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Chapter 309: Name of the Guild

Chapter 309: Name of the Guild

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A hundred dollars was only equivalent to one gold coin; there was no way Lu Li wouldn’t be able to afford it

given his current status.

Based on how much he cared about Lu Xin, he wouldn’t even hesitate to pay ten thousand dollars, let alone

a small sum of one hundred dollars. As long as Lu Xin truly liked it, he didn’t mind at all.

He was only making a show because he enjoyed the admiration from his sister.

At the same time, Lu Xin enjoyed the look on her brother’s face, the look that told her he couldn’t turn

down her request. When they were still poor, she wouldn’t even bring herself to ask for a piece of clothing

that was only ten dollars.

Lu Li paid the money and Lu Xin put on her new stylish clothing that revealed a tiny bit of her white tummy.

A head-piece, which had also been bought by Lu Li, rested on her forehead. There she stood – a fifteen-

year-old girl that looked clean and cute, but exuded an innocent charm.

"Bro, I want Mooncakes!"

"Can you buy..."

"Bro, I want to buy a festive lantern!"

"Can you get me that..."

"Bro, look at that guy dancing over there! He’s so cool! There’s a big basket on his head too."

"What part of him is cool? Don’t look at him. I wonder which race he’s from; he’s not even wearing a top. If

it wasn’t for today’s celebration, I’d definitely kill him until he can’t play this game anymore."

"You’re just jealous. There’s no way you’re not jealous."

"Nonsense. You’re too young to even understand what the word ‘jealous’ means. I’ll take you to the

shores; you haven’t seen the tides, right? They’re very beautiful..."

This was a personal time that belonged to the siblings. Lu Li blocked all the channels and even blocked his


Lu Xin felt like she had never been this happy before. She already had an inkling that her sickness was very

severe and knew that a lot of money would be involved in the treatment. She didn’t want to be her

brother’s burden, but from another perspective, Lu Li had earned a lot of money through this game.

From the bottom of her heart, she thanked and loved Dawn.

On the other hand, Lu Li knew that he had been neglecting her sister for too long, so he was trying his best

to make it up to her.

The guild was in preparation and he was the actual leader, so there was a lot that he had to worry about.

"Where’s Lu Li?" Square Root 3 paced around anxiously in the temporary station of the guild.

"He blocked his messages." Azure Sea Breeze was hammering the shield that he held onto. He had made up

his mind to forge his own shield and not use the one that Lu Li had made for him. He simply had way too

much time on his hands.

"Right. We should discuss the contract for club players with him."

Square Root 3 gave Azure Sea Breeze a wishful look and hoped to receive an actual answer from him.

"Don’t look at me like that; I’m honestly not gay," Azure Sea Breeze teased. He always enjoyed annoying


"Gosh, what’s with these people?" Originally, Square Root 3 had a lot of respect for Azure Sea Breeze. After

all, he was the legendary number one tank who had participated in every single one of Lu Li’s First Clears.

After he had actually come into contact with these people, he realized that things were far from his


Although Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan were both adorable, one was dorky and the other was simply

dumb. It was pointless to expect any kind of constructive feedback from them.

When Square Root 3 asked about their opinion on the guild name, they batted their watery eyes and asked

innocently if they could name the guild Pikachu.

Fly, Pikachu!

Square Root 3 was close to sending them flying too.

Sakura Memories returned to leveling up. She had made up her mind that she was going to reach the top of

the Level Rankings and had no interest in anything else besides this.

Why was such a beautiful girl so dedicated to becoming a gaming master?

Sesame Rice Ball looked timid and seemed as if he was ready to give everything to prove his enthusiasm to

Square Root 3. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide any useful feedback. It seemed like he didn’t know

much outside of gaming.

Lonesome Flower gave him a cool side-glance, before he dragged his sister out.

Moonlight went out to drink with his friends and clearly expressed before he left that Square Root 3 could

make the decisions for the guild. If there was anyone that Square Root 3 didn’t like and wanted dead, he

would gladly take up the task.

Wandering was fixated on his little mirror, enchanted by his own looks. Square Root 3 couldn’t work up the

courage to disturb him.

Azure Sea Breeze seemed normal, but that was about it.

This guy was always glued together with Wandering and had even taken their share of the club together.

Apparently, they also lived together in real life. He was a perfect fit for Square Root 3’s definition of a


"Didn’t Lonesome Flower take March Rain to see the festive lantern? It’s probably the same for Lu Li. These

people with sisters... Big three, do you have any sisters?" Azure Sea Breeze was rather envious.

Lu Li addressed Square Root 3 as ‘third brother’, so Sesame Rice Ball and the others also did the same.

However, Wandering and Azure Sea Breeze felt like this wasn’t friendly enough, so just like Moonlight, they

called him big three. This seemed more brotherly to them.

Square Root 3 didn’t get angry. Richy Rich used to call him big three as well, however, he did so with a

demanding tone. On the other hand, these two honestly treated him as one of them.

"I don’t have a sister," Square Root 3 said as his expression darkened.

"That’s a shame. If only I had a sister too…" Azure Sea Breeze’s mind wasn’t on the club contract at all.

Every time something like this happened, he always wished that he had a sister to look after too.

"Where can I find Lu Li?" Square Root 3 asked weakly. He wasn’t very hopeful of receiving a response.

"Don’t bother. There’s no use even if you find him," Azure Sea Breeze replied as he gave him a sympathetic

look. "Big three, you should just decide this on your own. As for the ground rules, just make sure the deal is

good. After all, we’re the ones getting paid anyway. Lu Li wouldn’t care about it. If you really want someone

to discuss this with, you should talk to that self-obsessed guy instead."

"What did you guys say about me?" Wandering walked over.

"Let’s talk about the club contract." Square Root 3 could only place his hopes in this beautiful guy who

seemed very unreliable.

What were the chances of a guy who looked like this being reliable at all?

Surprisingly, when serious business was involved, it was actually Wandering who was the most reliable. He

nodded his head and said, "This is something that needs to be considered indeed. What plans do you

currently have in mind?"

Club members had to sign contracts, but for the average members, it wouldn’t be so strict. However, the

main team members and celebrity players would have more rules to follow.

For example, Sesame Rice Ball was a main team member for PVP and could also be counted as an outer

member of the club. After he signed the club contract, he would be able to receive a fairly decent salary.

Of course, if he breached the contract, he would also take more responsibility. Just the compensation fee

alone would be quite a sum.

The contract for celebrity players would include even more rules. It would stress the contract date, the

authority and responsibility between both parties, and would also include the profit shares and rewards.

Most importantly, because they had received such high treatment, they would also be required to pay

more compensation if they breached the contract.

In poaching a celebrity player from another club, the compensation fee alone would start from millions of

dollars. During the current season, Hot Twitch had switched from Peacetime Dynasty to Brotherhood club,

which costed 2.6 million dollars. There was also another signing bonus on top of this; it was truly a huge


In order for Brotherhood to steal an expert, they had spent about a year’s worth of their profits.

This was how the clubs were managed at the moment. They did their best to create celebrity players and

made them valuable. In order to not let their investments go to waste, a huge sum of compensation was a


Wandering also understood this. After some discussion, they quickly reached a conclusion.

"Shouldn’t we discuss this with Lu Li too?" Square Root 3 didn’t think that this was the right thing to do. He

didn’t feel like he had enough authority to do this.

"It doesn’t really matter," Wandering said carelessly. "He wouldn’t really mind. Instead of participating in

guild management, he would much rather do dungeons or go on all kinds of adventures in the game. As

long as there are no problems with the overall direction, you’re free to make your own decisions."