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Chapter 302: Top 100 (Part 6)

Chapter 302: Top 100 (Part 6)

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Many teams were eliminated before the last day of the tournament, including Team Azure Sea

Breeze. They lacked the ability to adapt and change strategies when required, so they were easily

exposed by the other experienced, top-tier teams.

However, Azure Sea Breeze was content with how far they had made it in the tournament.

They were a team of random classes put together, but were still able to go toe to toe with many

teams in the top 100. They celebrated their progress and had earned the respect from many people

both in and outside the game.

Team Lu Li’s first match was in the morning against Peacetime Dynasty who were ranked at No.11.

Peacetime Dynasty had choked on their first day of the tournament and had only managed to earn 1


On the second day, they were much more focused and careful, and were able to earn enough points

to make it into the top 100.

Just as they thought that their luck was about to turn around, they were matched up against Xin Xin

Mercenary on the tournament’s last day.

Although the Xin Xin Mercenary Group lacked numbers and weren’t a team full of Elite players from

a major guild, they were still the favourites to win the tournament and had yet to lose a single


Even the most optimistic fans knew that they stood no chance against the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

The individual match-up was between Lu Li and Song of Sorrow.

This was a rare chance to witness a battle between two of the best Thieves in the game. It was a very

lucky day for the crowd, because they were about to witness history.

However, the battle wasn’t as exciting as they thought it would be.

Both players began by entering Stealth and circling around the arena.

There were many occasions where they were about to cross paths, but they managed to avoid each

other every time.

The crowd was getting restless; everyone just wanted to see some action.

They had no idea that a mirror matchup between two Thieves would be so boring. A mirror match-

up between two Mages was much flashier and more exciting. Even Warrior match-ups had more

action involved.

This continued on for a while until Lu Li was able to sneak past Song of Sorrow’s Detection with the

bonus Stealth effects from his gear. After 2 minutes and 47 seconds, Lu Li casted Sap and gained the

upper hand.

Song of Sorrow was also very decisive and immediately used Gale Steps.

He had no other choice. He knew better than anyone what Lu Li would do to him after he was


From the beginning of the match, Lu Li had only Backstabbed him once, but had dealt almost 300

points of damage to him.

The damage he dealt was insane compared to his fight against Unforgettable Maple, who dealt 100

HP or less per hit.

Wristwraps of Undead Slaying (Superior Silver): Armour +23, Agility +15, Strength +5, Special Effect

1: Berserk, Attack +18% for 20 seconds, cooldown 360 seconds. Special Effect 2: Increase attack

power by 18% when fighting Undead. Requirement: Level 25. Durability 48/48.

Unfortunately, Song of Sorrow was an Undead Thief.

Lu Li loved going up against Undead Classes because they received a bonus 18% damage from him. If

the Berserk Effect was active, that would be a total of 36% increased damage.

Song of Sorrow realised this and became much more careful with his positioning.

However, Lu Li had already figured out his movement patterns and his tendencies when dodging.

Lu Li read a guide in his past life, or rather, a theoretical book.

The author wasn’t an expert gamer but a psychologist.

Using his expertise in psychology, the author studied how people acted in online games. In his

research, he found that when a player entered an unfamiliar environment, their mannerisms and the

way they acted all contributed to their tendencies and habits.

Even something as simple as taking a couple of steps could be associated with their habits.

Lu Li thought that this was very interesting and incorporated this to help him read his opponents,

which gave him an advantage once he had observed them for a certain amount of time.

Throughout the entire match, Lu Li had been observing Song of Sorrow and had already figured out

his habits.

Although these weren’t precise, they could still be taken into consideration during their battle.

After 11 seconds, Lu Li found Song of Sorrows again and casted Sap.

At this very moment, the match was over.

Without Gale Steps or any other escape abilities, there was no chance of survival against a Thief with

superior gear.

This was of course, unless if Lu Li made a mistake.

Would Lu Li make a mistake? This question was answered by Song of Sorrow’s empty health bar. Lu

Li had executed his combos well and the crowd cheered.

No.1 Thief!

Everyone was shouting and chanted together.

No.1 Thief!

Song of Sorrow was a very famous player in the gaming community who was known for playing

Thief-type classes in other games as well. However, in Dawn, his fame had diminished and he had

become an old and washed-up player.

Blood Dagger, Song of Sorrow, Wood Fearing, A Straw in the Wind, Yew and Water Fairy were

known as the Seven Godly Thieves.

These players exclusively played Thieves and were scattered among other online games, but they

had congregated together in Dawn. It was still undecided as to which Thief was truly The Great Thief

and this was a greatly debated topic within the gaming community.

The 7 Thieves had yet to face against each other in the Shadow Cup.

The match between Song of Sorrow and Lu Li was completely unexpected.

However, in this unexpected turn of events, Lu Li had convincingly defeated Song of Sorrow in a one

on one battle.

Did this mean that Song of Sorrow was weak?

If he was weak then he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Magic Cry from Azure Guard.

Magic Cry was considered an expert player as well, as he defeated A Straw in the Wind and

Hornest’s Nest, in addition to other famous players.

If Song of Sorrow defeated Magic Cry and Magic Cry defeated A Straw in the Wind, then Song of

Sorrow could probably defeat A Straw in the Wind.

However, A Straw in the Wind had also been defeated by other godly celebrity players.

Therefore, the topic would still be up for debate until they finally faced each other.

Lu Li had defeated Song of Sorrow, which made him a contender for the No.1 Thief in the game.

After the presentation of the championship and the other awards, the Shadow Cup had a feature

where the crowd could vote for the top players of each class.

It was every player’s dream to be recognized by the community as one of the top players in the


After this battle, everyone was debating who the top Thief in the tournament was this year.

Once the individual match-up had finished, the Team Battle followed next.

Peacetime Dynasty was known for their work ethic and hard-work in team battles. Each member

gave it their all and coordinated with each other well.

From the start of the match, Lu Li and the others were greatly pressured by their opponents. March

Rain had a lot of close calls and almost made it a 2v3 fight, but managed to stay alive with the

arsenal of tricks up her sleeve.

However, they were a team of level 25s and had developed chemistry over time. Lu Li’s managed to

survive with their superior team work.

After 3 minutes and 25 seconds, the golden Victory flashed across their screens.

The system announced that Peacetime Dynasty had been eliminated from the Shadow Cup.

The crowd screamed and cheered even louder than before. Not only had Lu Li defeated Song of

Sorrow in the individual match, but they had also managed to defeat them in the team battle as


The No.11 guild that had managed to qualify for the finals last year had been so easily defeated?

This caused an uproar in the gaming community and the experienced players were taken by surprise.

Many people had yet to hear about the Xin Xin Mercenary Group.

Peacetime Dynasty had a total of 22,000 people under their guild. Their entire guild was devastated

and angered by the news.

Who the hell are the Xin Xin Mercenary Group?! How dare they eliminate us!?