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Chapter 283: The Flying Man

Chapter 283: The Flying Man

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“Alright, they probably knew each other and were saying hello, but now that that’s done, the match will soon officially begin.”

The main commentator, Zhang Zhen, saw that the players were finally getting into position and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

This was a competition, not a chatroom.

It would be a good idea for the game company to recommend that players not talk during the competition in the future.

“Let’s take a look at the compositions of these teams. Lu Li’s side is running Thief, Warrior and Priest. The other side is running…” Dark Wind observed.

“Warrior, Mage and Priest, a classic composition,” Zhang Zhen added in coordination.

“Yes, that’s true. This composition is comparable to Thief, Mage and Priest. On top of the Berserker’s physical damage output, the Mage’s advantage is even greater,” Dark Wind passionately spoke.

“Dark Wind, the team that Lu Li is facing today isn’t any ordinary team, right?” Zhang Zhen had been infected by the atmosphere.

“Yep, Lu Li’s opponents for today include a well-known PVP expert, Gaze.” Dark Wind had to act as if he had anticipated a match between such strong players before the final 16. He quickly thought of Gaze’s history as he said, “Gaze has played five to six games and is a true veteran gamer. In the once popular, Jianghu, he, Chainsmoker and a few others had risen to become legends.

Moonlight was Chainsmoker, so he knew Gaze’s qualities very well.

“Gaze has now joined the Gale Legion; do you think that the Gale Legion would have equipped him with the strongest team?” Zhang Zhen asked.

Of course, he personally hoped that Gaze’s team was stronger. The more exciting the competition, the more opportunity he had to make comments

The last few matches had been exciting, but they lacked some tension.

“It is said that Gaze’s membership fee is up to four million annually, so it is likely that the Gale Legion will give their best. The Mage who is holding that Magic Staff is the number one Mage in the Gale Legion, Cloudy Leaf. The Priest is actually a new face.” Dark Wind only managed to identify some of the players.

“The number one Mage? How strong is he really?” Zhang Zhen obviously already knew of Cloudy Leaf.

The reason he asked was to give Dark Wind the opportunity to explain what Cloudy Leaf could do. Most commentators were also really knowledgeable.

“Which side do you think will win?” Zhang Zhen asked.

This was a very unprofessional question. When commentating on a match where both sides were experts, it was very difficult to answer who would win when the host asked such a question.

If they were right, they had to nothing gain. However, if they were wrong, that would be really embarrassing for them.

However, Dark Wind didn’t really seem to mind answering that question. “When comparing Moonlight and Gaze, Gaze is probably a little stronger. But Gaze will not win,” he sighed.

“Why is that?” How could the stronger player not win?

“Moonlight is level 25 and the level 25 equipment that he is wearing has come from a Mold. With such a level and equipment imbalance, they are on a completely uneven playing field. Also,” Dark Wind paused, “Have you forgotten about Lu Li? This is not a fair fight at all!”

Zhang Zhen could only quietly agree, rather than to compare Cloudy Leaf to Lu Li.

There were fans from both sides who had bought tickets, but most of them were here to see Lu Li. How would a regular expert face off against a God?

While they were speaking, the match began.

Lu Li and Moonlight immediately went after the opposing Healer. They wanted to get rid of the Priest as soon as possible, as they knew Gaze’s strength and didn’t share Dark Wind’s optimism.

The opposing team’s lower level and weaker equipment was their weakness. As for Lu Li’s team, March Rain was their weakness.

If they could defeat the opposing Priest, they would have mitigated their team’s weakness.

Gaze saw that the other Priest was also a girl. Her dark eyebrows made her glow with vigor as she prepared herself to fight.

Although she was being focused fired, Wendelian didn’t panic.

Lu Li cast Cheap Shot on her but she quickly used her badge’s effect to remove the stun. She then sidestepped Moonlight’s Charge as he flew past her.

Wendelian was healing herself while moving towards her Mage.

Gaze also started to move in instead of attacking March Rain. He clearly had less confidence in this healer.

Moonlight had already cast every skill he had other than Whirlwind; all his buffs were in effect simultaneously. This was also the case for Lu Li. In a few short seconds, they had reduced the healer’s HP down to half.

As this was happening, the Mage spread a layer of ice beneath their feet.

The ice seemed to move slowly at first, but it suddenly covered a 12-yard-radius, freezing all hostile units within the area.

Frost Nova!

The moment that Lu Li saw the layer of ice, he knew what skill it was. This was the skill that had made him enough money to buy a game helmet when he first started playing the game.

This skill was very rare.

Even after another two to three years, only the experts would have this skill.

Lu Li and Moonlight were both frozen. This skill had a 12-yard range and an 8 second effect duration!

There was no easy way to defeat Moonlight at this time without wasting Frost Nova’s effect.

Even if they tried to kill him, he would recover as soon as he started taking damage.

As such, the Gale Legion’s number one Mage Cloudy Leaf aimed his Magic Staff at Lu Li and started channeling his skills. He wanted to hit this Cloth Armored Thief with a high damage skill.

It was a five second channel, and there was only one second left before the skill could be cast.

Lu Li used his Shadow Cloak skill.

This removed any magic effects and made him immune to those effects for a short time.

Now that he was no longer frozen, he immediately used his cloak’s effect to appear behind the Mage.

The Priest had already retreated behind the Warrior so she couldn’t make it in time. Her Inferior Shadow Step didn’t give her enough distance and there was no way that she could make it if she ran.

However, just as Lu Li was casting Cheap Shot, a figure appeared.

Gaze had cast Charge.

He had anticipated that Lu Li would use his cloak. This was a well-known skill of Lu Li’s.

If Lu Li was hit by this Charge, he would have no choice but to cast Gale Steps.

A Thief that had already used Gale Steps would have very few life-preserving abilities left, especially when facing a Warrior and a Mage.

Fortunately, Lu Li, with his wealth of PVP experience from his past life, had seen this situation before. He simply reached around the Mage and started attacking him as quickly as he could.

Lu Li was basically right behind the Mage’s body and Gaze could do nothing but pass by him.

Although Gaze couldn’t hit him, he didn’t keep charging like a rookie.

Instead, he decisively cancelled his Charge and stopped right beside Lu Li.


This was the strength of Gaze. He definitely wasn’t weaker than Moonlight. In fact, his transitions between skills were smoother than Moonlight’s.

Trample would definitely be within range if he was this close. If Lu Li didn’t act, he would definitely be affected by Gaze’ Trample.

While everyone was watching him, Lu Li jumped.

Yes, he jumped.

Could you avoid Trample just by jumping?

Trample’s effect lasted for 1 second. If the skill was higher-levelled, this duration could be increased. Although this wasn’t mentioned in the skill description, it was a generally accepted effect.

Human jumps were limited to less than one second. Although they could get infinitely close to one second, it was scientifically confirmed that they would never be able to exceed it. There was once a man named Jordan who was dubbed the ‘flying man’, as he had achieved an airtime of 0.8 seconds. It was considered a miracle.

As such, in everyone’s minds, jumping to avoid Trample wasn’t a realistic way to avoid it.

As for whether it would actually work, even the commentator didn’t know what to say.

Lu Li was an expert and experts rarely made any pointless moves. So, when he performed this eye-catching jump, everyone watched on in anticipation.