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Chapter 293: Spirit Dragon’s Freedom

Chapter 293: Spirit Dragon’s Freedom

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Hachi Chan could be a little foolish at times, but she truly was a good girl that tried her hardest when it


When Lu Li saw her squatting behind the hot rock, he felt a lot more secure.

He carefully approached the Silver Chest and cast his Unlock skill.

Before he could even finish channelling the skill, a rocky monster appeared out of thin air before him.

However, this monster wasn’t just made of rocks – there was a layer of burning magma flowing between

them. The magma trickled down from its body onto the floor.

As soon as the monster appeared, it immediately punched Lu Li.


-16, -16, -16…

The -245 was from its initial attack and the subsequent ticks were from the burn that it applied. Luckily,

the monster was only a level 30 pseudo-boss. If it was a real Boss, Lu Li would definitely have been

forced to retreat.

The magma monster only had 28,000 HP.

Lu Li retaliated and cast Shadowstrike with 91% Skill Completion, which dealt over 100 damage.

He was currently level 26 and was up against a level 30 pseudo-boss, so there was a damage penalty.

However, thanks to his exquisite equipment, he still managed to deal a three-digit value.

Lu Li had just over 2000HP, so he could take seven or eight hits from this monster without a problem.

Hachi Chan just needed to heal him every once in a while.

The problem was the monster’s skill, which sent out a sea of fire that engulfed the surrounding area.

Even Hachi Chan, who was behind the rock, got hit by it. Naturally, this skill caused some confusion.

Fortunately, it wasn’t cast too often, so Lu Li could simply tank it and slowly kill the monster.

After ten minutes of fighting, Lu Li felt like he was about to be burnt up by the lava around the island.

The monster then let out a wail and exploded, scattering fragments of its body everywhere.

It had self-destructed.

Gale Steps!

With lightning reflexes, Lu Li cast Gale Steps to become temporarily invincible.

Hachi Chan, who was still hiding behind the rock, was splashed by some of the fragments and lost half of

her HP. She quickly cast Regeneration on herself in shock.

After the magma monster exploded, there were two things left on the ground.

One of them was the rare material – Lava Essence. It could be used to upgrade his ring, but only from

LV2 to LV3, so he didn’t need it anymore.

The other was a skill book – ‘Divine Protection’. This was a damage reduction skill for Paladins and it was

quite powerful. Wandering didn’t have it so it would be perfect for him.

Of course, Wandering would insist on giving Lu Li a few gold for compensation.

After dealing with this magma monster, Lu Li cautiously went to unlock this chest. After 10 seconds of

channelling, the lid of the chest swung open.

Lu Li looted everything.

The first item was a skill book. As the treasure hunter said, this box had a high chance of dropping skill


Pain Suppression: Instant Cast. 180 second cooldown. Reduce damage dealt to an ally by 40% for 4

seconds. Can be cast even when suppressed. Proficiency 1/5.

Lu Li felt an inexplicable joy in his heart.

This skill book couldn’t be found easily at all!

It was hard to say whether Pain Suppression or Soul Shriek was more powerful, as they served different

purposes and could be used very effectively in various circumstances.

With Soul Shriek, you could cause someone to attack their own teammates. Alternatively, your team

could rush to attack the afflicted player.

Pain Suppression was a damage reduction skill, but could also be cast on allies, in addition to yourself.

If an ally was taking significant damage, this skill could alleviate most of it. If the healer was being

focused, then this skill could be cast on themselves for the same effect.

The chest also contained something else. With a feeling of anxiety, Lu Li raised his hand to reach into the


"Wait, let me loot it!" Hachi Chan shouted as she rushed over.

"Alright, you try."

Lu Li took two steps back and gave her space to loot chest.

He had been really unlucky, but Hachi Chan wasn’t that much luckier either. He couldn’t help but wish

that Remnant Dream was here.

Hachi Chan touched the chest and spent a moment of silence in what looked to be a prayer before

reaching in and feeling around.

"Feels like a book," she muttered as she pulled out another book.

It was another book; Lu Li’s heart skipped a beat. He felt elated, as they had acquired three skill books

from this one trip.

"It’s not a skill book," Hachi Chan concluded after looking at it intently. "It’s a quest."

Lu Li took the book and read the title – ‘The Spirit Dragon’s freedom’. The first page described an

untouched place where there was a small Spirit Dragon egg. It pleaded for the reader to help preserve

this little bit of life…

Of course it would be a quest; even chests could drop quests.

However, Lu Li couldn’t be angry about it. This kind of quest didn’t give ordinary rewards; it would drop

a book that provided a guide to raising a Spirit Dragon.

It was even more precious than Pain Suppression.

Not only would this book give you a saddle, but it would also provide you with a flying mount.

Ordinary mounts were already difficult to get, let alone a flying one.

If you looked at Hachi Chan and ignored her seemingly naïve attitude, you would discover that there

wasn’t a quest that she couldn’t do. Lu Li had seen her quest diary before; there were at least 400-500


Some say that when God closes a door, he still leaves a window open.

Although Hachi Chan had average technique, she had an unrivalled ability to complete quests. Remnant

Dream was uncoordinated but had lucky hands, Wandering was a narcissist but had a talent for

commanding, and Lonesome Flower was eccentric but very good to his sister…

"Do this quest well; it’s really important." Lu Li gave her the quest book but didn’t tell her anything

about the quest’s rewards.

Part of the pleasure of a game was its mystery and surprise.

After returning, Lu Li gave Pain Suppression Skill Book to March Rain and received the three Silver

Molds, alongside the materials that Water Fairy had sent to his mailbox. She had also sent compensation

for his services. Because he had made an exquisite piece of equipment, she had sent an additional 200

gold coins.

Shen Wansan also occasionally offered Molds and materials. After Lu Li made them, he would offer

them back to Shen Wansan at the cost price +20% to sell if his team couldn’t use them.

As for Starwood, the stock on the market seemed to have cleared out. Shen Wansan had been searching

for a few days and had only found a few dozen.

A couple dozen Starwood was just a drop in a bucket for these level 25 and 26 players. Lu Li made them

into bombs and gave them to Shen Wansan to sell.

Lu Li’s recent income was really high due to a combination of ticket money, labour fees and commission

from Shen Wansan.

His bank account had already exceeded $2 million, so it was likely that he was close to being able to

afford his sister’s treatment.

As such, if he found something good, he would be quite willing to give it to his teammates.

If his teammates weren’t strong, how would they be able to help him get the First Clears? If March Rain

or Moonlight weren’t strong, how could they hope to win the Shadow Cup?