she didn’t have any money? That was obviously a joke.

Other than those who ran big businesses, there weren’t many people who made as much money as Lu Li.

“Competitors can get two free tickets,” Wandering said, then gave them a quick summary. All they had to do was enter the ID of the players they wanted to watch and they would be sent to the stands when the match began.

“Watch ours – I invited first.” Hachi Chan aggressively pulled at Lu Li’s sister.

The first team to go in was Wandering’s. They managed to apply pressure onto their opponents from all sides and ended the game within two minutes, gaining another point in the competition.

The next was Lu Li’s team.

Although Lu Xin really wanted to watch her brother’s match, Hachi Chan had been really insistent, so she had no choice but to keep waiting.

The moment Lu Li stepped into the match, he gathered his thoughts. He stopped thinking about his sister and focused on the task at hand.

He had seen someone who he had fought with before.


When Lu Li snuck into the Crossroads Outpost to steal the Maintenance Robot blueprints, he also conveniently found a Deception Orb in a treasure chest at the top of a watchtower.

After he got down from the watchtower, he had bumped into this person.

At the time, he had gone a few rounds against him. His technique had left a very strong impression on Lu Li. He also knew a skill that Moonlight had, Whirlwind.

Apart from Moonlight, Gaze was the only Berserker to have successfully hit and stun him with Charge.

Lu Li was forced to use Gale Steps to escape. If they continued fighting head on, his chances of victory would actually be quite slim.

Although he could recognize Gaze, Gaze couldn’t recognize him, as he was now wearing a mask.


Moonlight raised his eyebrow in surprise when he saw Gaze. Who knew how he managed to tell these Orcs apart?

The only reason Lu Li could do was because of his unique face tattoo.

Gaze immediately recognized Moonlight. Moonlight was a Night Elf so his face wasn’t very different from real life.

“Let’s not fight yet – let me say hello,” Moonlight said as he went into the middle. “Gaze, how are you? So you decided to play Orc, huh?”

“Hehe, much better than you. I see that you’ve changed your name,” Gaze laughed with a grin. “Let’s formally introduce ourselves. Gaze, proudly serving the Gale Legion.”

Only a professional player would use the word serve like that. It tended to be something that the top PVP players said.

“Moonlight, proudly serving… the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.”

There was a twitch at the corner of Moonlight’s mouth, but his face didn’t show any emotion. Not even half a smile.

They must have known each other from the past and they appeared to be friends. The only mystery was why they had parted ways.

“Xin Xin Mercenary Group… oh yes. You don’t join guilds anymore, so you’re part of the number one Mercenary group instead…” Gaze’s eyes suddenly flashed as he called out, “Hey, how can you not say hello? Lu Li, it’s been a while.”

At first, he had unexpectedly seen Moonlight, so he acted a little rudely.

However, he remembered that Moonlight was working with the Light Faction’s number 1 player.

Lu Li also felt a sense of regret as they weren’t able to fight properly the last time. And now, Lu Li’s reputation had grown significantly, especially after killing Blood Dagger.

At the Crossroads Outpost, Lu Li had told him that they would fight it out next time.

Not only was Gaze not afraid, he now had even higher expectations for this battle. How could someone who was friends with Moonlight be afraid of PVP?

Lu Li, who was still covered, gently nodded his head and said, “Let’s fight to the end.”

The two commentators had no idea what was happening. This was the first time that they had witnessed players having a conversation in the match. Their topic of conversation was also quite puzzling.