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Chapter 300: Top 100 (Part 4)

Chapter 300: Top 100 (Part 4)

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Unforgettable Maple didn’t dare to underestimate Lu Li; he gathered his focus and turned around slowly on

the spot.

Thieves mostly had a very standard attack pattern – they liked to attack from behind. As such, he

consistently turned in an attempt to disrupt Lu Li’s attack pattern.

Lu Li followed his movement a few times, then eventually gave up and stood on the spot.

When it came to combat experience, he didn’t have as much as the number one Mage, but he made up for

this with his vast experience in Dawn. He could find the solution to any sort of situation.

There wasn’t much that could be done against Mages who preferred to keep still when fighting against a

Thief. The Thief would have to take the initiative and attack first.

The average Thief would use Ambush as an opener. Others might choose to use Lock Throat if they had that

skill because of its silence effect.

However, Lu Li didn’t do that – he used Sap.

Now, it was time to kill the Water Elemental.

However, Unforgettable Maple’s reaction was beyond his expectations.

The instant that Lu Li successfully casted Sap, the Water Elemental raised his hand and a ripple of magic

appeared under Lu Li.

The Water Elemental had cast Frost Nova.

The reaction speed and judgement of Unforgettable Maple was truly unparalleled.

Normally, after a player had been Sapped, they would pause for a moment in confusion.

However, Unforgettable Maple reacted almost in an instant.

Not only was his judgment incredible, but he had also found the position of Lu Li with amazing precision

and without the slightest hesitation, had commanded the Water Elemental to attack.

The atmosphere in the arena at this point was very strange. Unforgettable Maple was sapped, Lu Li was

frozen and the Water Elemental was the only one that could move.

However, the Water Elemental didn’t attack either, because if it did, it would unfreeze Lu Li.

An eerie situation had been created.

After eight seconds, Lu Li regained his movement, upon which the Water Elemental began attacking him

from a distance.

Damned movement speed reduction.

Of course, Lu Li wouldn’t activate Shadow Cloak right now.

He needed to save this skill for the right moment.

Shadowmeld! Stealth!

The Water Elemental backed away, but Lu Li had already given up on his attempt to kill it. Killing it would

require an entire rotation of his skills, but a Water Elemental that had already casted its Frost Nova was no

longer a threat. It could also be re-summoned after it died, so there was absolutely no need to try and kill


Lu Li snuck up behind the Mage and planned to Ambush him…

Ice Block!

The Mage casted the ‘refrigerator’ skill, turning himself into a block of ice. While he was invincible and

could not take any damage, he wasn’t able to deal any damage either.

Unforgettable Maple didn’t remain in the frozen status for too long – he quickly unfroze himself as a Frost

Nova extended under his feet, then teleported away from the spot.

When he turned his head, he was shocked to find that no one was caught by the Frost Nova.

"So fast..." Dark Wind mumbled. It took him a while to recover before he exclaimed, "It seems as though

they’ve only brushed past each other, but this has been quite a complex battle thus far. Let’s replay this

again in slow motion."

The two players returned to their original state, facing each other with caution without engaging. As such,

not much action would be missed with the replay on screen.

"Lu Li used Ambush, then Unforgettable Maple reacted with the refrigerator. He unfroze, casted Frost Nova

and flashed away… As he used Flash, Lu Li casted a skill – Gale Steps… No, this wasn’t Gale Steps – he

disappeared. A very quick reaction – both of their performances were exceptional."

"Lu Li still hasn’t used his Gale Steps and Unforgettable Maple has used his shield, which is a LV5 skill. It

seems like he’s invested a lot in this skill."

Seeing the blue eggshell around Unforgettable Maple, even Lu Li felt like he had a headache.

The protection that a level five shield was able to provide was extremely powerful. Not only did it decrease

the speed of the attacker, but it also had a chance to freeze them.

The shield wasn’t easy to pop, but Lu Li couldn’t wait any longer.

Once the Water Elemental’s cooldown on Frost Nova recovered, it would be another difficult battle.

Unforgotten Maple was very cautious with his positioning and his defense was also very strong. Lu Li didn’t

want to take the risk or waste the time to try and sneak up behind him. He activated the special effect on

his cape, instantly appeared behind the Mage and casted Ambush!

The last Ambush didn’t do much and he had almost played himself, but this time, Lu Li made his attacks

more surprising.

A four second stun!

Lu Li began his attempt to burst down the target and dealt insane damage.

Unfortunately, Unforgettable Maple’s shield was too thick. It completely absorbed the damage from two of

Lu Li’s greater-damaging skills.

Others might panic if they saw that two of their skills hadn’t dealt any damage, but there was no way that

Lu Li would panic. He continued to cast skills at his own pace.

After two skills, the shield from Ice Block was on the edge of breaking. Lu Li took a side step and spun his

body, then used Backhand Backstab!

His calm composure rewarded him with a high completion level and his damage finally broke the shield.

Backhand Backstab dealt a huge amount of damage and even activated a one-second paralyze effect.

What was even more surprising was that the attack also activated the special effect of the dagger.

Another Thief that looked identical to Lu Li appeared in the arena.

Unforgettable Maple stared at Lu Li’s expressionless face; he had no choice but to use his damage


Even a level five shield was unable to last until he recovered from being stunned. Lu Li’s damage was simply

too strong.


Even with damage reduction, Unforgettable Maple lost almost a hundred points of health.

In a fight between experts, even a 100 HP was a significant amount. The Mage could almost feel his heart



He remained stunned on the spot.

In this short time, Lu Li took a deep breath and spun his wrist, casting his signature Shadowstep.

He was so familiar with this skill that he could complete it with his eyes closed.

Completion level 95%, damage 300%, target stunned for one second.

The Mage’s health bar finally dropped below half!


Cone of Cold was immediately released; the chilly wind made it hard for Lu Li to move.

This was a skill that reduced speed and had a large cast range. The effect was extremely powerful, however,

it required a lot of technique to control it. An average player wouldn’t have any idea on how to use it


Unforgettable Maple was no average player – the angle of his Cone of Cold was precise and unexpected. Lu

Li was caught by surprise.


Lu Li didn’t hesitate to cast his skills and instantly used his speed buff.

Unforgettable Maple was the type of Mage who didn’t deal a lot of damage, but instead, used his

impressive repertoire of skills to kill his opponents slowly. His play style was very similar to Green Flag

Wine’s – they would both wait for their opponent to make a mistake and proceed to burst them down.

Lu Li, on the other hand, wasn’t a Thief with a dirty play style. His play style was beyond what Unforgettable

Maple had expected.

However, this didn’t mean that Unforgettable Maple would lose his composure. Against a Thief that

aggressively pounced towards, his strategy was to bombard him with multiple instant-cast- skills in a row.

Although each skill only dealt moderate damage to Lu Li, they added up over time. Lu Li rapidly lost twenty

percent of his health.