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Chapter 289: An Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 289: An Unexpected Meeting

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"Look at your depressed-looking face! Did you guys lose?" Wandering rejoiced at their misfortune.

Azure Sea Breeze had mocked them when they lost their battle last time. However, the tables had

turned and Team Azure Sea Breeze had finally lost their first match, right before they entered into

the top 100.

Wandering was relentless and his insults flew like daggers, cutting deep into the trio.

"It’s ok. It’s only one loss; it’s not a big deal. If you win two more, you’ll qualify for the top 100 which

is where the big money comes in," Lu Li consoled them.

Every match would be packed once they entered the top 100.

The tickets were one of their main sources of income.

Up until now, Lu Li had received ticket money with full attendance for every match.

That was equivalent to $300,000-$400,000 in real life!

Moonlight and March Rain, who had been with him since the start of the tournament, had earned

the same amount of money as well.

The other teams under Xin Xin Mercenary Group had earned about $100,000-$200,000 in ticket


"Sigh… why didn’t they focus Hachi Chan this time?" Azure Sea Breeze was very bitter.

Hachi Chan stomped on the ground angrily and retorted, "Do I look like I enjoy being focused?"

The matches they had won before had all been against weaker opponents.

Their team consisted of two LV26 players and a LV25 player, and they all had Superior-Grade Gear or

better. Most teams didn’t stand a chance against them.

The stronger teams they faced would usually focus Hachi Chan.

However, Lu Li and his team would never focus Hachi Chan if they were matched against them.

Hachi Chan was a trap set up by them!

It was very difficult to kill Hachi Chan because of her heals. By the time the enemy team finally

managed to kill her, they would be close to being finished off themselves.

At a surface-level, Team Azure Sea Breeze seemed unstoppable and could beat anyone.

However, if the enemy figured out their strategy, they would actually be the weakest team from the

Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

It was extremely easy to defeat them – all you had to do was ignore Hachi Chan.

The little girl wasn’t very confident in PVP, especially on a stage as big as the Shadow Cup. Her heals

weren’t very strong, her damage output was very low and she would often be flustered in a fight.

Therefore, it was much wiser to ignore her completely and focus on Lonesome Flower!

Even though Lonesome Flower was a high-level and had good gear, he was the only damage dealer

on their team. If he was killed first, there would only be a low-damage main tank and a low-damage

healer left.

Team Azure Sea Breeze seemed like a formidable, balanced team, however, they weren’t even

considered a threat for their experienced opponents.

This was exactly what had happened in the last match. They faced off against a smarter team which

immediately focused Lonesome Flower, then zoned-off Hachi Chan while slowly chipping away at

Azure Sea Breeze.

"There’ll be plenty of matches that are coming up. You guys should practise your coordination


Lonesome Flower looked like he wasn’t focused and Lu Li decided he had to do something about it.

"Flower, you should really work on improving your skills. Look at March Rain – she’s doing much

better than you in the tournament. Shouldn’t you become stronger as a brother so you can protect

your little sister?"

Lu Li’s method of encouraging Lonesome Flower was very childish and usually, people would just

ignore him.

However, anyone that challenged the authority of Lonesome Flower as an old brother would face his


Lonesome Flower became very mad but had nothing to say because he knew that Lu Li was right.

Even though he lacked the skills and wasn’t as talented as his little sister, it didn’t mean that he

could not improve and work on his game.

With his current level and gear, he would become a much better player if he improved his

positioning and his mechanics.

By his gear and level alone, he was known as the top Mage in the game.

However, he was lazy and was only capable of standing in on place while casting his spells.

What a waste of resources...

Lu Li then turned his attention towards Hachi Chan, but before he could say anything, Hachi Chan

quickly blurted out, "I’ll put in more effort to learn how to heal properly! Don’t scold me!"

Lu Li couldn’t bring himself to scold a little girl.

After 5 minutes or so, the second round was about to begin. Lu Li quickly finished off the monsters

he was fighting and prepared to enter battle with his teammates.

At a corner of the Black Sea Coast, a group of people were fighting a LV15 Wild Boss which only

spawned at certain times. Star Moon Union was lucky enough to have come across it and they had

managed to lure the boss into a remote area.

If they didn’t lure it away, they risked other players stealing the kill.

"Big boss, don’t worry. You guys can leave. After this match, we’ll enter the top 100."

The group was re-energized at the thought of their guild entering the top 100.

They were considered to be one of the major guilds in Dawn because they were full of rich, second-

generation students who were willing to pay to win.

Last year, they ranked at 82 nd on the Guild Rankings. However, if they didn’t perform well in the

Shadow Cup this year, their ranking would be at risk.

Although there were many factors that went into the Guild Rankings, tournament achievements

were considered to be a major one. If a guild didn’t perform well in a tournament, their ranking

could drop significantly.

Square Root Three sighed and regretted the past with Lu Li.

If only Lu Li had stayed in Star Moon Union…

Yes… if Lu Li had stayed, he would have found ways to make more money. He would have become

the top player and commander in the guild. He would have led Star Moon to numerous First Clears,

taken them to levelling hotspots and led them to the Shadow Cup championship.

Star Moon Union had the money and resources but they lacked a leader. If Lu Li had stayed, they

wouldn’t have to struggle to barely make the top 100 in the Shadow Cup. They could have even had

a guaranteed ticket to the finals.

As Lu Li became more and more well-known and his accolades continued to grow, Square Root

Three became more and more regretful. He should’ve taken Lu Li’s side back then instead of trying

to play the peacemaker.

There was nothing he could do now.

He was purely focused on improving the guild and maintaining harmony within it.

He sighed again as he watched Ao Jian, I am Richy Rich and Lawlessly teleport to the arena.

Others cheered them on as they were also invited to be teleported to spectate the match.

"Eh… isn’t that… that…" I am Richy Rich saw the people standing before him and mumbled.

"March Rain…. crap, it’s Lu Li!" Lawlessly hadn’t forgotten the beauty of March Rain and recognized

her immediately. He soon realised that Lu Li was on the same team as her.

I am Richy Rich hated Lu Li’s guts so he had never spectated any of Lu Li’s games. He was unfamiliar

with Moonlight and March Rain as well.

A Warrior, a Priest and a Thief in Stealth.

Ao Jian’s expression turned sour; he couldn’t believe their terrible luck.

Star Moon Union had already lost a match prior to this battle. If they lost one more, they would be

eliminated from the tournament. This meant that their chances of entering the top 100 were

extremely slim.

"Don’t be scared – our gear isn’t that bad. Big boss is already Lv24 and he has Frost Nova," I am

Richy Rich said. In reality, he was terrified, but he had to encourage the others to fight. Otherwise, it

would be impossible to defeat Lu Li. I am Richy Rich knew about Lu Li’s reputation of being a PVP

expert, but he decided to put up his best fight before going down.

"I’ve always wanted to face off against Lu Li again. I wonder if the rumours are true," Lawlessly said

encouragingly as he went into Stealth.

He recalled the time when he was sent out to assassinate Lu Li with another Thief and had almost

succeeded. He wondered how things would’ve turned out if Azure Sea Breeze hadn’t ruined their