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Chapter 299: Top 100 (Part 3)

Chapter 299: Top 100 (Part 3)

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Due to the one-sided nature of the single match, most people felt like they had already seen the outcome

of the group match.

It was in a desert map and everything was easily visible to the eye.

Elevenless charged ahead, as if nothing could hold him back. The two parties engaged each other as there

was nothing that they could hide behind.

"Elevenless charged in too boldly."

The analyst was slightly unsure, but his experience told him that this match had already spun out of control.

There was no cooperation between Elevenless and his Hunter team member, Marks.

It seemed that Elevenless was displaying his invincible might while the others could only watch in despair.

Lucky Southern Persian continued to back down, like in he had done in his previous match, as Elevenless

rained down attacks on him.

Fake! This was too fake!

Lu Li shook his head; he didn’t want to comment about what was happening in the match at all.

It was easy to see everything clearly from an outsider’s perspective, but it wasn’t that easy for the actual

players themselves. Elevenless had been fooled by his single match; he had overestimated the strength of

his new LV25 equipment and was overconfident.

There was no coordination at all between the team from the Wings of Dawn. Elevenless was already too far

away from his team.

Soon, Lucky Southern Persian began to bare his fangs.

Frost Nova!

Elevenless, who had already left his team behind, was frozen on the spot, while Lucky Southern Persian

teleported beside the Hunter, Marks.

He was the real target.

Marks was hit twice in a row by Frostbolts that were instantly cast and landed as critical strikes. His

movement speed was also reduced due to the special effect of the skill. Hornet’s Nest had already changed

his target from the Paladin, Faker Than Wind, to him as well.

While this was happening, Faker than Wind, was being held back by Empty.

With Elevenless frozen on the spot and the Paladin preoccupied, there was no escape.

The LV24 Hunter couldn’t stay alive until the Paladin came to his rescue and neither could he make it until

Elevenless unfroze. Tragically, he became the first person to be sent out in this group match.

Elevenless was still at a loss.

How did the tides turn around so fast? They had still been at an advantage just before.

Lu Li stood up and left the audience seat. The match was over; there was nothing left to see.

Seventh Heaven won two points, while the Wings of Dawn only won one point, despite the fact that they

had a LV25 Warrior.

Lucky Southern Persian had been playing mind games right from the very start.

Although there was no guarantee that he could have won against Elevenless in the single match, there was

no way that he could have lost in such a helpless way.

He had lost to Elevenless but received his reward in the group match. Indeed, Elevenless, who had become

overconfident in his ability, stopped cooperating with his team members.

He thought that victory would be easy which cost them the match.

Profession-wise, the Wings of Dawn had an advantage against Seventh Heaven’s combination of Mage,

Warlock and Shaman. They also had a level 25 Berserker, which made it almost impossible to find a reason

for them to lose.

The only way that they could lose was with their own mistakes.

Although the Wings of Dawn had lost the match, no one thought that the season was over for them.

Elevenless would only be more cautious from now on. The team who ran into them next would be quite


The opponent for Lu Li’s team today was a team from Majin Temple.

As the name suggested, this was a guild that consisted of Mages. It wasn’t big, but it was definitely famous.

They were famous for two things – firstly, the guild had a high Mage population and secondly, it consisted

of a lot of older people.

Majin Temple was sometimes affectionately known as Elder’s Temple in Dawn.

As the virtual age came, virtual gaming became one of the main forms of entertainment for people. It was

normal to see people around thirty or forty years old in games, but it was rare to see anyone older.

The gaming industry media described Majin Temple as "old but still strong".

"You, or me?" Lu Li asked Moonlight before the match.

Moonlight shook his head and laughed bitterly.

"I can’t guarantee anything."

Warriors fighting against Mages were naturally at a class disadvantage. Unless the opposing player made a

mistake or there was a massive difference between equipment or levels, it would be very hard to win.

Rather than hoping for a mistake to be made by a professional player, you better off believing that you

would transform into a Super Saiyan during the match.

The number one lord Mage ID, Unforgettable Maple, had been famous for almost a hundred years, and had

shared history alongside Majin Temple.

But of course, there was no way someone could play a game for a hundred years.

Generation after generation, gamers extended his existence, until his existence gradually became an icon.

The number one Mage in any game was known by this title. Sorrowless was a legend, but he wasn’t the

number one Mage.

"Alright," Lu Li smacked his lips. "I’ll go and meet the number one Mage."

No one would want to admit they were worse than someone else; it was nice to challenge the authority.

"Unforgettable Maple has been keeping a low profile in Dawn. He has a team to train with him in Majin

Temple and usually doesn’t play against outsiders. Only a few have fought against him, so there’s barely

any information on him." Moonlight was helpless as well.

Lu Li took a piece parchment paper. Only a few skills and equipment effects were listed.

However, just the ones mentioned were enough to give Lu Li a fright.

"He can use the fridge, the Frost Nova, and can even summon a Water Elemental pet..."

The fridge skill gave him survivability, Frost Nova was a control skill, and as for the Water Elemental pet,

even Lu Li was unsure how this was possible at the current stage of the game.

The Water Elemental pet could use Frostbolt and besides dealing damage, there was also a great chance for

it to apply a movement speed reduction effect.

The Water Elementals could also cast Frost Nova. As such, Unforgettable Maple essentially had two Frost

Nova skills to cast.

"Have Water Elementals already become widespread among the Mages in Dawn without us knowing?" Lu

Li felt like the game had suddenly become unfamiliar.

"You must be kidding. As far as I know, only Unforgettable Maple has this skill. He changed classes to

become a frost mage; the quest reward was a Water Elemental," Moonlight explained.

"Shame I don’t have Kidney Strike," Lu Li sighed.

The single match was a Thief against a Mage.

One was the number one Mage, who had been around for a long time, and the other was Lu Li, who Blood

Dagger had been thinking about all day long. At once, the match attracted the attention of many.

Not long ago, during an interview, Blood Dagger expressed that he wanted to defeat Lu Li the most.

The media didn’t get to find out the exact reason, but this was enough for Lu Li to become even more well


What was it about him that made Blood Dagger view him as a worthy opponent?

As soon as Lu Li entered the map, he went into Stealth. He barely knew anything about Unforgettable

Maple, so he needed to get closer to investigate.

Unforgettable Maple didn’t plan to hide anything; his Water Elemental had already been summoned and

was on standby next to him.