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Chapter 287: Focusing Hachi Chan

Chapter 287: Focusing Hachi Chan

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"It’s a shame we didn’t get to spectate the game."

Regret was written all over Sakura Memories’ face; March Rain had left early and was explaining what had

happened during the battle.

Even with Lu Li and Moonlight, she had been killed and had to leave the battle early. This clearly showed

how tough their opponents were.

"You and Gaze know each other?" Lu Li couldn’t help but ask.

Gaze was a famous player and even though he tried to stay under the radar, he was just like Blood Dagger

and the others. They were players who were often analyzed by many, especially when people talked about

PVP masters.

Lu Li recalled from his past life’s memories that Moonlight never participated in competitions, even though

he had the ‘Warrior God’ title. However, no one ever thought that he had better gaming techniques than


"Don’t you and Gaze know each other too?" Moonlight laughed bitterly; not everything in this world was


"We’ve fought against each other before. It ended as a draw; he’s a very tough opponent."

Seeing that he didn’t want to dive deep into this topic, Lu Li didn’t question him any further. Everyone had

their own secrets to keep.

"Yes, Lu Li, I’ve found our weakness." Moonlight’s expression was serious.

"Are you referring to our skills?" Lu Li asked.

"Yep, you’ve found it too. Compared to their team, our skills were too weak. Otherwise, the match

would’ve been much easier."

Frost Nova, Soul Shriek, Whirlwind…the caliber of skills books that players from the big guilds were able to

obtain was truly beyond what any ordinary player could imagine.

Even as a mercenary group, Lu Li and the others still seemed like random players in the eyes of many.

"Is it possible to obtain a Soul Shriek skill book now?" Lu Li asked.

"I’ve contacted a few friends, but none of them have it. Currently, this skill is in high-demand; the same

goes for Frost Nova..."

It wasn’t only these three skills that Lu Li and the others needed; they actually lacked quite a lot of skills.

For example, Lu Li really needed Kidney Strike.

Kidney Strike was a very powerful crowd-control skill. For a Thief to become the strongest assassinator of

cloth-armored classes, this skill was definitely a requirement. However, Lu Li still hadn’t been able to find

the skill book for it, not even with the help of Shen Wansan.

At the end of the day, the advantage that reincarnation gave had its limits.

"Aiya, it’s our turn. Xin Xin, make sure to accept." Hachi Chan jumped up; their match was about to begin.

After inviting Lu Xin, she also invited Lu Li.

Lu Li still hadn’t applied for another ranked match and after giving it some though, he accepted the invite.

They were then teleported into the stands of the match arena.

Lu Xin sat beside Lu Li; they had both been invited by Hachi Chan, so it was natural for them to be placed

beside each other.

Hachi Chan, Azure Sea Breeze and Lonsome Flower made a classic team-composition of Warrior, Mage and

Druid. On the other hand, their opponents went for the more aggressive Paladin, Warlock and Thief.

Paladins were capable of dealing damage and healing. They were a very flexible class and because they

wore plated armor, they were able to take more damage.

The Thief went into stealth mode as soon as the match started. The Warlock targeted Hachi Chan and the

Paladin also rushed forward.

"Will Hachi Chan win?" Lu Xin sat beside Lu Li and held onto her brother’s hand, her eyes glistening.

"Of course," Lu Li affirmed.

"Mate, you’re friends with Hachi Chan, right? How can you be so sure they’ll win?"

The audience seating didn’t afford any privacy and the person beside them had a pair of good ears, good

enough to hear what Lu Li was saying in the rowdy environment.

"Brother, why?" Lu Xin wasn’t so sure anymore after she heard someone else question Lu Li.

As they grew up, Lu Li often lied to her. For example, he would bring food home and tell her that he had

already eaten when he hadn’t.

"Because they’re targeting Hachi Chan." Lu Li was certain of his prediction, but he couldn’t explain it.

His reasoning didn’t sound logical at all – was there anything wrong with trying to kill the healer first?

The Warlock’s Shadow Arrow exploded on Hachi Chan’s leather armor, followed by a -22 and the word


Usually, a miss meant that the skill hadn’t landed. However, in Dawn, it was impossible for a skill not to

land on its target. Rather, the 22 points of damage was a clear indication that the skill had failed.

Shadow Arrow had a cast time of three seconds and was one of the most common skills used by Warlocks.

Even if the Warlock was a lower-level than Hachi Chan, the damage that it dealt should have still been at

least around 150.

Azure Sea Breeze was known as the number one tank in the game, but he wasn’t well known among PVP


As soon as the embarrassing damage digits floated into the air, the analyst gasped and said what everyone

else was thinking, "Aiya, that’s some bad luck for the Warlock."

At the same time, the Thief had gone into Stealth and had snuck up behind Hachi Chan.

He used a Cheap Shot to stun Hachi Chan, which was followed by a smooth sequence of skills. It was clear

that he wasn’t an ordinary noob either.

However, what left him speechless was that just like the Warlock, his attacks were also a bunch of failures.

The Warlock and Thief gave it their all, completing an entire round of all their skills, but they only managed

to take around half of Hachi Chan’s health bar.

Dodge, Damage Reduction, Parry, Block – Hachi Chan had it all. The Thief and the Warlock were both

shocked. Was this really a Druid standing before them?

You didn’t even have a shield, so what’s with the block? You didn’t move your staff either, so where did the

parry come from...

"Aiya, help!" Hachi Chan screamed. "They’re hitting me! They’re all hitting me! Help me!"

The audience was left speechless.

You barely lost any health; what’s with all this screaming.

Hachi Chan had good equipment, but her attacks and healing were only average. Her gear mostly came

from quests and were all quite unusual.

Azure Sea Breeze and Lonesome Flower didn't stand around doing nothing either. Azure Sea Breeze faced

off against the Paladin while Lonesome Flower aimed at the Thief.

At this point, Lonesome Flower’s unleashed a barrage of spells and attacks. He was a magic damage class

and was focusing his fire on a leather-armored class. A bunch of jaw-dropping numbers floated into the air.

No one attacked him either; he was completely free to do consistent damage.

The Thief really began to feel the pressure. If this continued, he would die before he got around to killing

the Druid with his Warlock teammate.

An unknown effect on his equipment was suddenly activated. A red light radiated from the Thief and his

damage greatly increased. He had already stored five combo points and immediately aimed his ultimate

skill right at the back of Hachi Chan’s head.

As long as the weird statuses didn’t pop up this time, he had faith that this attack would end everything.

After killing the Druid, he planned to then use Gale Steps.

Then, once he ran towards the Paladin and received some healing, he would be in good fighting condition


Lonesome Flower had only just finished a skill rotation, so he could only watch as the Thief went berserk

and attacked Hachi Chan.

Don’t disappoint us; heal yourself.

Unfortunately, Hachi Chan was at a loss since she couldn’t find the Thief. She had no clue that the Thief had

already made his way behind her and was prepared to surprise her.

"Even though she’s cute, she’s honestly too stupid."

The person who was sitting next to Lu Li clearly wasn’t a supporter of Hachi Chan and had smug look

plastered all over his face.

Before he could finish his sentence, the tides of battle suddenly shifted.