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Chapter 297: Top 100 (Part 1)

Chapter 297: Top 100 (Part 1)

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There was another match in the morning.

Moonlight easily won against his Thief-opponent in his single match.

It was reasonable to say that a strongest class didn’t exist in Dawn; the only thing that existed was the

strongest player.

However, the counter between classes wasn’t something that could ever be ignored. Even with bleeding

skills, stunning skills and combo skills, Thieves were still heavily countered by tank classes such as the

Warrior class.

A Warrior like Moonlight, who had Whirlwind, was definitely the greatest counter for a Thief.

Even Lu Li would have to rely on his own mobility to stay out of trouble and wait until a Warrior finished

using his damaging skills before he could engage in combat.

Besides the fact that March Rain died from being focused by the opposing team, the group matches

weren’t too much of a worry.

However, they weren’t easy either, as their opponents were all LV24 and were mostly equipped with a full

set of LV20 Silver-grade gear.

Fortunately, Lu Li and the others were also constantly upgrading their equipment. March Rain and

Moonlight were nearly fully equipped with LV25 Silver gear.

After they finished the second match, Lu Li began planning to upgrade some of his equipment, even though

his current set was exquisite.

Rager Bracer (Steel): Amour 15, Agility +6, Critical Hit +5%, Level Requirement LV10. Durability 32/32. (One

part of the Rager Equipment Set, exclusive to melee professions).

Rager Pendant (Steel): Hit+10%, Reduces Ice Magic Damage by 5%, Level Requirement: LV10.

Durability: 32/32. (One part of the Rager Equipment Set, exclusive to melee professions).

The Rager set was without a doubt, the best possible LV10 equipment set. In the past, it had served Lu Li

well for a very long period of time.

However, the set eventually reached its limits and became outclassed, especially the Bracer.

Besides the Critical Hit +5% attribute, none of the other attributes on the Bracer were appealing at all. Any

LV25 Superior Quality Silver-grade item would be better.

Using the Molds and materials supplied by Shen Wansan, Lu Li had also made a few Thief Bracers, but they

all came with average special effects.

This couldn’t be helped – good molds were difficult to purchase and rare materials were even more difficult

to find.

Even the big guilds had no answer to this kind of issue.

After some careful selection, he finally found a replacement that could satisfy him.

Wristwraps of Undead Slaying (Exquisite Silver): Armor 23, Agility+15, Strength+5, Special Effect 1: Berserk,

Attack+18%, Lasts for 20 seconds, Cooldown 360 seconds. Special Effect 2: Deals extra 18% damage to the

Undead race, Level Requirement 25, Durability 48/48.

This was mainly chosen due to its Exquisite quality and the extra 20 points of bonus attributes that it


The Berserk effect was also an important factor. This was an active effect, which meant that it was

controllable and much more reliable than the passive special effects which heavily relied on luck.

In a game like Dawn, especially in the context of PVP matches, experts generally didn’t like passive special

effects, since they activated by chance. The unexpected activation could also mess up the rhythm of their

attacks, so many of them had a tendency to use what they were able to control effectively.

Lu Li was no exception to this; the Rager’s set wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for him.

The last special effect of the Bracer fully demonstrated its hate towards the Undead race.

However, Lu Li didn’t think that this was useless at all, even though it was only useful against the Undead.

In the Alliance Faction, most players were Human, with the Night Elves coming in at a close second. For the

Horde faction, most players were Undead, especially the PVP players.

Undead Thieves, Undead Mages, Undead Warlocks and even Undead Warriors – these were all top choices

for PVP players in the Horde faction.

Lu Li kept his Rager’s Pendant – its attributes were still fairly decent. Necklaces also belonged in the rare

equipment category, so he wouldn’t be able to find a better replacement in such a short amount of time.

The other two matches were quite easy; Lu Li and his team managed to score the maximum points.

On the first day of the Top 100, Lu Li’s team scored a total of 12 points.

Azure Sea Breeze’s team scored 9 points; they had lost a group match and a single match.

There were many teams who had lost points on the first day. Apart from Lu Li’s team, there were only

another twenty-one teams who had managed to get the full 12 points.

This season, in the Top 100 of the Shadow Cup, the unluckiest team would be the Peacetime Dynasty, who

ranked 11 th on the Guild Rankings. Their team ran into Drizzle Court in the first round and lost three points.

In their second match, they went up against Gale Legion and lost another three points.

Their third match was against Azure Guard. While they scored in the single matches, they were completely

defeated in the group match.

In the fourth match, they fought against Sorrowless, who had made his comeback. Sorrowless and Blood

Dagger had always been an iconic combination in the gaming world, so there was no doubt that the match

would end with a tragic defeat for Peacetime Dynasty.

A guild ranked 11 th on the Guild Rankings had only managed to score one point on the first day.

They became the most unpopular team for the season.

The single most noteworthy match was between Water Fairy and Green Flag Wine from Peerless City.

Both of them were celebrity gaming experts – Water Fairy was ranked second on the Beauty Rankings and

as the prettiest and richest girl among the gamers, she was destined to attract attention.

Green Flag Wine was known as the Tire Killer – it didn’t matter what class he was playing against; his play-

style resembled a hedgehog. There wasn’t a single open spot for people to lay their hands on.

The match between these two experts received a lot of attention from both the game company and the

hosts of the competition.

However, most people in the gaming circle didn’t place their bets on Water Fairy.

Although she was a great player, who didn’t hesitate to spend her money, she didn’t stand at the pinnacle

of gaming experts.

Green Flag Wine, on the other hand, had a glorious record of defeating famous players like Blood Dagger,

Wild and Elevenless. After playing Paladin in Dawn, his skills had increased greatly. Moonlight had fought

him a few times in the past and had lost more matches against Green Flag Wine than he won.

However, the results of the match were a surprise to everyone – Green Flag Wine lost.

In the post-match interview, the Tire Killer denied the explanations of the analysts, who claimed that he

wasn’t "playing at his best".

The difference between him and Water Fairy wasn’t the levels – it was their gear.

Water Fairy almost had an entire set of level 25 Silver-grade gear and her weapon dealt insane damage.

Even if the two were to face-off again, Green Flag Wine was unsure if he could prevail.

At this point, everyone began to focus their attention on the gaming masters who were LV25.

In Dawn, equipment could be changed every five levels. Although the difference wasn’t that substantial, it

was enough to make a small impact in the competition grounds.

Did this imply that the few teams with LV25 players would all be seen in the finals?

Of course, Azure Sea Breeze’s team wasn’t noticed by the media; they were like beggars running into the

garden of a millionaire – they simply didn’t fit in.

A few businesses had already invited Lu Li to be their spokesperson. They offered a price of over eight-

hundred thousand dollars to him.

March Rain’s social status had gone up to 1.2 million dollars.

This couldn’t be helped. Although Lu Li had more impact on the team, he didn’t have the good looks of

Wandering or Lonesome Flower, so it was only natural that his price would be a little lower.

Based on the explanations from Moonlight, the businesses were also taking their own risks. They were

placing their own profits on the line with the prices that they offered.

If Lu Li performed even better in the future competitions, they would make an incredible gain. However,

the more times that Lu Li lost, the more profit these companies would also lose.

Lu Li was unmoved by the $800,000 offer, so he declined the opportunity to be their spokesperson.

Being a spokesperson wasn’t as easy as it seemed - not only did these players have to cooperate with the

business for promotional events, but they also had to maintain a good image.

Moonlight wasn’t someone who could be tied down by rules.

March Rain didn’t mind these rules- it was quite possible that she would take accept an offer after she

entered the finals.