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Chapter 291: Star Moon Guild’s Demise

Chapter 291: Star Moon Guild’s Demise

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Lu Li had finally entered the top 100.

The Star Moon Guild had been tragically beaten and brutally eliminated.

As Ao Jian and the others were sent out by the System, a nearly dead Boss was defeated.

"Boss, we got it."

One of the subordinates picked up the Boss’ drop and couldn’t help but cheer. It was a material that

they needed to upgrade their guild. In a few minutes, they would be a level 20 guild.

There were currently only a few level 20 guilds in the game; there were definitely less than 50 of them.

If a player was in one of these level 20 guilds and also made it into the top 100, that would significantly

increase their fame.

Unfortunately, this overexcited subordinate didn’t see Ao Jian’s emotionless expression.

I Am Richy Rich interrupted him with a kick, "Yeah, but don’t you see that the boss is unhappy right


Not everyone in this game was equal. Some were imbued with a strong sense of duty.

Although this scene was rarely played out in the ordinary guilds, it was commonplace in Star Moon.

The player that was kicked wasn’t affected in any tangible way. However, he was kicked in full view of

everyone, which put him to shame.

Why would you three people, who lost, take it out on us?

There was a hint of anger that flashed in some of the players’ eyes, but this was quickly concealed.

Being a member of the Star Moon Guild had its benefits; it was much better than even the best guilds.

These players who had a relatively average technique didn’t want to give up their position.

All they could do was take it.

"Okay, you guys need to pull yourselves together." Square Root 3 couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

"I’m in a bad mood; can’t I express it?" I Am Richy Rich glared at him.

"If you want to take express it, then take it out on the noobs in the arena. Why are you taking it out on

your own guild?" The item that Square Root 3 was holding fell to the ground as he angrily said, "If it

weren’t for you, would Lu Li have left? If it weren’t for you, would Elevenless have left? It’s because of

your big mouth, that this guild is losing members every day."

"Do you even know what you’re talking about?" I Am Richy Rich was now upset. "We didn’t do anything

to them; they were just ungrateful."

"If you really think that, then I have nothing left to say to you."

Square Root 3 suddenly felt weak. Lu Li was one of Star Moon Guild’s Gold Collection Members, but he

had been offended by Richy Rich over and over again. Ao Jian was no better either. He thought that Lu Li

would be like every other member and would just accept the harassment for the sake of a potentially

rich future. However, he didn’t think that Lu Li would refuse to accept even the smallest amount of

harassment. Lu Li had torn up the contract and paid the penalty for cancellation.

From then on, there wasn’t a single expert who had stayed in their guild for long. They had all left like Lu

Li, without exception.

Why would those who had real talent care about this supposedly high salary of tens of thousands per


Square Root 3 was an old member of the Star Moon Guild; he had been with them since its day of

establishment five years ago.

He was actually quite famous among the commanders, but he was always insulted for being a

‘gatekeeper’. He had turned down many opportunities to stay in this dying guild.

However, today, for the first time, he felt genuinely disheartened.

"I didn’t know you had such an issue. Come and form an elite party with me and we’ll oppress some

noobs. I’ll pay you 10,000 for each player." I Am Richy Rich didn’t consider Square Root 3’s emotions at

all and simply left.

Square Root 3 just stood there with his lip quivering; he was so angry he was speechless.

"Don’t bother with him, you know how he’s like. He’s always upset when he loses a competition," Ao

Jian said casually as he patted Square Root 3 on the shoulder.

"Ao Jian, do you remember our dream when we set up this guild?’ Square Root 3 tilted his head and

watched as the Boss’ corpse faded away. His mind was racing.

"Why is there so much that displeases you? You know that he has paid a lot for this guild."

Ao Jian was becoming a little impatient.

Normally, he would never say something like that to his subordinates. However, today he was furious, as

he had missed his chance to get into the top 100.

I Am Richy Rich had many problems, but as his name suggested, he really was Richy Rich.

"Now that you mention it, you’re right. I don’t like him," Square Root 3 said as he smiled. "Actually, I

don’t like you either. Ao Jian, you’ve been really disappointing."

Ao Jian suddenly received a system prompt.

System: Square Root 3 has resigned as a guild leader. Square Root 3 has left the Star Moon guild. A sad

song describes a thousand words; perhaps you will meet once again.

"Hey, what are you doing? Let’s have a proper discussion." Ao Jian was dumbfounded.

I Am Richy Rich (World Announcement): Square Root 3, you idiot, don’t ever come back if you have any

problems. Our Star Moon Guild isn’t better with you and won’t be any worse off without you.

Ao Jian was further dumbfounded for a moment before he suddenly realized why Square Root 3

couldn’t stand Richy Rich anymore. The guy had no control.

Before he could do anything, Richy Rich got his subordinates to bump the message onto every forum.

As such, everyone learned that Square Root 3 had left the Star Moon Guild.

Ordinary players who inadvertently saw this message had one question on their minds. Who was Square

Root 3?

Dust Dragon (World Announcement): Fish are meant to be in the sea and birds are meant to be in the

sky. Congratulations for getting out of that sea of misery. We, the Blood Red War Flag, are looking for

talent. What do you think? You can set the conditions…

Then, dozens of guild leaders and high-ranking officers recklessly spoke out as well.

They were all inviting Square Root 3 to join their guilds.

It didn’t matter that the ordinary players didn’t recognize Square Root 3. As long as it wasn’t their first

day playing, they definitely would have recognized these high-level guild names.

It was quickly discovered that Square Root 3 was ranked 31 st among the top commanders.

He was only ranked 31 st ; why was he so valuable? Some of the guild leaders were even personally

inviting him and allowing him to set his own conditions.

This was all because of the Star Moon Union. This second-rate union had gained the attention of the

bigger guilds due to its quick rise to prosperity.

The current top 100 guilds all had dozens to hundreds of years of history. However, the Star Moon Guild

had only been around for five years.

They had come so far in only five-years- time, and had long since attracted the attention of the bigger


However, the World Announcements also began to attack the Star Moon Guild.

Lu Li knew that this was happening and had blocked the World Announcements, but his teammates

weren’t so cold and were reading all about what was happening.

Lu Li (World Announcement): Brother Square Root, I won’t engage in formalities, but I wish you well in

your glorious future endeavors.

The only person from the Star Moon Guild that hadn’t left a bad impression on Lu Li was Square Root 3.

However, he also knew that Square Root 3, with his talent for management, would be useless for their

small Mercenary group.

Square Root 3 (World Announcement): Many thanks for accepting an old watchdog like myself, but I

would like to rest for a while. Thank you Lu Li for your blessings. If I had made a different choice in the

past, would you still have left the Star Moon Guild?

His supposed other choice was to side with Lu Li and not give any consideration to Ao Jian.