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Chapter 298: Top 100 (Part 2)

Chapter 298: Top 100 (Part 2)

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When Lu Li wasn’t playing in matches, he would spectate other games.

However, it was very hard to get tickets, since most of the competitors who had entered the Top 100 were

popular players with their own fan bases.

For example, Lu Li really wanted to see Sorrowless in action and had tried four times to buy tickets, but had

never managed to see a single match.

It had already been two or three years since Sorrowless last played in a competition, but he was still the

most popular person around.

He was the very definition of popularity; it was extremely difficult to buy tickets for his matches.

For a long time, Lu Li had heard that Sorrowless was a strong player, but he had never gotten the chance to

see him in action with his own eyes.

Lu Li reincarnation had changed many aspects of the game. If it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t have been

so many LV25 players in the Shadow Cup this season.

Sorrowless wouldn’t have made his comeback either – he would have continued to be the leader that he

was, living as a legend from the past like Medivh, instead of leveling up to LV25 and aiming to rise to the

top again.

He was definitely a tough competitor.

Lu Li never thought of the man who had died to his single combo as the real Sorrowless.

On the sixth day, the Top 100 matches continued.

After Lu Li received the code for his match, he realized that he still had an hour before it started.

Lu Li opened the match schedule in an attempt to try and buy a ticket; he was quite curious about the other


So far, he had only seen one of Azure Sea Breeze’s matches, but it was honestly not worth watching.

Azure Sea Breeze shamelessly hoped that everyone would just attack him, Lonesome Flower only wanted

to cast Fireballs and Hachi Chan’s rebound damage was like a bug.

Lu Li scrolled for a bit and actually managed to get himself a ticket.

I’m still a Thief expert after all – fast eyes and fast hands.

One team was from the Wings of Dawn, and consisted of Elevenless the Berserker, Faker Than Wind the

Paladin and Marks the Hunter. They were up against a team from Seventh Heaven, which consisted of

Lucky Southern Persian the Mage, Empty the Shaman and Hornet’s Nest the Warlock.

Lu Li slapped his thighs in satisfaction; these ten silver coins were definitely worth it.

Wings of Dawn were ranked 8 th and Elevenless was a celebrity player, while Faker than Wind and Marks

were both well-known IDs.

Seventh Heaven was ranked two spots higher than Wings of Dawn with Hornet’s Nest and Lucky Southern

Persian also being top tier game masters. Empty was originally from the Gangnam Royals, but had

transferred to Seventh Heaven after Dawn was released. He had to pay a compensation fee 1.6 million


Seventh Heaven’s team was a rare case of a full celebrity, but the team from the Wings of Dawn weren’t

too far behind either.

Elevenless was the only LV25 player among them.

The Wings of Dawn had spent nearly 10,000 gold coins to get him there.

"The single match would definitely be Elevenless; I wonder how many level 25 Silver equips he’s wearing."

Everyone was discussing the competition that was ahead.

Yesterday, Water Fairy, who was LV25, had defeated Green Flag Wine, who was LV24. This made the

audience turn their attention to all of the LV25 players.

Was today going to be another match that displayed the power difference between levels?

Lu Li sat in the audience seat, viewing the match through the big screen.

As expected, Wings of Dawn sent out Elevenless. Everyone thought that Seventh Heaven would send out

Hornet’s Nest to counter this and even the analysts made a similar guess.

Lu Li shook his head; he felt like he wouldn’t be seeing Hornet’s Nest.

He had worked with Lucky Southern Persian before, who had left a deep impression on him. This Mage

played a completely different style to Hornet’s Nest.

Lu Li was familiar with Hornet’s Nest, who was like a thunderstorm.

On the other hand, Lucky Southern Persian was like a cornerstone. He had a fancy but lowkey play style,

which was unassuming at the first glance. However, when you though back to his actions, you would be

surprised. Every single one of his moves were carefully planned, even if it was an unimportant


Hornet’s Nest would definitely lose against Elevenless, who was LV25. Only Lucky Southern Persian stood a


Lu Li was right– the one who entered the arena was a Mage – Lucky Southern Persian.

An expression of disappointment flashed across Elevenless’ face. After exchanging formalities with Lucky

Southern Persian, a chase began between the two in the round arena.

Elevenless charged!

Lucky Southern Persian teleported!

Instant spells were casted nonstop. Lucky Southern Persian had been maintaining his distance the entire


The instant spells barely did any damage to Elevenless, but the movement speed debuff would sometimes

activate. When it did, Lucky Southern Persian would use this chance to take down some of Elevenless’

health bar.

Elevenless also demonstrated the qualities of a professional player. He wasn’t flustered and continued to

use all sorts of skills to get closer to Lucky Southern Persian.

His efforts weren’t futile; he would occasionally land hits on Lucky Southern Persian.

The damage from a LV25 Berserker was incredible. Each time he came into contact with Lucky Southern

Persian, he would take out a huge amount of his health bear. Lucky Southern Persian had to use his shield

to survive.

The difference between both players could easily be seen through the damage dealt and the defense.

When Elevenless found the chance, Lucky Southern Persian would be placed at a disadvantage.

He would have to quickly pull away and wouldn’t be able to cast any spells for a long period of time.

Even instant cast skills required certain postures, however, he wasn’t even given the chance to form them.

Once he stopped running, he would take a beating.

"Lucky Southern Persian is at an obvious disadvantage... he’s barely hanging on," the analyst said without

any mercy.

"Actually, they have a very subtle difference between their experience bars. Lucky Southern Persian is

almost able to level up and Elevenless has only just reached level 25. However, this small difference means

a great difference between their gear. The two system events both produced a lot of level 25 Molds."

The other analyst was slightly biased towards Lucky Southern Persian, but he, too, had a pessimistic

attitude towards the match.

"It shouldn’t be like this. Lucky Southern Persian shouldn’t be this weak."

Lu Li had never fought against Lucky Southern Persian, but they had teamed up before, so he had some

idea about his skill level.

He was very good with his skill-chaining – he liked using his smaller skills in combos.

However, when the time was right, he wouldn’t hesitate to go all out.

He had a skill that not only increased his Attack and Critical Strike, but also allowed him to instantly cast

Frostbolt. While this was a truly impressive skill, Lu Li hadn’t seen him use it at all during this battle.

Both players were losing health, but Lucky Southern Persian was a Mage. He naturally had less health, so

overall, he was at a disadvantage.

The turn-around that Lu Li had been waiting for never happened. A golden ‘Victory’ was tossed onto the

widescreen, announcing the victory of Elevenless.

After this came the group match.

The existence of Elevenless had most of the audience believing that the outcome had already been


A level 25 Berserker would definitely be a killing machine in the arena.