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Chapter 290: Destiny Makes Enemies Meet

Chapter 290: Destiny Makes Enemies Meet

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The reason why Lawlessly fearlessly stepped into the arena was because of the additional 10%

Detection from his necklace.

This necklace had dropped from a LV20 Wild Boss which had taken the whole of Star Moon Union to

defeat. Lawlessly wasn’t the best Thief in the guild, but because he excelled at sucking up to the

guild master, he often received better equips when the loot was divided up.

The necklace alone gave him the ability to detect his opponents and strike first. This gave him an

advantage against most Thieves because a fight between two Thieves was often dependent on

whoever unleashed their combos first.

Lu Li stayed put and observed his opponents.

To be honest, he didn’t see anyone from Star Moon Union as a threat.

In his past life, he had worked for the Star Moon Union to earn gold. The longer he stayed, the more

he realised how fake and materialistic everyone there was. As he became more and more

independent, he decided to leave the guild and venture out on his own.

Lu Li was amused by the fact that these three had made it into the top 100. If his memory served

him correctly, the Star Moon Union was one of the only guilds on the top 100 Guild Rankings that

could never qualify for the top 100 in tournaments. Even before his rebirth, Star Moon Union had a

reputation for their terrible tournament records.

Lu Li wasn’t aware of the fact that the Star Moon Union had only made it this far because of the

Frost Nova Skill Book. Frost Nova was strong enough to decide certain matches during the qualifiers.

Their healer was I Am Richy Rich who was the wealthiest player in the guild. His motto was "When

I’m being a pretentious prick, everyone should shut the hell up." He hated when others stole his

moments of glory.

Their team composition was actually pretty decent, but their skills were lacking…

"Lu Li, show your face if you dare!" I am Richy Rich shouted.

The commentators were surprised by his trash talking because Lu Li would probably make them eat

their words sooner or later.

Trash talking was very common in Dawn, whether it was before or during matches. Some would

even take the opportunity to advertise their product or sponsorships.

However, the Shadow Cup was a prestigious tournament and trash talking that involved the other

person’s relatives was strictly forbidden. Therefore, trash talking wasn’t as common in the Shadow


What was the point of trash talking if it doesn’t involve their relatives?

Lu Li completely ignored him because he noticed a shadow at his 3 o’clock position.

Their plan was to lure Lu Li out with their trash talking and ambush him with Lawlessly.

Lu Li repositioned himself and slowly moved towards the Thief.

He cautiously crept around and repositioned himself until he had circled around the Thief without

being noticed.

It was normal for him to go unnoticed.

Even though the 10% Detection from Lawlessly’s necklace allowed him to detect Thieves, Lu Li had a

bonus 30% Stealth effect from his Ring and Pants.

Lawlessly was overconfident in his Detection and he would soon face the consequences.

"I’ve got my sights on a Thief and I can lock him down while you charge in for support. I know that

the Mage has Frost Nova because I was the one that sold it to him," Lu Li said in his message to


Moonlight nodded as a signal that he understood.

"Lu Li, you ungrateful thing. Are you scared? Why don’t you come out?" I am Richy Rich continued


Since he was a healer, he had nothing to do except to trash talk.

As expected, Ao Jian teleported towards March Rain and casted Frost Nova. He planned on freezing

both March Rain and Moonlight.

Once they cut off the support from his Warrior and Priest, Lu Li would be nothing more than a sitting

duck waiting to be slaughtered.

Ao Jian’s strategy was the right move.

However, before he could act, Lu Li had already ambushed his prey.

Preparation and Cheap Shot stunned Lawlessly and revealed him from his stealth.

After he was revealed, they realised that they had encountered each other before.

Lu Li had sold the Frost Nova Skill Book to the Star Moon Union for $30,000, which caused a lot of

internal conflict within the Guild. Lu Li was ambushed by two Thieves that were sent by the Star

Moon Union to assassinate him. If Azure Sea Breeze had not stumble upon them, Lu Li would have

been dead meat.

Both parties wouldn’t have thought that their next encounter would be in the Shadow Cup.

Ao Jian casted his Frost Nova and instantly regretted it.

Only March Rani stood frozen in place. Since she was a long-ranged class, she was still able to cast

Mana Burn onto I am Richy Rich before being hit.

Ao Jian was very discouraged because their trump card had been easily nullified.

However, he had no time to be depressed over his useless Frost Nova because his Thief was in big


A combo that Lu Li and Moonlight often ran was the Stun into Whirlwind. This usually guaranteed

them a kill.

Before Moonlight had finished his Whirlwind, Lawlessly died from the burst damage.

Lu Li decided to ignore the Mage and went straight for I am Richy Rich. He hated this self-centred,

trash-talking narcissist and would kill him multiple times if he could.

Yes, Lu Li hated him so much that he had become a petty person.

The pitiful thing was that as soon as Lu Li rushed towards I am Richy Rich, he immediately screamed

and ran away.

Why was he even running? It was impossible for a Druid to outrun a Thief unless he used


Even without any mobility skills, Lu Li easily caught up to I am Richy Rich and slashed him with his

dagger from behind.

I am Richy Rich was extremely wealthy and was also the most powerful person in terms of status in

the Star Moon Union. He would often buy Superior Grade Druid equipment from the market for a

high price. As such, his gear was at an elite-level, and was much better than any other healer’s that

Lu Li had faced before.

However, I am Richy Rich was extremely pessimistic and was discouraged upon seeing his teammate

drop dead almost instantly. He was traumatized from previous encounters with Lu Li and no longer

had the will to fight back.

"Ao Jian, you useless piece of crap! Do you not know how to peel for your healer?!" I am Richy Rich

selfishly berated. He cared for no one but himself and in the spur of the moment, he even trash-

talked his own teammate.

"Stop embarrassing us and heal yourself," Ao Jian replied while recklessly casting all of his skills

towards Lu Li.

They were disadvantaged from the start and now they lacked in numbers. There was no way of them

turning the fight around.

He managed to deal some damage to Lu Li, but this was instantly negated by March Rain.

Moonlight quickly joined the fight and the dust finally settled.

The word "Victory" appeared in bold and flashed across their screen!

This marked their entry into the Asian Server Top 100.

The Top 100 may not seem all that impressive, however, this tournament featured the top players

from all over the Asian Server. The tournament was seen as an All-Star competition where the best

players gathered to fight for the championship. Even reaching the top 100 was a big accomplishment

for players, especially for those who were looking to rise on the Guild Rankings.

Lu Li and the others weren’t teleported out of the arena immediately, but instead remained as the

camera turned towards them and their faces were displayed on the big screen.

Everyone that entered the top 100 were considered to be celebrities in the game.