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Chapter 284: Exchanging Pieces

Chapter 284: Exchanging Pieces

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Gaze stared at Lu Li’s airborne body as he cast Trample.

Visible tremors began to spread in a circle around him as the ground shook continuously for a whole second. He wasn’t worried that Lu Li would be able to dodge it.

They had to take advantage of that fact that Moonlight was still unable to move for another 8 seconds and quickly deal with Lu Li.

As for March Rain, she was currently running around randomly.

Wendelian had previously approached March Rain and casted Soul Shriek, putting her into a terrified state for 8 seconds.

Soul Shriek was the Priest’s strongest crowd-control skill; it caused the target to involuntarily run around.

As the Gale Legion was currently LV21, the main branch must have had at least 20,000 members. They also had quite a few sub-branches which likely brought the total members up to 100,000.

Being Gaze’s teammember and having the support of 100,000 players, Wendelian naturally wouldn’t lack such strong skills.

Moonlight was going to be four seconds away even after he recovered from being frozen. It was enough time!

Now, they just had to wait for Lu Li to fall down.

Although this has taken so long to describe, it all happened incredibly quickly. The events that occurred after Lu Li’s jumped all happened in the blink of an eye.

Everyone thought that he would be finished as soon as he landed.

But would Lu Li really be finished in this situation?

Of course not! There was no way that he jumped just to delay the inevitable.

Under the gaze of 100,000 viewers, he kicked his right leg squarely onto Cloudy Leaf’s chest…

Was that possible?

At this point even Dark Wind couldn’t remain silent. “This is a game after all. So the things that are possible in real life…”

Although virtual games had been around for over 200 years, the only thing that he could say was ‘this is still a game after all’.

Kicking someone to shift your momentum wasn’t uncommon in real life. However, in a game, it should have been impossible, especially given the technical difficulty required to do it.

After all, the rules of the game were created around the concept of playability.

As such, when you kicked someone else in a fight, it shouldn’t have had any effect.

The events that followed left everyone dumbfounded. The moment Lu Li completed his kick, the Frostbolt that Cloudly Leaf was casting backfired.

He had been affected by Kick!

Everyone suddenly realized that this Thief had used a skill.

Casting Kick and actually kicking someone were two different things. Only one of them was a skill and would be recognized by the system.

When a channeled skill was interrupted, there would naturally be repercussions.

Although Lu Li was inevitably going to fall, his use of this skill had significantly delayed that fall.

The ground had stopped trembling and Trample’s effect had passed. Lu Li fell flat onto the ground, but managed to raise his dagger and successfully block Gaze’s Hamstring skill.

Upon a successful block, Hamstring’s 50% slow was reduced by half and its damage was also significantly reduced.

Although he had avoided Trample, Lu Li was still in danger. He had been slowed and he was in close proximity to a Berserker, a Mage and a Priest.

With a heavy heart, Lu Li was forced to cast Gale Steps.

Dawn was a very balanced game.

There was no way that he could defeat a Berserker head-on, even with his superior equipment and levels. This was even before considering the two other players who were present.

He didn’t want to make the mistake of Staring Right Eye by hesitating. When he saw that the situation was bad, he decisively retreated.

Gale Steps was a Thief’s ultimate escape skill; it allowed Lu Li to smoothly escape and relieved the effects of Hamstring, as well as any other debuffs.

Gale Steps also conveniently put him into Stealth.

Gaze was shocked. He thought that Lu Li was so proud that he would rather die than use Gale Steps. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have jumped before and would have simply used Gale Steps to get away.

He didn’t think that he would have such a change of heart and suddenly retreat.

So, who were they supposed to attack now? Moonlight or March Rain?

Without much thought, the three of them ran straight at March Rain. In Dawn’s team battles, killing the Healer was never a bad idea.

March Rain had not yet recovered from her Feared state and was still running around randomly.

The Mage’s Frostbolt had hit March Rain which woke her up, but this attack was quickly followed by Gaze’s Charge.

Armor Break, Strangle, Whirlwind.

One of Gaze’s characteristics was that he was very goal oriented; he had used all the skills that he had left. As long as he achieved his goal, he didn’t care that he was perhaps using Whirlwind a little too early.

Lu Li was troubled.

He finally understood what Staring Right Eye was feeling. He had to choose between whether he should save her or not.

He had to save her!

Lu Li burst into action the moment he thought this and went straight to the Mage, Cloudy Leaf.

He first casted Premeditation and followed that up with Cheap Shot!

Premeditation wasn’t a combat skill and wouldn’t be seen by one’s opponents, but it gave the caster two extra combo points. Any Thief who had this skill would use it before casting Cheap Shot.

The moment the Mage was crowd controlled by Cheap Shot, Lu Li immediately cast Ambush.

Fighting players was very different from fighting monsters. It was very difficult to get the same level of Skill Completion, as players tended to dodge or block. Even the slightest twist from the player could have a great impact on the degree of completion.

However, in a situation like this, those additional influences could be ignored.

Because the target was under hard crowd-control, the target was no different from a wooden dummy.

Cloudy Leaf could only watch as his HP rapidly dropped.

He felt a cool sensation on his neck before his HP dropped even further. It was also accompanied with a Bleed.

Dammit, his Skill Completion is way too high.

As he was still stunned, he couldn’t even give himself any shields. He could only hope that Wendelian was keeping him alive.

He kept reassuring himself that there was no way he would die in one rotation of skills, especially with a Priest that had such strong equipment. But now, his confidence was shaken.

He had just 200-300 HP and had been stunned for another 2 seconds. Was this really the Thief’s useless Shadowstrike?

Many Thieves looked down on Shadowstrike because they felt like it did too little damage.

However, Lu Li really liked this skill and it dealt significantly more damage in his hands. Just then, it had done three times the normal damage and had even produced a special effect.

It wasn’t that much worse than an Ultimate Skill.

Wendelian quickly used her Magic Staff and started casting a skill. With a white flash, Cloudy Leaf’s 30% HP jumped by 20%.


The Mage had woken up and was trying to cast Ice Shield on himself before he was stunned once again.

Moonlight had charged at him!

He had finally recovered from being frozen and was furious.

He cast his skills often and accurately, not losing focus for a single moment.

There was still a chance; Cloudy Leaf forced himself to calm down. He still had quite a bit of HP and Charge’s stun only lasted for two seconds. Only two seconds…

Cha! Lu Li seemed to have made a misstep, as he stabbed his dagger into Cloudy Leaf’s forehead.


Lu Li alone might not have been able to continuously stun a Mage with a healing Priest, but the two of them together could do it.

Although Lu Li had taken the initiative on this side, the pressure on March Rain hadn’t been alleviated. She was in imminent danger, as she was facing a ten-year gaming veteran who was also one of Dawn’s top PVP players.

She had already given herself shields, used her damage reduction skills and had healed herself where she could.

When Lu Li and Moonlight joined forces to finish off Cloudy Leaf, March Rain was down to her last sliver of HP.