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Chapter 292: Silver Chest

Chapter 292: Silver Chest

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Lu Li was silent for a really long time. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to respond and just wanted the

channel to cool down.

Just as everyone thought he wasn’t going to reply, a message came up on the World Announcements.

"Sorry, I only accept your cooperation, but not your jurisdiction."

The chatter in the World Announcements started up again.

Lots of people were still trying to draw in Square Root 3 wjo;e others were ridiculing Lu Li.

I only accept cooperation, but not jurisdiction.

That was going a little too far. The leaders of the big guilds saw this message and felt uncomfortable.

They all felt that this Lu Li person was like a thorn in their sides.

Square Root 3’s eyes actually lit up when this happened, but he still didn’t accept any of the guild


Not long after Lu Li’s match, Azure Sea Breeze’ team, despite their level and equipment advantage,

barely managed to win two matches in order to break into the top 100.

Wandering’s team didn’t have a healer. With such strong burst, they needed to defeat the opposing

healer quickly. If they could kill the healer within the first few seconds, then they would win. If they

were unable to, they would lose. In their last match, they had faced off against Peerless City’s main

team. Their strategy didn’t work on this team, so they were eliminated just short of the top 100.

Peerless City ranked ninth on the Chinese Trade Union Rankings and they had stars like Green Flag Wine

and Fatal Gold Underpants.

Speaking of the rankings, these were the unions that placed before Peerless City:

Glory Capital was the well-deserved first place, followed by the Gangnam Royals, then Blood Red War

Flag, Gale Legion, Seventh Heaven, Azure Guard, Drizzle Court, Wings of Dawn, Peerless City and Stellar


Other than Glory Capital, Gale Legion and Stellar Union, all the others were trade unions.

Although the Gangnam Royals were second, they didn’t have many experts. However, after joining

Dawn, they had managed to win over Dancing Star Dream, A Straw in the Wind and Old Man Power to

form a group of a Thief, a Mage and a Druid. They had yet to be defeated in the competition.

Although not everyone in the top 100 were experts – they could have been lucky like Azure Sea Breeze –

most of them were unique in some way.

After entering the top 100, there was a reasonably long resting period.

Lu Li wanted to do a few things. He wanted to make up for the skill book gap between his team and the

big guilds.

In the competitions, skills that he didn’t think were that common came up, and there were usually two

or three of them at a time. For example, Frost Nova, Soul Shriek, Kidney Shot, Whirlwind…

Lu Li intended to open a Silver Chest.

However, he wasn’t going alone – he also called on Hachi Chan.

He didn’t have a choice. Silver-grade and higher Chests couldn’t be casually opened and their locations

were much more obscure. They could potentially appear in the middle of a freshly spawned group of


The Silver Chest that Lu Li wanted to open was guarded by a level 30 Lava Monster. Although, it wasn’t a

Boss, it was much stronger than a regular Elite mob. As such, most players considered it to be a Boss.

Lu Li had almost no chance of killing a level 30 pseudo-Boss, so that meant he wouldn’t be able to open

the chest either.

However, Hachi Chan, who could also fly, could provide him with healing.

"I’ve already bought the things you told me to. Now you want me to come with you? What if you sell me

off?" the little girl pleaded.

"You wouldn’t sell for more than two pieces of Steel equipment," Lu Li savagely shot back.

"You…" Hachi Chan was furious. "I’m upset now…"

Lu Li took Hachi Chan out of the city and headed towards the Southwest Barrenhills. They faced

monsters along the way that were easily slaughtered by him. He was now equipped with a level 25

dagger and his attack had greatly increased.

"There’s no way ahead."

Hachi Chan craned her neck and stared at the tall, endless mountain before them.

"We’re flying over," Lu Li said as he started channeling his Crow Transformation skill.

"Waah, you can fly too! But you’re ugly."

Hachi Chan turned into a butterfly and flew two laps around the crow before letting out a satisfied


The sound of the laugh was a little horrifying in a place as desolate as this.

"I’ll take you to the chest. Remember to follow me and if there is something dangerous, run away," Lu Li

warned before flying over.

The most common danger in the skies were predator birds. However, in the Barrenhills, there wasn’t

much vegetation or many animals. As such, Lu Li and Hachi Chan didn’t end up running into anything

dangerous on the way.

"It’s so hot! Where are we going?" Hachi Chan complained as she flapped her wings.

"Just take it; it’ll only get hotter."

After he spoke, Lu Li spotted a red lake not too far from them.

"What is that? Isn’t that magma?" Hachi Chan almost fell in. If she still had legs, they would have


There was no way that they would be able to see such a scene in the real world.

The magma was surging like seawater, curling to form waves.

The spray almost touched Lu Li’s wings and just as he was about to fly higher to avoid it, someone from

behind him told him to stop.

"Just come over here; nothing will happen."

"Liar, I just saw you almost get roasted." Hachi Chan wasn’t that silly.

"I’m taking you to find some good items; it won’t be dangerous."

Hachi Chan was a 16-year old girl, so Lu Li couldn’t force her. He could only be patient with her.

"Really?" Once she heard that there would be good items, the little girl forgot about the dangers.

She followed behind Lu Li and avoid the magma splashes for 5 to 6 minutes before finally finding an

island in the lake. Lu Li circled it before deciding on a spot to land.

From an external perspective, some sort of intelligent activity had occurred. There was a half-

constructed temple in the area.

Hachi Chan then landed and together, they both changed back into human form.

"I’m about to die of this heat; why didn’t you tell me to bring water?" Hachi Chan opened a bottle of

water and gulped some down before pouring the rest on her head.

Lu Li ignored her and tried to find the chest from memory. Sure enough, the chest was at the back in a

stone wall.

The construction of the chest was extraordinary. Its entire body was made of silver and there was a

constantly changing pattern on it.

A Silver Chest!

The lava island’s Silver Chest had a great probability of dropping all kinds of exquisite Skill books. That

was a note that Lu Li remembered reading from his past life.

Not only did the note record the loot, but it also recorded the powerful monster that guarded the chest.

"Wow, it’s a chest!’ Hachi Chan exclaimed and rushed forwards.

"Do you want to die?" Lu Li grabbed her and watched the surrounding terrain. He chose a place where

Hachi Chan could provide healing.

Hachi Chan obediently stood behind a rock and squatted down.

When Lu Li needed her healing, she would stand up and cast her spell. Otherwise, she would stay

squatting so she wouldn’t be targeted by the lava monster’s attacks.