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Chapter 285: Two Lu Li“s

Chapter 285: Two Lu Li's

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Two Lu Lis

Gaze killed March Rain, but he didn’t feel the slightest bit of exhilaration. This girl was too competitive – even if she knew she was going to die eventually, she would still try her best to survive.

Her competitive personality caused Gaze to lose his chance to support the Mage.

Or rather, he miscalculated – he thought that he could kill the Priest, then turn around and save the Mage in time.

Accidents always happened; he underestimated the completion level of Lu Li’s skills. Even a Berserker like himself was petrified by the damage Lu Li could deal, not to mention that March Rain was unexpectedly hard to defeat.

Two against two!

It was hard to say which side had the advantage. Gaze could heal, but his damage output was limited. Since he was the only one standing, it would be hard for him to quickly kill either Lu Li or Moonlight by himself.

As for Lu Li and Moonlight, they were a violent combination.

If Wendelian ran out of mana first, it would be Lu Li and Moonlight’s victory, but if Lu Li and Moonlight couldn’t survive until he ran out of mana, they would both be in danger. After all, from this point onwards, there was no way for either of them to regain any health at all.

"Leave Gaze to me; go and chase down the Priest," Moonlight said as he waved the big axe in his hands.

"Alright, I promise I won’t give her any chances to heal," Lu Li promised before he dove into the shadows.


Gaze sighed, this skill was his biggest concern.

Wendelian healing a warrior was different to healing herself; she was a cloth-geared class after all.

"Come, let’s see if you’ve fallen behind." Moonlight licked his lips; the lust for battle was clear in his eyes.

"Alright, today we’ll settle who’s the best once and for all."

Gaze was quick to adjust; he knew that Moonlight would be a tough enemy and he needed to focus.

Wendelian didn’t panic; she placed a constant heal buff and a shield on herself.

If Lu Li resurfaced, he would have to pop her shield first and if he waited around for her shield to disappear, she would have enough time to heal Gaze.

Of course, Lu Li wouldn’t wait – his Cheap Shot was already off cooldown.

With Cheap Shot available, there was no problem at all.

He had already secretly replaced his dagger with Corrupted Fang.

This was no longer a time where he should be hiding his true strength - he couldn’t place all of hope in Moonlight. If Moonlight lost to Gaze and he failed to kill the healer, they would lose for sure.

He wouldn’t allow himself to fail, at least, not before he gave it his all.

"Teacher Wind, what do you think of the current situation?" Zhang Zhen had to voice a reminder – his partner always forgot to talk.

You’re an analyst, you’re here to watch the match.

"Hmph, this is a situation where both parties are evenly matched," Dark Wind replied after he cleared his throat.

"Do you think Lu Li will be able to kill the Priest before Gaze and Moonlight settle their score?" Zhang Zhen asked.

Up until this point of the match, no one apart the biased fans would think that the team they supported was guaranteed to win.

"This is hard to say. Lu Li’s damage is indeed quite insane, but there is no way he will be able to stun the Priest until she dies. Once Wendelian finds a gap, she’ll be able to raise her health bar back up." Dark Wind actually had a more pessimistic view about the situation, but as an analyst, he couldn’t draw any definite conclusions.

However, everyone understood what he meant.

"Alright, Lu Li is starting his attack; he opens with a Premeditation, followed by Cheap Shot. Here comes Backstab, Ambush, great. That’s already five combo points, now what’s next? Backhand Backstab or Slit Throat? Wait, am I seeing things? Teacher Wind, what is this, what is this?"

In the world of the Analysts, Zhang Zhen was well known for his quick talking style. It was quite common to see him call out the skills of players at a rapid speed.

But right now, he was on the edge of having a breakdown.

He was a Dawn player too and had an in-depth understanding of all classes. He was also a common visitor of the forums, but never had he seen anything like what he had just witnessed.

Why were there two Lu Lis!

Dark Wind’s jaws dropped, as he subconsciously replied," Maybe it’s some sort of cloning skills… this game actually has cloning skills..."

The audience exploded into a frenzy.

This was a sight that they had never seen and it was an impactful shock for many.

Those who supported Lu Li were cheering – they had no doubt that Lu Li would perform another miracle – while those who supported Gaze were cursing out loud. This was not fair!

Corrupted Fang (Perfect Silver Grade): 24-36 Damage, Agility +16, Strength +6, Critical Chance +8%, Special Special Effect 1: Chance to apply 20% Armour Pierce when attacking, lasts for 15 seconds. Special Effect 2: Chance to summon a Phantom when attacking. Phantom has 30% of player’s attack damage and lasts 20 seconds. Level Requirement 25, Durability 50/50.

Lu Li’s attacks had activated the special effects. He didn’t pause at all and his dagger quickly slid across Wendelian’s neck.

The clone that he had summoned did the same; it copied the exact moves of Lu Li and its dagger also slid across the same position.



An ultimate skill took out almost a quarter of Wendelian’s health. On top of the damage previously dealt, Wendelian barely had any health left.

This was only the beginning; Lu Li still hasn’t used his Shadowstrike.

The clone dealt damage in the same way that Lu Li did. When Shadowstrike critically struck, dealing three times its original damage, Wendelian became a true tragedy.

As the two second stun was about to end, Lu Li stacked a Gouge on top.

In her last moments, Wendelian regained consciousness, but she barely had any health left. Even if she could heal herself, there was no way for her to handle the incoming attacks of Lu Li.

Wendelian fell to the floor, while Moonlight and Gaze still had around half of their health bars left.

"You lost."

Moonlight stopped attacking and took two steps back. Even he was surprised about Lu Li killing the healer so quickly.

"Yes," Gaze admitted as he smiled bitterly. "But there’s more chances in the future."

Regular seasons were different to elimination matches; losing a match didn’t mean you would be eliminated from the competition. It wouldn’t be hard for Gaze’s team to enter the round of sixteen with their skill level, but they no longer had a chance for the Champion spot in this season of the Shadow Cup.

Gaze didn’t blame Cloudy Leaf for dying too quickly, neither did him blame himself for not killing March Rain fast enough.

They had already played the best they could and it wasn’t a surprise that they lost. He was level 24, Cloudy was also level 24 and Wendelian was only level 23. On the other hand, Lu Li was level 26, March Rain was also level 26 and Moonlight was level 25. The gap between the teams was too great and they didn’t have any level 25 gear.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had stronger skills, they wouldn’t have been able to put up such a fight.

"We’ll talk about it next time; I’ll fight you again."

Moonlight bumped fists with him and exited the match. He wasn’t the least bit worried about Gaze going back on his word.

Gaze followed and left the match too, as Lu Li received a victory message from the system.

After he left the scene, his clone disappeared and the breathtaking moment from before dissipated. All that was left on the battleground was emptiness and silence.

An uproar of cheering erupted from the stands; even the supporters of Gaze applauded.

Despite Gaze’s team losing, they had forced Lu Li to play his trump card.

Lu Li’s team had also brought out the potential in Gaze’s team. The fans had faith that Gaze’s team would make it into the round of sixteen for sure.

Lu Li left the battleground and was teleported to the entrance. The members of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group sat on the ground and rested, while his sister was learning how to fight monsters from a small distance away.

As he watched on, Lu Li’s slightly frowned, but he didn’t stop her.