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Chapter 305: Core Position

Chapter 305: Core Position

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Sesame Rice Ball made a face when they looked at him and sheepishly hid behind his hands.

Lonesome Flower’s remained stoic, completely uncaring.

Sakura Memories was so vigorously shaking her head that it was almost about to fall off.

She wasn’t that much less attractive than March Rain, but she lacked some womanly elegance. She was

more of a masculine woman than a strong woman.

Moonlight was sitting with his eyes closed and had not said anything. He obviously didn’t want to get

involved in this.

As for Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan, although they were cute, they were also quite naïve. If either of

them were the president, they would definitely drag the guild through the dirt.

"I’m not suited for this either," Lu Li said as he started to sweat.

He had no idea how to be a president as he had relied on strategy guides up until now. These were PVP

strategies and Instance Dungeon strategies, but there were no strategies for being president.

"I have a candidate in mind, but you have to invite him." Wandering had no intention of letting Lu Li be

the president. Although his egalitarian principles worked in the mercenary group, he had no other

leadership qualities.

"You mean…" Lu Li’s heart stopped when he suddenly thought of someone.

"Square Root 3. If you manage to invite him, all of our problems will be solved," Wandering said

confidently. He had a lot of respect for Square Root 3.

"Wasn’t he from the Star Moon Guild? Players from that guild are all the same," Azure Sea Breeze said

with disdain.

Lu Li and Wandering ignored him and started discussing ways to persuade him.

Square Root 3 wasn’t a fool. They didn’t have or know anything, so why would he sell himself to them?

Additionally, Lu Li had made a fortune out of the Star Moon Guild and was also the reason why they had

failed to make it into the top 100. The two of them had some bad blood between them.

"What about the club?" Lu Li asked.

"The club must be placed in your hands. The three main players in the spotlight are you, Moonlight and

March Rain. But all the other members will also be in the club with you. What do think of that?"

Wandering wasn’t being completely selfless either. If they followed Lu Li and became members of the

club, they could also enjoy some leadership benefits. Even if the guild grew in the future, there was no

way that the later members could catch up to them.

"Oh yeah, seeing as we are starting this for ourselves, how will we split the shares?"

Normally, it was the backing companies that had to ask this question and there was actually more than

one kind of share. Lu Li asked the question anyway, even with his limited understanding.

Everyone was also getting shares?

They were already content with taking a high position with a high salary. They didn’t think that Lu Li

would give them shares as well.

After all, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group was established solely by him, the First Clears were commanded

by him and the little group in the Shadow Cup had only made it so far because of his leadership.

One could conclude that none of this would have happened without Lu Li.

If Lu Li found another group of players, he would likely still carry them with the same momentum.

"Are you sure? They’re supposed to be yours." Wandering didn’t feel like the Xin Xin Mercenary Group

deserved this but he wasn’t willing to flat out reject the idea either.

There was no one who didn’t want to become more successful, nor was there anyone who wanted to

work for someone else.

"Let’s split it up. It’s meaningless if I have it all. For ten people…" Lu Li was interrupted before he could


"Don’t use your egalitarian principles here," Wandering said dryly.

Historically, no one had ever succeeded by being an egalitarian. If they wanted to truly achieve

something, they couldn’t use these principles that provided little gain as a code of conduct.

"You decide it then." Lu Li didn’t know what else to say and left it to Wandering.

Because he was part of the society’s lowest, all he desired was fairness. Whether it was social fairness or

fairness in wealth, this weak, idealist thinking was reflected in his everyday life.

However, this didn’t make him stupid.

In his past life, he didn’t have friends, let alone have anything to give to his friends.

As such, he particularly cherished the relationships that he had in his current life. He was willing to give

more generously, especially since it didn’t affect his objective of making money.

Lu Li had no concept of his wealth representing his success in this game.

However, Wandering had a good sense of how much things were worth. After some calculating he said,

"The Mercenary Group is yours, so you can take 80%, and the rest…"

"Just half please. I’ll just take half," Lu Li refused as he shook his head.

He felt like he didn’t deserve to take that much. He couldn’t bear to take 80% and leave a mere 20%


"How about 60% then."

Wandering admired Lu Li’s generosity, but he wasn’t as selfless. If the boss was willing to be generous,

then he was willing go along with it.

Now that the 60% proportion had been decided, the organizational structure had been solidified.

Most big companies were controlled by people who held a little over 10% of the shares, but this was

usually the situation after a period of maturity.

Now that Lu Li was holding 60% of the shares, no one would ever be able to challenge his authority.

The two of them went on to discuss how everything else would be split. The others didn’t care too much

about this process and were mostly just lazing about. Only Sesame Rice Ball felt a little anxious and had

some concerns about it.

Moonlight didn’t care for these matters at all.

Remnant Dream had long since fallen asleep and now, Hachi Chan was falling asleep while hugging her…

Those who were still awake were the players of the Xin Xin Mercenary Group that really liked money.

Even so, they didn’t ask anything extravagant.

"You take 60%," Wandering stressed again. "Azure Sea Breeze and I will take 5%…"

"Why do I have to be tied to you? How will we split this 5%?" Azure Sea Breeze was unhappy.

"I’ll take 4% and you take 1%. Don’t ask why – it’s because I’ve got more brains than you. If it weren’t for

the fact that you were here before me, you wouldn’t even have 1%," Wandering responded with


Azure Sea Breeze started to feel emotional.

In fact, his real method of calculation resulted in Wandering receiving 2% and Azure Sea Breeze

receiving 3%. How they dealt with that was between the two of them.

"March Rain and Flower will share 5%. Memories, Riceball, Hachi and Dreamy will have 2% each.

Moonlight, you take 5%. You’re not allowed to refuse."

"We are making the rules. The remaining 17% will be given out to the future members. How much

should we give to Square Root 3?"

March Rain and Azure Sea Breeze both received 3% because they had a greater contribution to the

group. March Rain was even still in the competition. Moonlight received 5% because of his value as a

star player.

According to the standards of regular clubs, core competitors and guild presidents were offered a higher


"Let’s just give him 5% and leave the guild matters to him," Lu Li decided.

In the current video game industry, the guild president was almost purely a managerial role. Most

presidents didn’t hold any shares.

Of course, Square Root 3 had participated in the creation of the Star Moon Guild, so he must have had

more influence on it. However, the Star Moon Guild and the Xin Xin Mercenary Group were not really

the same in terms of power.

As such, it was actually quite fair to receive a 5% stake for a managerial role.

Although the others didn’t care, Wandering felt like these portions were too generous. However, if Lu Li

was willing to give them away, he didn’t mind either. All he could think about was how they could

convince Square Root 3.

He had to start working the moment he took the money.

The remaining 12%, would be used for emergencies, or potentially, to raise funds.

Currently, these shares were a hefty amount. Even after splitting the earnings from the tickets, there

were still hundreds of thousands of dollars left.

After Lu Li took a little more than half, everyone else received almost $10,000 each.

However, this was just the beginning. The Seventh Heaven Club’s net profit for each competitive season

was over $10 million. The number would be impressive even if it was scaled down to their level.

The salary of a freshly-graduated person from the social elite was miniscule in comparison to $1 million

per year.

At the end of the day, only Wandering and Lu Li had fully participated in this meeting.

In this small, crude tavern, the Xin Xin Mercenary Group had planned their future organizational

structure and the direction of their development.