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Chapter 295: Hundredfold Profit

Chapter 295: Hundredfold Profit

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"It’s too bad I only got six of them," Water Fairy said with a look of regret.

"Oh." Lu Li pretended not to know anything.

"You’re the one who makes the bombs right? Sell them to me next time; don’t sell them to anyone else,

alright?" Water Fairy wasn’t fooled.

She had seen a figure with a familiar shadow cloak on the street and had observed him for a really long

time before concluding that he was Lu Li. She then followed him into this jewelry shop to talk about


"I’m sure it was expensive." Lu Li was speechless.

"I spent 9000 gold coins for six bombs," Water Fairy said casually.

Lu Li almost fell onto the ground. A single bomb sold for more than 1000 gold?

There was no way that could be real.

If they could all be sold at that price, he could only imagine how much money he had thrown away.

Of course, that was just his own prediction.

There were many reasons why Shen Wansan could sell them at this price. However, the most important

one was the Shadow Cup.

If you didn’t buy them, someone else would.

If someone else bought them, they would have a direct advantage over you.

As such, if you were reluctant to spend this money, you were basically giving up on the competition. This

competition awarded guilds a reputation that could last for a very long time.

Lu Li had previously glanced at the level rankings list.

All the players who were now level 25 were all from large guilds.

Water Fairy had spent 9000 gold coins and bought 6 bombs to successfully reach level 25.

Sorrowless had spent 12000 gold coins and bought 8 bombs, which in combination with his previous

period of relentless levelling successfully allowed him to reach level 25.

Gangnam Royal’s Mage Dancing Star Dream, who had previously always been a top-ranked player, spent

7500 gold to buy 5 bombs and had just made it to level 25.

Wings of Dawn’s Warrior Elevenless, who would usually farm with a group of Mages, had spent 10500

gold coins and used seven bombs to reach level 25.

As there were only a few bombs, only these four lucky players had managed to get their hands on them.

Lu Li imagined that there must have been other guilds who wanted some but were scared off by the


At the original cost of a dozen gold coins, Lu Li had already felt like he was throwing money away to


But what was that compared to spending about 1500 gold coins per bomb!?

According to his estimates and given the materials costs, each bomb should have sold for at least ten

times the cost.

That was about 150 gold coins per unit.

However, they had actually sold for 1500 gold coins each!

This really was a heaven-defying business!

Lu Li simply couldn’t comprehend what method Shen Wansan had used to sell these 20 bombs at a

hundred times their original price.

This was four million dollars in real money!

Lu Li was about to receive two million; it was like money was falling out of the sky.

He also understood Water Fairy’s intentions. She wanted to be the sole customer of these bombs.

However, he honestly couldn’t make a promise like that and bitterly shook his head.

"All the Starwood is almost gone."

Extinct was the only word that could be used to describe it. Shen Wansan had looked for so long and

could only find 20 units. What was the explanation for that?

It meant that the game company had lowered or perhaps even stopped the spawn rates of Starwood.

Without Starwood, there wouldn’t be any bombs.

Water Fairy was a smart person and quickly understood the situation. She wasn’t disappointed and

sincerely said, "We can still cooperate in other ways. There will be opportunities for that as long as we

have mutual needs."

From selling Instance Dungeon strategy to creating Silver equipment, and now the bombs. Lu Li was

always learning new things about her.

This woman didn’t value the superior Silver equipment or the bombs; she could see Lu Li’s potential and

that was what she valued.

If it was possible, she wanted to foster this potential.

"Aren’t we working together now? I make equipment for you every day." Lu Li was in a tough spot; he

really couldn’t make any guarantees.

Although his sister’s medical expenses had been solved, he still had many expectations for this game.

He hoped to buy a large house, preferably a small villa. He also wanted to buy a flying car, which was the

standard benchmark for being rich in this society.

Even after completing these goals, he wanted to save money to...

However, once he started working with Drizzle Court, Lu Li’s development would be limited and he

would also face antagonism from Drizzle Court’s rivals. This was unless, of course, if he decided to

actually join Drizzle Court.

However, this was contrary to his personal principle.

He could accept cooperation, but he couldn’t accept another’s jurisdiction.

After the salesperson completed all the formalities for Lu Li, he signed the contract with the great

System God as witness.

The jewelry company was now bound to send the designated goods to Lu Li residence within a specified

time, while the in-game item was directly given to Lu Li.

Lu Li also couldn’t bear to stand beneath Water Fairy’s stare; she truly was a cold woman.

After he escaped the jewelry shop, he immediately started looking for Shen Wansan.

He was only going to be assured of his two million dollars once it was in his pocket.

The two of them met up in their usual place, the tavern.

Lu Li looked up to find that several gold coins’ worth of the finest wine had been poured out before him.

"Old Shen, you must be really good. Four level 25 players have suddenly appeared."

"Will this affect my brother in the Shadow Cup?" Shen Wansan asked bitterly. "I still hope for you to win

the championship."

He really knew how to carry himself.

Although he was giving advice for something that had already passed, Lu Li didn’t mind.

"There will be an effect, but it doesn’t really matter," Lu Li replied as he shook his head. "Even without

these bombs, there would still have been some people who would have hit level 25."

"Four million, brother! We made four million this time!" Shen Wansan wiped the liquor off his lips and

passionately said, "As per our agreement, we get half each."

After saying this, he transferred the full amount of money into Lu Li’s account.

"I won’t take the credit – it was you who sold it!" Lu Li gave him a thumbs up to show his admiration.

"Hehe," Shen Wansan laughed, "I’m not very good at playing the game, but I can definitely sell things

well. Old Shen’s best skill is to play with the pricing."

"Actually, if I wasn’t so rushed, I could have increased the price by an even greater amount. Each of the

customers only spent close to $1 million. To us poor men, $1 million might seem like a lot, but these

guilds wouldn’t really care about it. Once they enter the finals, they will receive that back and more."

"I’ll take this money for now, but next time…" Lu Li put out his hand on Shen Wansan’s shoulder then

continued, "If there is a chance, let’s get rich together."

"Absolutely." Shen Wansan patted his chest.

After casually chatting about Silver Molds, Lu Li said goodbye and left.

Shen Wansan shook his head and sang some old folk songs while he drank. After some time, he took in a

deep breath.

Oh, Lu Li, I’ve been waiting so long for you to say that.

This wasn’t the first time Lu Li and he had worked together, but all this time, he had never gained Lu Li’s

full trust. As a shrewd businessman, he could feel Lu Li’s wariness towards him.

As such, in order to foster a partnership with Lu Li, he had to tread very carefully.

It was only now that he finally got to see the fruits of his effort.

Lu Li was really happy today. He had finally achieved the goal of his past life – to save enough money for

his sister’s treatment. However, Shen Wansan was also really happy as he had finally won Lu Li’s trust.